13 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Truck – Every Day Carry

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I want to cover all of the Things I think every guy should keep in His truck to be prepared for whatever Might happen A couple weeks ago I made a video called Be that guy who solves problems and in That scenario I had a family member who needed a Vehicle moved from one location to Another and I was able to go do that for Them and you just never know what Situation you might find yourself in my Youngest son actually had a car accident Just recently and I was able to pull him Out of the ditch and get the car home Without needing a tow truck or anything Else and you just never know Especially with winter coming and bad Road conditions when you might need to Be that person who can help somebody out It's one thing to have the stuff but if You don't have it with you it doesn't Really help so when my son had his Accident I had to go out there first make sure he Was okay make sure he was communicating With the police and the other car and Then I had to Come back and get everything I would Need and my son and his mother were There waiting for at least an hour while I drove home got everything put together And then came back and that got me

Thinking I don't want to be in that Situation again So I put together this kit of what I'm Going to carry with me at all times and Then as a backup I watched every video That I could find with this same topic And a lot of those guys were really Elaborate And like if they were stranded At in the Antarctic for a month they Could get by with their kit and I don't Think I need all that but I think this Is a pretty good starting point so let's Pop it open and see what we got First I got a waterproof tote And I didn't spend very much money on This got this this at Lowe's mainly Besides the fact that the lid overhangs It's got a seal in it and this tote cost Me I think 36 or 40. I was looking at two different Ones I think this one may have been Forty four dollars but Not a whole lot of money for what you're Getting ninety percent of everything in This box I already had but I picked up a Couple things Okay the first item here I think is Pretty obvious But it's a set of jumper cables Now one of those rechargeable jump Starters those are really cool But I don't feel as confident that I'm

Gonna show up and my jump starter is Charged they have them that go cigarette Lighter to cigarette lighter and there's A lot of options there but for me Jumper cables you want to get them long And heavy duty wire And preferably in a bag so you can keep Them organized Now as I put together this kit I also Looked at Kits you could just buy that were Completely put together and I looked at Walmart and O'Reilly's and those kits to me were Insufficient I think they're good I Think I might put those kits in my kids Cars because they're probably not going To do any vehicle recovery but maybe a Pair of jumper cables could still help Them out so first thing is get a good Set of jumper cables and the ones that Come in the in the kit are light gauge Wire and they're not long enough so That's why I won't buy a kit for myself By the way as I go through this let me Know anything that you can think of that I left out of this kit This one isn't mandatory but you know Honestly I really do think I think I Might prefer to have some of the Collapsible cones but if I slide off the road in snow and ice And I'm just over the top of a hill Or if anyone else does and I'm there to

Help them it's pretty dangerous Situation if people can't see you're Coming so Set of cones next thing I've got is a Nice light this is a cheap light I think I paid twenty dollars for this and it Runs off DeWalt batteries although it's Not actually a DeWalt light Pretty darn bright Got different settings on it And it's even got a USB port so in an Emergency situation you could use this As this you could use this battery to Charge your cell phone or something like That Anything like this That is available on Amazon I'll put Links in the description to my favorite Products Next thing we have here is a bottle jack I really debated on this Because if you're going to help someone And they have a flat tire their car Should have a jack but those Jacks kind Of suck so ideally you'd have a floor Jack with you all the time But floor Jack's big and it's heavy and How often are you going to use it to Carry it all the time it's not going in Your box it's going to be in the back Your truck and You know an ultimate scenario is what You see the farmers have or Tradesmen Where they have a diesel flatbed and

It's got a welder and an air compressor Built onto the bed of the truck and just Stacked out for everything you could Ever need but I'm not going that extreme You know that's this is my also my Everyday driver so I'm not going to carry a floor jack it's Too big You can just trust that the Jack that's With the vehicle will do it but I think The best solution for size and Versatility is a bottle jack Okay Tire Tool I like the big four-way like this and it Does fit in this pack I like it because it gives you more Leverage than those fold out tools But there is an option if you want to Take up less space they make a kit That's compact which has an extendable Handle so you're basically using a long Break over bar and then it's got Reversible sockets for all your sizes If you're really wanting to make this Compact and you're trying to keep Everything like under your car seat or Your truck seat in your vehicle then That's an option But once again I'm not going to trust That the vehicle that I'm there to help Has what they need as far as all the Tools to take the tire off like my son's Car doesn't have anything except for a Can of Fix-A-Flat and a small air

Compressor they don't give you a spare Tire no tire tools Nothing really so Next thing I've got here is some ratchet Straps Now this is a case where A kit like this is not just For someone driving off the road and you Helping them it's about What do I get out to do something and Realize I forgot Oh you go you don't know you're going to Go buy something and you stop at Lowe's And man I wish I had some straps you Know how many times I've went back in The store and bought a set of straps at Lowe's to haul back what I'm carrying I know though you can possibly get some Twine from them or something but best Cases have a couple different sizes of Ratchet straps with you now you guys Know my exact scenario I'm hauling Equipment all the time And I was keeping all of my chains Binders straps everything I used for Hauling equipment loose in the bed of The truck and that made it a mess when I Needed to use the truck bed for anything Else so I think I'm going to mount a Similar box like this possibly on my Trailer That is just for the binders I get my Straps and my chain and my binders Set up exactly how I want them and keep

Them just in that box the next thing I've got is a set of wheel chocks a lot Of times you know you can use about Anything as a wheel chalk if you got a Stick of wood or something setting by But these right here are really cheap They're a hard rubber and they're like Solid rubber they hold up dramatically Better than the plastic ones you see I Think it was seven dollars for two of These wheel chocks all right so the next Thing is my favorite thing in the kit Which is this DEWALT portable inflator And I've had some of these small Inflators that go off a cigarette Lighter and been unimpressed with them In the past but I love this one I've used it to air up so many tires I Had had to have been 50 times I've used This and my teenage kids and my wife are Both comfortable using this because it's So easy you see right there when I turn It on it says zero you probably can't See but you turn this dial right here And it's giving you a digital reading of What you want the tire pressure to be So right there if I want 38 pounds in That tire just turn the dial until it Says 38 you hit hit this start button And it will run until it gets to 38 and Then shut itself off it can also be run Off your cigarette lighter And It has a light

Flashlight right there And I found I get a lot of Cycles out of This for one charge So great tool right here okay next thing Toe strap I've got a chain in here which I'm going To pull out next but I think these toe Straps might be better They're inexpensive really I think this Cost less than a really heavy duty chain For especially if you're looking for Chain with this weight rating you're Going to pay a lot more than this Recovery strap So It's got a nice Bowl on one end this Looks like it's specifically made to go Over your ball on your truck and I not Really a fan of using the the ball on Your receiver to pull with but it's got That for this you could also just put a D-ring through this if you want And this is rated for 30 000 pounds and I think I paid maybe thirty dollars for This and I've had it for a year and I Haven't used it yet I actually forgot it Was under the seat in the truck and I Used a chain last time Next we have a can of Fix-A-Flat I don't like to fix a flat really not a Fan of the product but it's not that Expensive and there could be a scenario Where it gets you through so I do keep a Can of fix a flat

Okay Next I've got a little small shovel Dig out under a tire if you're trying to Get unstuck I've got A little Camp ax This one's actually engraved Rock Hill Farm So You use it if you need to cut say you Gotta Tree limb down or something like that or You just never know when you might need It doesn't take up that much space Most of us probably already have one So Got a little Hatchet ice scraper This moves up to the front seat whenever We're in bad weather I've got the little Shovel here In addition to digging out under a tire If I'm ever on a job and you need to Clean out a trench that you did with the Backhoe The idea is bring a shovel be smart be Prepared bring a shovel well what if you Forget this is better than nothing Okay I've got a shackle here Be used in a couple different scenarios But Always handy to have Got a heavy grade chain hooks on each End leave that in here the next thing is

Actual tools Once again this is not just for Roadside emergencies Might be out doing a job something Breaks on the tractor I need to fix it Something breaks on the car need to Change a battery on the car minor Repairs The number of things you might need to Do while you're out and about Is pretty long So this is the little kit that you buy At Walmart or somewhere it's cheap kit Supposed to be a tool kit for your Vehicle And I find these to be pretty useless Honestly I mean it's definitely better Than nothing you've got A set of torx bits Sockets for a spark plug Few assorted sockets there four total Wrenches Little crescent wrench and screwdriver And some bits And a spark plug gapping tool So these are okay but you know we if I've got to if I've got a broken bolt on The tractor or something you know bolts Come loose or a real repair even a loose Hydraulic line if I have a hydraulic Line come loose this kit right here is Not doing anything for me since I Already have this I may go ahead and Leave this in here but I think it's

Mostly all duplicated probably put this In one of the kids cars What I carry instead Is a full wrench set You know it's just a basic cheap this is Pittsburgh brand from Harbor Freight a Lot higher likelihood of this solving a Problem [Music] And then I've got a little cheap toolbox From Walmart [Music] And this I just have a variety of hand Tools So we have a flashlight Tire pressure gauge We've got scissors heavy duty scissors And a utility knife Crescent wrench Actually these are like lineman pliers Wire cutters Channel locks A big strong screwdriver for prying more Than removing screws Then we have an actual usable Screwdriver This is the kind with the four bits Large and small flat head large and Small Phillips and of course the ends Can also be used as a nut driver the Four and the six-way screwdrivers are All I use Also got a pocket knife And a little pry tool

Yes you could probably use that as a Glass breaker although in an emergency Situation I don't know if I'm going to Think to dig all the way into my kit and Find that With that selection of hand tools you Can solve a lot of problems Okay then inside of here I have a tire inflation tool Hex keys A couple sets of gloves Some replacement battery terminals Tape measure Gorilla Tape And a basic Socket set And the last thing that I thought of Beforehand but forgot to put in there is A can of rust Patrol this is a Competitor to WD-40 it's a really good Lubricant can also be used As a penetrating oil So Like I said before Let me know in the comments If you think that I forgot anything in This kit that I should have included That after going to get my son and not Having what I needed I really thought Let's put together a kit that has Everything I could need and in the time That's passed since then I've been out Doing something so many times And was asking the homeowner hey do you

Have a crescent wrench I could use No good So let me know in the comments if There's anything you think that should Be everyday carry that I forgot to Mention One more that's really obvious that I Didn't mention in here is a first aid Kit and I think everyone should carry a First aid kit but I keep mine In the Cabin of the truck I've seen some videos Where people had this much stuff all Tucked throughout their truck they were Using the glove box they were using the Center console under the front seats Under the back seat behind the back seat My truck is very limited on Space to put Things there's no room under the back Seat I'm not crazy about it but there's Two big speakers under my seat and I Have one little cubby under the seat so There was no way I was going to tuck Everything I think I need in there I'd Really like to have a nice built-in Truck box but this was a good option to Spend very little money I spent forty Dollars on the box and ninety percent of Everything else here I already had a Couple other things that aren't in this Kit that are definitely worth mentioning Probably the most important thing you Can do is have a good set of tires on Your vehicle

I just went with winter coming up I just Went and got some high load range Aggressive tread tires so that I'm Prepared for whatever I need to do I've also got a winch mounted on the Front of the truck and Kind of makes some of the stuff in here Seem like a duplicate but you're not Always going to be pulling from the Front so I like having the winch but it Doesn't mean you don't need any other Recovery gear all right so I appreciate You taking time to watch the video I'll Put links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos and I'll see you next time

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