20 x 30 Simple Cabin FULL TOUR

Why shouldn't you write with a broken Pencil Because it's pointless You're welcome Hey if you're new here Welcome to our Off-grid cabin welcome to mbf mapleberry Farm that's what the mbf stands for Maple syrup blueberries other berries That's what we firm so We'll be farming on a bigger scale Coming soon anyways we're currently in The process of building this the Exterior is all done The interior we're still working on it But we wanted to give you a look at how It's coming along how it's set up and How things are going on the inside so Bear with us we're still working on it We're going to give you a tour of the Cabin here today and let you know we'll Be going on and maybe some of the future Plans have for it also that we're Working on so it's 20 by 30. it's Actually a 20 by 36 footprint because You see the front covered ports that's Six feet out a little more with the Eve There And stuff and the deck comes out Probably seven feet and then with the Stairs you know probably 10 feet total Like that but that's the footprint like Because we have it on steel screw piles So they just drill into the ground and Then build your beams off that as

Opposed to like cement Piers or Something we went with those because you Can basically just this is a muddy spot So we had a pad built up to get it up Off the ground first and then put the Screw piles down below the frost line And then you're just good to go within An afternoon they're in and you're Building that that evening so we really Liked them we used them before on on Other builds so we kept with them again With this one you can see all that stuff There's playlists all on our Channel you Can check out to see the entire build There's also time lapses if you want to Check those out uh one of them probably Just scrolled up here recently and you Can check that out to be able to see Like the whole build in little segments If you want or you can watch it all at Once so Pretty cool if you want to check that Out anyways let's go inside I'll show You kind of our setup we got going on in Here so right underneath this porch here This is something that I wish we had Done the last build we did we built it a Little differently and we had our main Entrance on the side but put in our main Entrance on the Gable here I always like The trapper style cabins I guess is how I always call them when this comes right Out over the front and then you have Space that box over there there's wood

Keep some wood in that got snowshoes Hanging there there's a security camera Up there we actually have satellite Internet so that's why we can actually Surveillance this if we were to when we Off the property and stuff too so it's Pretty cool anyways but under here we Wanted this covered porch because with All the snow everywhere and everything Right now in here is still good even With it open so it's a spot also to sit Here if it's raining and this stuff During the summer time spring and fall So this was probably my favorite thing We did different on this cabin Was having this front porch covered Right off the Hop so it was pretty cool If you check out the siding here up here The whole thing sided with hemlock So that's we had that milled We've had a few batches that milled We've done a few different builds but we Really like that shiplap Hemlock so There's a mill about an hour from us Where we can get that milled up and we Love it so that's what we this aside it With is all Hemlock all right now let's Go inside Foreign So as soon as you come in Right over here to the right this is Just like temporary shelving we have Right now Just for you know keep stuff

Utensils and stuff and somewhere to Cut up some meat or something just turn Out eventually going forward this will Be a kitchen area and then the door is Right behind me there if you're looking At it from this way the sink and stuff This is actually where the drain is and Stuff in the walls there And then so the you know the sink will Be on this wall we all have cupboards Here and everything You're probably an island or something But that's uh plans we have going Forward but that's just the gist of it How it is now so right now it's just Like a table Kitchen area you know that where we eat And chill out right now till we get to This part which we're not too far away From getting here we're just doing one Room at a time And the interior now so we're working on A back room there I'll show you here in A minute and then we'll you know get to The next bedroom and then So on if you notice here also this is Rockwell insulation so this is sound Proofing insulation we do that because This is the bathroom here so you know You want to keep things down in there Then we have it on the bedrooms and Everything too you'll see that's just to You know give a little bit of soundproof And privacy in the bedrooms and and here

And then you notice here up here in Canada You got a vapor barrier your walls and Everything Because if not you'll have moisture and That would be bad so it's all acoustic Sealed and Vapor Barrier two by six Walls All this 2×6 walls too R20 insulation Doubled up power 20 in the attic and Then speaking of the attic that's a Hatch there so we can get up into the Attic if we need to get anything if we Ever end up covering that front porch in Sometime then we can always go up there Go over there insulate that top roof There that's outside and all that too But anyways need to add a catch so That's where it is it's right here Because it's only a 412 pitch on this Roof so that's like where we have the Most spaces in the middle so that's why It's out here once we're done we'll trim All that out it'll look nice when we're Done so Gonna be all right and it's a practical Spot so that was like the kitchen area On that side right there I just showed You and that's the main door I came in Right there so this is like our living Room area So that's a Pacific Energy super 27 wood Stove That's the second one of those stoves

We've owned Those we love them it's an awesome stove Great stove couldn't be happier about it A lot of people ask about those Eco fans We like them it's good to kind of Circulate the Circulate the air throughout and we we Like those anyways we wanted the oneself Like a central spot this wood cell is Rated for three times the size of this Place but with how much it's insulated And everything once that's going just a Sticker keep that displace warm even the Coldest day in the winter and that's Just a little temporary spot if you want To sit and watch hockey on a Saturday Night this here is uh well we just have A futon here so you know another place To crash Also couch slash bid then window looking It down that way and then if you see Down there that's just like a torpedo Heater you can fire that up we haven't Been here for a day or two just to get It warm quick and then once that's going That'll keep it warm and then over here You see the woods over there and like You saw that part so then in behind here We've got another window there and then Anyways there's going to be eventually Here we're gonna put a closet here So you see there's stuff here for washer And dryer and different you know there's Clean notes and stuff like that so we're

Gonna and then the water pipe stuff so We don't have a well yet that we the This place is on a septic but there's no Well yet the Well's coming we're gonna Put it all in probably the spring But there'll be a closet right here Anyway then we'll put like our hot water On demand and all those things in it all Right and then this is like kind of the Hallway area it's not really it's all Open Because we don't have like true hallways I guess this is kind of a hallway in Here But because uh that it gives us more Space with the 600 square feet that We're working with so right above me was Where that attic hatch was These doors that's a bathroom we'll go In there next Bedroom And that's a bedroom so let's check out The bathroom here All right so we're in the bathroom here It's pretty tight in here right now like We have buckets of water To flush toilet the toilet he is hooked Up unseptic but We got to be able to flush it and then If we're away we got to keep the Plumbing antifreeze in it so the things Don't freeze up and get broke this Here's just sitting here's not hooked up Yet we went with that size just so it

Doesn't take up a lot of space in a Small bathroom we do have some green Board up right now that's Waterproof drywall he's still gonna put It up there and we have it here in this Corner because uh we have a stand-up Shower that's going in that should have Been in but we got a bit of problems With where the valves are set we'll get To that later but it's all uh ready to Go So that'll be a stand-up shower And then you know not real big but it Serves the purpose everything the way It's going to be so this is like the Master bedroom the main one so I'll show You what we got going on in here all Right you come in here we just have like You know restoring stuff that flooring Eventually we put on here we do have Like these lights here for when you come In they work pretty good so we got Drywall on this wall that was just to Hide the the rock wall inside so you're Not sleeping with that exposed in here Then we do still have to drive all this Part that part's just uh we had some Extra OSB so we put on that wall we're Actually going to paint that and it'll Turn out already So I'll just you know I've had in here to crash for now and While we get this thing built we do in Each room and their egress windows so we

Just hit the one entrance in here so It's just the one you can still like get At those windows so now let's check out This room this is the room we're Actually working on So we just get this floor down it's Laminate floor looks pretty good got Drywall on the walls and we have the Trim here that's what we're going to be Doing next that's probably what we're Going to be showing next uh coming up Here so we're going to be putting that On our seams Corners we're going to be Trimmed it off so then around here going To build that out and then this room Will be done and then there's a shiplap Pine ceiling here too and then like I Showed you there's those lights for Their own silver for you but yeah it Looks pretty cool And this is just about down and then We'll be moving on to the other room we Were just in so I guess that's pretty Much it gave a good tour of uh our cabin Here we got a lot of plans going forward This place this will eventually be a Full-time home set so we're just getting It all built up before we Come here permanently but we got lots More to do uh this gives you a quick Little tour of what we got right now so I guess if you want to check out the Next video most likely I'm going to be Throwing that trim on and finishing that

Room up so then we're done with that so Again we do have the time lapse that we Put together watching this built real Quick there's two parts of that you can Watch both parts of that or you can just Watch all the videos each step as we Went uh not really it's not like a DIY It's just showing you what we did and How you know it's just me and my wife Doing it together for the most part so So we try to whenever we're doing Something we try to do it to make sure That we can handle no matter what it is That we're building so to keep things Within like range of me and Herbie and All to build everything Keeping it you know simple but uh Practical and You know all the things that we want and Can do together so It's pretty cool anyways that's it for Now I'll see you in the next one and Stop by when I get doing that trim Thanks stop by [Music]

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