Five of you are going to have an Opportunity to win a loop shuttle Homeowners greasing system in the month Of March we're going to tell you how you Can do that later on and if you don't Want to wait You can still go to loop shuttle's Website use code gwts save five percent Stick around till the end we'll tell you How you can still get entered and Potentially get reimbursed now this is Only for the month of March 2023. folks Time is precious you read some of these Daily checklists that you're supposed to Do on your tractor by the time you get Done with it it's time for dinner you Can't get any work done so today we'll Cover five tips that you can do in under Five minutes make sure your tractor is In Tip-Top shape and get you on your way Okay first thing we're going to do is Grease and you're getting off easy Because you don't have to do this every Single time you're getting on your Tractor typically every 10 hours or so Of loader use there's only seven Different grease zerks on the tractor Itself obviously there's a lot more than That in the loader one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten plus I Think a couple uh yeah on the skid steer Quick attach so 11 22 on the loader Seven points on the tractor but again Not daily but it's not like it's every

50 hours it's kind of in the middle There and something you don't want to Forget about let's tackle it really Quick now if you're not familiar with This system this is lube shuttle all Right a completely different way to Grease a lot smarter way they put a lot Of thought into developing a greasing System that was pain-free and this one Here doesn't have the plunger the spring And the plunger that's a pain to Prime Prone to leaking all over the place and It makes you want to just give up and Not even bother with grease and then You'll get to it another time so what You have going on here are going to be Screw in cartridges these are a very Oops actually got to take the cover off First has a protective cover on it we'll Remove that okay set that aside And you're going to see screw in Cartridges all right so these are Reusable and recyclable They're recyclable Because they use 99 point something Percent of the grease that's in the two If you take a look inside there Come on cameraman get a good shot There is a plunger system in here it's a Vacuum based system and I think they Have a good picture of it too where that Plunger actually comes up and fully Pushes out right into the neck up here So this is a one inch collar on there

Very strong not going to be prone to Snapping off and breaking But a vacuum based system this thing is German engineered and so you can see how Easy it is just to take it apart put it Back together if you're switching tubes Whatever else you just push that plunger Up so you have that vacuum that's how This thing operates so when you squeeze This lever handle here there's suction Involved in this just kind of pushing The grease right on through awesome to Use they do have a battery powered Electric grease gun as well that we have Used in the past Quite a bit more expensive but a very Nice option to have especially if you Have arthritis in your hands or just Have trouble squeezing the trigger over And over this is a nice engine Compartment right here you can see how You have nice easy Ready access to the battery The 1025 could learn a lesson or two From this one right here but two things You can check real quick underneath here Now this is a bit Seasonal or seasonally dependent In the winter time you're not going to Have too much dust and debris collection Underneath here at least in Northern Climates like Michigan where we're at But come summertime it can be a Dusty Nasty mess out there so we've got this

Little stream here sitting in front of Your radiator all right and you can see Right now this time of year nothing much On there but come a different time of Year spring summer and even fall this Can be clogged full of stuff especially If you're working in the dirt brush Hogging feels all that kind of thing so Clean that off super easy to do if your Engine is prone to overheating or just Kind of on the high side of the Temperature range then this is a simple Thing to check right here along with the Next one Back here we have our air filter these Are all a fairly similar design You've got typically two of those Little spring pins there oh actually I Forgot I gotta take this band off here Really quick Um what am I doing what way do I want to Take that yeah so this band is just kind Of holding that in place we'll take that Off first it's just got a loop on each End with a hook on there that's all You're doing with that Then you have a bit easier access you Can have a little Flex there to Ah get your hand in there the right way You can rotate that up Get the nose out of there This had nothing really on it nothing to Do always good to check And then you have your filter

And so these Got to be careful you don't want to Damage it it can be um Well You might think you want to blow in it With the hardest air you can but you Typically want to actually blow out put Your air nozzle in here and blow out Through the fins Kind of back the stuff out from where It's trying to get in and this one here Is uh pretty dirty they say you can Clean them several times before you need To replace them I've seen plenty dirtier ones than this We're going to throw it back in for now A pretty cheap item to replace there are Some that have a dual Uh filter system so an inner and outer Core as well I know the 1025 has that a Few others out there on the market too So just be aware always good to have Something like this as a spare on your Shelf For when the time comes Notice where it says top right here Obviously make sure that's facing facing North before you tighten it down Obviously a no-brainer checklist just Take the very minimal amount of time Check your engine oil level Oh We are good to go Getting close to the uh

Initial oil change though only a few Hours away from that And then your hydraulic level So unless you see Back up here if you have this parked on The same spot all the time you don't see Any engine oil On the ground underneath your tractor Well there shouldn't be any change in Oil level your hydraulic level can Change all right and check both of these When your tractor is cool before you Start using it so after it's been Sitting overnight or at least for an Extended period of time don't check it Right after you've been using it Hydraulic levels can change even if you Don't see any hydraulic oil underneath The tractor if you hook up a new Hydraulic attachment to it say a grapple Or something on the three-point hitch Like a hydraulic rotation on a blower I Always use that as an example typically There's not any fluid in those lines and So it's going to kind of Steal fluid Because it becomes part of the same System as your tractor and so you're Going to have to end up topping off your Hydraulic system if you do see a low Level there because of that not a lot of These just do pull right out This particular one happens to be Threaded in Which is okay

Get that cleaned off Put it back down Thank you Yeah we are good to go just where we Need to be One last fluid level worth mentioning is Going to be your coolant all right and So this is your your overflow Reservoir Here and you're going to see hot full Level and a cold full level so we're Just a hair underneath there we could Add just a scotch and we probably will I Just don't have any extra fluid here I Don't think so we'll have to get some a Little bit and add it in there but we're Just about right where we need to be and Once you get into a rhythm of this stuff This can take just a matter of minutes Make sure you're good make sure Nothing's changed things change out of The blue with tractors right so I have Things break all the time it's not my Fault I promise all right so two things You can check with your wheels and your Tires air pressure in fact this can play A part in attachment's not sitting level We just did a video all about that this Is going to be one of the primary Reasons for that it may look like it's The right air pressure but looks can be Deceiving it just takes a second to Check the fronts on the summit they say Should be between 20 and 22 PSI And we are at 31.

Yeah reading the same thing on here Yeah I decided to use this gauge here Because I can let the air right out And watch that PSI go down we were over Filled I have no idea why I've never Added air to these tires there we go 21 Right in the middle We'll see how that treats us moving Forward Good thing we're doing this all right 21 There as well now we're right in The Sweet Spot all right so the rear is a Little bit different for us these are Loaded with liquid Bells called rim Guard again great solution for adding Ballast weight planting your tractor to The ground getting traction with the Rear tires just making life more Efficient it's an awesome solution They're a channel sponsor of ours for Good reason every tractor in my opinion Needs it so check them out so what that Means though is that the inside of these Tires Right up to the top of the rim here are Filled with liquid ballast okay so if we Check it here liquid is going to shoot Out so we want to rotate these things to The 12 o'clock position the valve stems On there so we can check it that way Where it's just kind of right at that Line of liquid ballast and air and That's how you want to adjust it if you Have to add air pressure in there too

Adjust at the 12 o'clock position it's Going to be a lot easier for you that Way liquid ballast in your rear tires You got to go about a bit of a different Way jack up the rear end I know it is a Bit more of a pain but it takes the Pressure off otherwise with your liquid Being right up here at the very top of The valve stems at it's going to make a Mess right I mean it still makes a Little bit of a mess not the end of the World and you don't have to check it all The time right but getting a regular You know routine of checking it out so 16 to 14 PSI is where you want the rear Tires however The liquid ballast folks rim guards say Slightly less if you have the ballast And there gives a little bit more Cushion okay because that air pocket's Smaller so a little bit more cushion in There I haven't found any ride Difference or any ride degradation I Guess with the PSI level that is Currently at and with the liquid bowels And in fact I think in general machines Ride smoother when they are heavier like This because they're just less Susceptible to all the smaller bumps and And ruts and everything else that kind Of plows through them a little bit Better so another option you can look Into is something called a wet tear Gauge something we don't have here if

You look that up it could be a good Solution for you folks with liquid Ballast in your tires okay last thing We're going to do this is where that Sharpie comes into play We're going to double check Our wheel torques all right and then We're going to mark it Both on the nut and on the wheel just a Little line okay so as long as that line Stays aligned then we know nothing's Changed on a wheel torque or our bolts Haven't started to loosen up or anything Like that if you can visually see that The line is shifted that it's not one Complete line it's now two lines one on The nut and a different one on the wheel Well you know your your nuts are Starting to back off a little bit and It's time to tighten them up and you're Going to notice we are using an Extension okay so this is going to Reduce the amount of or lower the amount Of torque I believe it is so you I don't Know the equation somebody out there can Chime in and tell us how much more you Need to add and there's got to be some Sort of scientific equation but it's Probably the length of the extension Has to do with it too uh I don't know Anyway we're going to get it close today And read the comments section there's Always all sorts of useful information Down there we're just giving you the

Basics okay so the front wheel Rim 53 Pound feet The rear 103. We'll go ahead and do the front first I got that one already set up on here I Bumped it up a couple PSI or a couple Foot pounds I should say so let's get Her done When you hear that click your nose to Reach the right setting And you don't need to go fast go slow You don't want to go beyond that limit Is that it There it was Okay we'll get this thing adjusted just Loosen the lock nut So 103 pounds but we'll like I say bump It up A few Again Hang on There's 101 102 103. let me go to 105 a Couple more I don't know if a couple More is sufficient or not Be nice in the comments section would You provide constructive feedback so we Can learn Okay repeat for the Rears So obviously checking the torque setting Is a little bit more work not something You need to do all the time because once You get the torque where it needs to be And you mark it then it's just a quick Visual walk around the machine to make

Sure nothing has changed and that your Wheels aren't going to fall off because You may think it's not going to happen But man you hear stories about it Happening and that's about the last Thing I want to experience especially if I'm on like a hill or something already I don't know less than perfectly flat Scenario boy that's just asking for a Rollover or disaster to happen as far as That giveaway goes now Loop shuttle was Generous enough to offer up five free Homeowner kits to five different winners So that's pretty darn awesome and of Course they've been a discount Club Member for a long time so if you want to Get something on their website you use Code GWT to save five percent off of Your order without a doubt we get a ton Of positive feedback from Loop shuttle Owners it really does make a big Difference in greasing the easier is to Do the more often you're going to do it The longer your tractor is going to last To so how to win is simple the image That you're seeing right now a golden Grease image is going to be hidden Somewhere on our website goodworks Tractors.com no it's not in a YouTube Video no it's not on Facebook it's Nowhere else you find it hiding Somewhere in in a listing somewhere on Our website all right just look through There see what you can see somewhere

You're going to find it folks have Already been finding it you have to Submit your entry by midnight the last Day of March 2023 in order to be entered This is good for the 48 contiguous States in the United States only so no Hawaii no Alaska no Canada I'm sorry so You need to email me at support Goodworks tractors.com the link to the Listing that contains that hidden image Put your name in there your phone number Your email address all that kind of you Know your contact stuff so I have that There too to be entered it's easy enough To do Official rules are below in the Description as well as shown on the Screen so folks these are five easy Things that you can do get in a rhythm It's not going to take you a half hour An hour you don't have to go plan a Whole bunch of time ahead just before You're going to get your projects done But it is very important because that's When accidents can happen that's when You know deferred maintenance can cause Problems so get into a regular routine a Regular pattern of these simple things To help prevent those problems from Occurring now I know you have more Projects to tackle and we want to help You out we sell and ship tractor Attachments all over the country our Prices include free shipping rewards and

Financing so check out goodworks Tractors.com to see what we have Available for the front end loader and The three-point hitch if you enjoyed Today's video you want to see more maybe See the upcoming giveaways that we have Planned make sure you hit subscribe Right down below I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon Is Foreign

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