2023 Hustler X-One – This Thing is Awesome

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And this is the Hustler X1 and I am Really excited to have it here on the Property Now if you guys follow the channel you Know I've been mowing with two John Deere stand on mowers and I made the Decision last fall that I wanted to move On from those two mowers and I'll get Into that later as far as why I decided I didn't want to use those anymore but I Really don't have anything negative to Say about John Deere those just weren't The right mowers for me And so I made that decision in the fall And ever since then I've been trying to Decide what brand I wanted to go to and There are a lot of good mower Manufacturers out there so I've been Doing my research watching every video I Could find that is a mower comparison Video going around to dealerships And we're kind of out in the middle of Nowhere here in rural Kansas And there's only really one thing within 20 minutes of us And that is a mower and Tractor Dealership just down the road and they Sell hustler mowers so I started looking At hustler mowers and I found out that The company was founded in Kansas the Mowers are still made in Kansas And the engines are made in Missouri and To me that said I would really like to

Go with Hustler if they make a good Mower so I've been doing a lot of Research on hustler mowers and I've been Really impressed with everything that I Have found out about them And I've talked to some other owners and Made the decision this is what I wanted To go with At that point I contacted Hustler I said Hey this is what I do I have a YouTube Channel where I put out videos every Single day reviewing equipment and would You guys like to partner with me and Hustler has sponsored the channel They don't pay me and they don't tell me What to say but they did provide this Mower for me to try out first thing I Want to do is walk around and show you Some of the features first thing I want To tell you is I just picked this mower Up today so obviously I'm not trying to Give a review on it I don't even know Everything about this mower yet but I'm Going to tell you some of the things That I liked when I was doing my Research Number one the way this deck is built This is you know most companies are Using a seven gauge on their deck and That's what this is I believe but it's Three layers of seven gauge on top and And around the spindles And everything about this deck is Overbuilt and I'll get a camera under

Here and show you what it looks like Before we cut any grass That's a unique look to the the shape of The underside of that deck and the way It's directing the flow of grass Now I'm no expert on mower decks but I Did find out as one of my most popular Videos was reviewing a unique style of Mower blade and I had some problems with It and I learned a lot from the comments On that video it's got like 700 000 Views on that video I learned a lot About how important the shape of the Deck is I'm wondering if the way those Baffles are set up is going to cause it To discharge better but we'll find out Over time so this is a single belt mower As far as the deck belt Very easy Twist Off Handles I like that better than what I Had before the last thing I'll say about The deck is the front edge of this deck From everything I can find this is the Most overbuilt front lip on a deck that Any manufacturer makes I'm not kidding it's probably two inches Thick so you're definitely not gonna Hurt that next thing that stood out to Me about Hustler I didn't see hardly any Other mowers that had cast iron on their Deck lift But all of this Heavy duty overbuilt another thing That's unique about Hustler from the

Operator station is that Your steering handles Are automatically integrated with the Parking brake so Typically on a zero turn you put your Handles out and then you pull a handle Or you've got some kind of a parking Brake I'll show you underneath the mower how It works but when these push out it Automatically engages your parking brake And you can hop right off little Convenience thing right down here at Your side You have USB ports That flip up and flip back down so that If nothing's Plugged In You Are watertight there You've got a cup holder here and this Has dual fuel tanks so you have a fuel Tank on each side with an analog fuel Gauge a lot of mowers have like an Electronic fuel gauge or a digital fuel Gauge and it's Basically another component to go wrong And last year's version of this mower Had that type of fuel gauge they Switched to the basic analog gauges that Can't mess up I like it when they go Back towards Simplicity like that so the Floor on the deck pops out Without any tools you've got easy access To your belts and your pulleys This model comes with the rubber floor

Mat to reduce the vibration on your feet If I was thinking about a feature that This mower doesn't have that I wish it Did have it would be the ferrous Suspension that puts your entire Operator station in a floating position Now my mower doesn't have anything like That now for a reasonably priced upgrade I could add Flex Forks to the front and That gives you your suspension and the Salesman that I talked to kind of said That it's better to have that Flex Suspension on the front than it is to Have it on the whole deck or the whole Operator station I can't say on that Whether that's true or not the Suspension you have on this mower is a Suspension seat we've got really simple Operation here on and start is here You can hear the fuel pump Then we've got the PTO right there I Have not pulled that up this machine has .3 hours on it All right let's flip the seat up and get A look at the transmission And you can see right here that when This lever comes out You have your integrated system Right there it's a mechanical system That engages your parking brake As far as deck height adjustment right Now this right here has Our Deck locked In the transport position which is all The way up

If I push on that And then pull on this now Our Deck is at whatever height we set it Push just a little bit Move that pin right there That's all the way down And you have a legend right here that You can see clearly that tells you the Mowing height so we're in the third hole Right there in the middle is three and a Half inches Now I don't have to move that pin but if I want to put it in transport height Push all the way down That automatically drops in and we're in Transport mode there are several Different engine options available on This mower I went with a Kawasaki engine One is obviously they've got a good Reputation for reliability but also like I said earlier these are made in Missouri which is where I was born and Grew up so I'm right on the Kansas Missouri border Now the closer I can get the Manufacturing to where I live the better I feel about it another Choice once you Decide you want Kawasaki you can get That carbureted or fuel injected I got The 29 horse EFI engine this is kind of An interesting feature right here it's Got your air filter life on a easily Visible gauge so they made a couple Changes for 2023

Probably the biggest most important Change is that they change the Transmissions that actually run the Machine but beyond that they've improved Some of the Surrounds that protect the outside of The mower all the way around not just on The back but also on the deck you've got These heavy Protective bumpers they also made this a Heavier gauge of Steel I mean this is Thick stuff and they they previously had Decals on here they switched the decals To die cut basically everything about This is just heavy built It is not really mowing season around Here yet but right down here by the pond We've got a little bit of grass that's Overgrown so I'm going to mow a strip Right here just to get a feel for it Earlier I was speculating that the Design of the deck might lead to better Vacuum and that's exactly what the Website says it calls this the VX deck And it says it has Superior vacuum for a Better cut and that is something I Commonly found in reviews that the Hustler mowers had a really low center Of gravity for better stability and they Gave one of the best cuts of any Mower On the market the way I got mine Outfitted with the 72 inch and the 29.5 Horsepower it weighs 1320 pounds so it's A big machine and it runs at 10.5 miles

Per hour So Why did I get rid of the John Deere Mowers Well I bought those mowers for a Specific purpose And that was to mow Commercially in town a lot of small Yards and a lot of different Circumstances so I got two narrow mowers A 36 inch and a 52 inch and I wanted the 52 inch I wanted a 60 really but I got the 52 Because it came with tweels and the Electronic Mulch on demand and I really Wanted both of those features but I had A lot of problems with the mulch on Demand And I think John Deere probably makes some Great mowers but the two mowers I had Did not fit my needs This 72 inch mower that mows at 10.4 Miles per hour is going to cut my mowing Time in half from the 52 inch stand-on That was going I believe seven miles an Hour so That's the main reason because I have a Lot of Wide Open Spaces out here to mow And this is the type of mower I need to Do that with so I am really grateful to Hustler for Giving me the opportunity to demonstrate This Mower on the channel I appreciate

You guys taking time to watch this video I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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