Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] So maybe it's not completely Indestructible but this thing It was hard to break it and all we did Is put a little rip in it right here but Man we beat the snot out of it with a 10 Pound Sledge drop some wood on it played Some baseball had a lot of fun so Well there's a canopy you can use it for Stretch relief too I'm going to give you 10 reasons today Why this is the best tractor canopy on The market this bad boy is going to ship In this box can get set up on your Tractor and what The cameraman says 25 minutes so easy to Do I'll tell you all the reasons why in Fact I love this tractor canopy so much That I bought the company What We We the cameraman and I my brother bought The company a little bit over a year ago Well I just happened to see a mig-28 Sorry We happen to see a mig-28 do a 4G Negative dive so we overhauled the Website got it all set up so you can go Right through a process and pick out the

Right brackets the right Hardware to get For your tractor your Rob system so go To tractor canopy.com now while today We're going to install it on the summit Tx25 we've previously installed one on a John Deere 3E series I'm a John Deere 1025r on the website tractor canopy.com You're going to see all sorts of Pictures from different tractor makes And models out there point being we're Going to fit 99.9 of the rock stars out There on tractors and zero turn mowers They want to sit in your operator's seat Like you're going to sit in your tractor Let's get a you know rough level of Where your head's going to be on the Ross bar and now this part's a bit Subjective up to you obviously you don't Want it tight right in your head because You're going to be bouncing if you want To get on and off the trailer you want a Little bit of wiggle room top of my Head's right about here you know give or Take I want to be about six inches up Put it right in this Mark here the Hardware is going to mount 12 inches Below that so get where your head's at In my case go six inches up for me and Then take from this point go 12 inches Down that's where we're going to install Our Hardware I just don't Now I'm just going to repeat I'm going To take I'm just going to pick a point

Get the same bracket on both sides so I'm going to take from here to where my Mark's at mark it over there that way We're squared up so why did I like this Company enough to buy it well I'll tell You why we got 10 reasons here that We're going to tell you about and you Can decide if it's a canopy for you too Everything about Rhino hide is made in The USA from the website to the Packaging to the Shell to the hardware To the tube steel to the labor it's all Made in the USA we are super proud to do That and we're not going to change All right get this first bracket on here And before we even go any further my Mark is right there so that's a 12 Inches below where we want the canopy to Be you're going to notice you can move This up and down however you want to so That's just kind of your starting point There it doesn't mean you're setting Stone and locked into it so don't fret Too much when you make that initial mark On there and thinking it has to be That's it that's the permanent location For it It could take that slow moving vehicle The sign off is there But I'm not gonna The canopy is called a rhino hide for a Reason it is super tough I would put it Up against any other canopy on the Market as the toughest one out there

I've seen canopy damage of all kinds Over the years whether it's trailering Because you just aren't supposed to Trailer canopies or hitting a limb when You're trying to go under a tree metal Canopies the fiberglass canopies they're Expensive they're hard to replace once You damage them these Rhino hides have Been put through their Paces in fact we Waited for the coldest most frigid day Possible and ran it over with a 10 000 Pound tractor nothing happened to it the Old owner Don he whacked it with the Sledgehammer he shot it with a shotgun He drove over it with his truck these Things I'm telling you are Rhino tough And in fact in the company's entire History there's never been a single Canopy replaced because of damage this Thing is light all right so not only is It tough but it's in a light package the Entire thing shipped to you weighs 34 Pounds that includes the big old Cardboard box a lot of this hardware and Steel is going to stay mounted onto your Wraps bar so that makes it super easy For just one person to take this canopy On and off and that right there is our Next point it is easy on and off and That is intentional we know that you Have reasons why you can't have a canopy On all the time and that could be Because you have super low areas maybe To go underneath maybe you have low

Overhead storage areas or maybe you are Going to trailer it this canopy and in My opinion no canopies are designed to Be towed down the road that's why we Made it easy off so you can simply turn A couple of knobs pick it up one person Quickly take it off get to your Destination and put it back on But for now Foreign We just have the other one here Depending on how you Orient your uh your Brackets because you can put them in Different ways to fit your machine so Always just use a top hole Now it's nice to have it add a little Bit of a pitch or an angle down or back One way or the other that way if water's Pulling up on anything else it has a Better opportunity to roll off I kind of Like to have it face down or pitch down Just a little bit a little bit more sun Protection helps branches kind of Deflect up and over that kind of thing Too but totally up to you We like the position of our brackets all Around so we're going to Snug everything Up so nothing's moving All right so measures good it visually It looks good I think we're good to go On to the next step for all intents and Purposes this really is universal so Whether you have a tractor or a zero Turn as long as you're a Rock Spire your

Rollover bar left to right on the Outside to outside Dimension is 46 Inches or less we have a canopy to fit Installation is really easy it is a One-person job you know a half hour a Time and simple tools you're already Going to have on hand we also have Something called a backhoe or multi-kit So if you do have a backhoe on your Tractor you can mount that on there too Just take the canopy off put it over Your backhoe and you're covered there or If you have multiple machines and you Want to be able to move one canopy to Other machines that you may have you Just have to buy the hardware kit and Not an entire new canopy no matter if You have a virtually straight up and Down wraps bar a little bit of an angle To it or kind of that goofy John Deere Forward leaning angle with a Big Bend Right in the middle we're going to have The hardware to fit your needs something Everybody loves these days is free Shipping so the entire lower 48 Contiguous states no matter or which one You're in we're going to ship it to you No extra cost involved something of more Importance these days than ever before Is you're supporting a small business Between the guy behind the camera and me Right in front of it that's the entire Company and I'll tell you what the guy Behind the camera is doing the majority

Of the work so if you're calling in or You're emailing in chances are you're Going to be talking to him he'll guide You through the selection process but if You just drop a quick note he can get Back to you and confirm one way or Another if it'll work for you or not That's like the best looking one I've Seen I'm pretty sure It looks like it just fits the tractor Really well Okay so now we're just going to line This up we just have four holes left to Drill two in the front two in the back I'm gonna push it back Pretty much tight maybe just a hair off The Rob Spire to get as much back Protection as I can I want to make sure Your holes on these struts line up with The lower part of the rib not the when The rib goes up and doesn't touch you Want it to be on a mating surface there That comes down so just make sure it Lines up that way too something we get Asked quite a bit actually is can you Add things to it if you want to and You're more than welcome to you can add Mirrors lights fans radios all sorts of Things if you want to feel free just Remember the more you add to it if you Want to take it back off well it's gonna Be a little bit more work to do it and a Little bit more weight too if you're Curious about the tractor we're

Installing this canopy on it is the Summit tx25 we are the first to have it We've been putting it through its paces It's just configured differently than The other tractors on the market it Includes things that you want but you Didn't realize you needed to have things Like a third function on the front end To operate a grapple a rear remote to Have a hydraulic top link or maybe a Hydraulic shoe rotation on a snow blower A self-leveling loader liquid ballast And the rear tires and take a look at Those tires too the R14 tread pattern The premium Hybrid tire that's on the Market everybody wants these days if you Want to know where to buy a summit Tractor make sure you check out summit Tractors.com they are expanding the Retailers all the time they have a where To buy sheet so make sure you check There often and what you can't see is Liquid ballast inside these rear tires And that seems like an appropriate time To have a word from our sponsor we are Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency

And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com Thank you Oh that's true ended up right about Exactly where You think I got I mean this is really good Coverage I like this a lot alrighty Folks so there you have it 10 reasons Why Rhino hide is the best canopy on the Market This looks really good on this tractor And I'm not just saying that because I own the company it does it looks Really good so I can't wait to put this To use it's still winter time now but Spring is only a few days away Summertime fall we're gonna have all Sorts of outdoor projects don't forget Easily removable don't transport this on A trailer it is not designed to do so Some other videos out there may suggest That's a problem with this canopy but There's a sticker on there for a reason That says remove it for towing so get Your tractor canopy at tractorcanopy.com But for all other attachment needs give

Us a shot at guildworkstrractors.com we Include free shipping rewards and Financing so things like front end Grapples pallet Forks snow pushers Rototillers brush Hogs flail mowers the List goes on we most likely have the Solution to fit your knees if you're Obsessed with tractors and you want to See more make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below we'd love to Have you tag along I want to thank you For taking time out of your day to stop By and until next time stay safe we'll See you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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