3 Ton DIY Wood Bridge That Looks Good! No Concrete Landscaping Fix

Good morning good morning we built the Bridge let it let us show you how we did It all right let’s come [Music] On welcome back to the channel morgan Good morning hey we are going to build Our bridge across our waterway this is a Project we promised and It’d be start to finish start to finish Let’s get started Let’s get at it [Music] So this is why we’re building a bridge This thing is just waiting for a Twisting angle [Music] Okay we’ve got two holes up got one dug Here and then there’s the other one That’s dug right here there’s a third Hole that’s going to go in the middle But what we’re going to do is we’re Going to put this post in first with a Fast 2k And then the one on the end second and Then we’ll pull a string across and That’ll give us a perfect reference Point to put the Auger to make sure that we put these Posts in line we put the third post in The middle we’re going to cross the String across and make sure that they’re In perfect alignment Demo buddy i don’t i don’t know he’s He’s full game today

She’s kind of hanging out got in trouble Earlier went after another dog If you can see tanya the lights terrible Here but she’s getting the trash bag Ready we just get a big black trash bag So when we do put the Post in the ground all we have to do is Uh throw the leftover bags away and That’s all the cleanup there is Stutter she says [Music] Looking good we’ve got three posts up we Are going to take a little break we got A late start this morning and we are Midday heat and it is hot out here so We’re going to pause come back this Afternoon and start up again [Music] All right so we’re back out and we have The first three posts uh in and we’ll Take a little break over lunch we got About 12 o’clock and it was just pretty Daggum hot still out here so we were in The direct sunlight we thought it’d be Better just come back out this evening So we’re back out here but we brought Some we had some reinforcement here Before but we brought the fan back this Time we’ve got one of these uh battery Backups this is pretty cool i don’t Know that much about it we just got it Get out of the light so you can actually See that’s what it is it’s called Oaks or

Oops i don’t know but it actually works The other day i I plugged it into a little window air Conditioner and Ran it for about three hours Just off the battery inside i thought That was pretty pretty awesome i’ve got Four solar panels but for today i only Brought two it just didn’t feel like we Needed it all we’re doing now is running The battery charger and this big fan Here and that gives us a lot of Air over there you see a little flag Down there blowing So I’m gonna check out and just go back to Work [Music] Down [Music] Down [Music] Well we’re out here for the second Morning and it is Very comfortable this morning let me Show you what we got started already [Music] We’ve got the hole dug this morning and Guys i don’t know if i can impart how Hard this ground is First off there’s lots of roots And then it’s clay and this postal Digger is just struggling even though It’s got new cutters on it

But we’re getting it we’re getting it Done Last post then we actually start Building the Cross members Now this is kind of the things we do We got gizmo dogs kind of hot we Brought our little solar generator out Here to run this fan To blow it on us and for him but if it’s Blowing he he tends to find his way in Front of it This is a new addition to our family This is the Solar generator we got oops I think that’s how you say it i’ll learn Better but we got this we’re we’re going To be doing a review on this probably In a week or two but uh We’re using it it’s a it’s awesome like It’ll run this big fan Down here for about Seven or eight hours Uh and if it’s solar if the sun gets on The panels which i got over here It basically run it indefinitely But So there’s a lot that goes on behind the Scenes when we do these videos like we Have to charge cameras up and keep our Batteries charged up for our power tools So this little bitty unit right here Basically is running the show behind the Scenes

[Music] All right so what we got miss tanya Doing here she is going to spray A rubber sealant really heavily all over Everything especially on the top here This that’s made for the roof made for a Roof but you can see here She’s really laying it on the top So water can’t seep down in the In this post and split it when it Freezes It’s not my absolute best job at cutting Off the top of a post Level it’s more level than it looks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Pick up yeah i got it Moley [Music] [Music] Good morning good morning gizmo good Morning miss tanya gizmo you need to Show some more excitement he’s gonna Work hard yesterday we were at the Sawmill yesterday cutting up these Boards And uh these are two full inch Red oak boards they’re two inches thick Maybe a hair over two inches and they’re Ten Foot long Possibly anywhere from thirteen to

Twist and twelves and thirteen inch Fourteen inch boards there they’re about A hundred pounds a piece they are just Brutally heavy Anyway so if you want to watch i got a Video out on that if you want to see us Cutting these up for it i’ll leave a Link at the end of this video but we we Run those to the little frontier sawmill So let’s talk about what we’re going to Do for today obviously we’re going to Put these boards down but we’re going to Cut out Uh right here we’re going to cut out Some gaps in these boards this side here Is a little Spalted i guess is what we’ll call it so We’re going to use this side that’s what We’re going to cut out so we’re going to Cut this out and and have a place where This can slide forward And slide into these posts That was probably about as clear as mud After that we’re going to go ahead and Lay all the boards across And then we’ll end up on the other side Uh doing the same thing All four posts are gonna have to be cut Out And it looks like we got some really Good help Got some good help this morning yep [Music] [Applause]

All right so if you can Take the tape measure up under And i need to hook it up to the very Edge of this Right This is the edge of this 95 inches [Music] [Music] So [Music] Yeah we want it to be The very top of this board here That one yeah this is the cross member So we’re going to take it to line up With the other one All the way to the end Put two yep [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Wow [Music] Oh [Music] What are you doing to daddy are you Snarling at him [Music] Wow [Music] Wow [Music] [Music]

This one was better [Music] Oh so close I could probably hammer it in You want to take another Another slice just one more bar I gotta so it from the same side too Cassie’s gonna work out good because i Kind of mangled this over here a little Bit [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh Was you you got on the board Now That worked out really nice Noise i say Nice what do you say nice Is my British counterparts would say Noise or maybe they’re australians i Don’t remember it’s somewhat like our Ireland is australian So i got Hot dip galvanized nails they have the Little rings in them and once you put Them in these boards it is It’ll literally almost pull the head of The nail off before you can actually Pull them back out my concern is is this Red oak is approximately been cut a year And a half so it’s been in the log log For a year and a half so i think there’s

Still enough moisture in it maybe we can Nail through it i’ve got my nail gun set To the absolute Strongest if not we’re just going to Have to Drill holes and then put screws through [Music] But hopefully we can just do this [Music] But i gotta turn it on first that was Really anti-climatic All right Yep went through That’s good [Music] So if you don’t know what i’m talking About uh Oak once it seasons out completely You you literally can’t drive a 16 penny Nail through with a hammer it will just It’ll just bend to pieces so the way This works hey we’re in good shape so I just got to keep feeding this thing Galvanized nails And i think we’re We’re on to something here [Music] So what we got to do Is cut this board Right you think these were one of these Boards up Cut this board to fit and then push the Gap that we need To make it look uniform

That way we won’t need an extra board And then we could for the boards going Across like this Right we could just use those But i think it might look weird I think it’s going to look weird with The board on top of it i like it like That well you have to do it like that or When the tractor goes across it It’s going to Put all the weight on one single board Because that wheel sets right here can Be on that one board so when that’s the Reason they used to do that we should do It from the bottom up then We should’ve done that from the bottom Then and then set it from the top This is the way bridges work babe Yeah i have not seen a bridge looking Like that before You’re not from the country [Music] I could see myself Stepping on and twisting my ankle That’s the whole purpose having a bridge [Music] Oh [Music] Ah Wow [Music] Wow look at that that is a big Difference For sure

We’ve got all the boards nailed down We’re debating on leaving these edges Jagged I think i really want to tanya wants to Cut them off smooth And i think the having the smooth rails And the perfect rails but having these Jagged little edges On the big boards gives it like some Sort of nostalgic feeling We’ll see once the whole thing’s done Get her Get a better understanding She’s mostly right though I have no I can build structures but i have no Decoration sense whatsoever [Music] Wow [Music] Anyway [Music] What changed the look of everything did It [Music] I uh-huh a dog [Music] [Music] Oh Oh [Music] So really wasn’t a challenge at all was It nope [Music]

All right so what i’m going to do is Take off a corner Okay why Why are you taking the corner off Oh because it’s going to be sharp Well if you take the route on a sander We drive up here walk up here we’re Going to get our fins on this right here Okay So i’m going to Cut a I was going to use the router you set The thing around and round it off man i Don’t come by like an angle okay [Music] [Music] Looks good looks like a fence post That’s good [Music] I look Out across the I water the sun I feel the breeze [Music] [Applause] Big old hard heavy wood right there Some of the last of these boards These are solid oaks so they should make Great firewood All right miss tanya she She is a cleaner now She’s got the Blower every time i turn around she’s Got that blower going

So the woodwork of the bridge is done The next thing we’re going to do is Paint the ends here Uh with the black tar stuff And then we’re going to put rock up Against it and then build dirt ramps on Either side Should be pretty good I think the bridge part is pretty much Done other Got a little bit of sanding and Fine tuning to do here that right there Is a Butt splinter All right so we’ve got the bridge done And i’m i’m excited i don’t know if you Can tell or not it’s hot and but i’m Still really excited but i Probably a lot of you are wondering like How are you going to get up on the Bridge are you going to build some sort Of wood ramp well we’re not What we’re going to do You can see here it’s a little bit too Much of a climb we’re going to take And put some of the white rock that we Have or the gray rock that we have left Over we’re going to put that up here as Kind of like a french drain and then We’re going to bring dirt in and build a Dirt ramp up to this it’s going to be a Very very gentle uh slope for for tonya Because when you know when she’s pushing A wheelbarrow around or doing anything

With her flowers i don’t want her to Have to work or actually i want her to Call me to make me push the wheelbarrow That’s what’s really going on so we’ve Got to put some rock on both sides and Then we’re going to build our dirt ramp Then some fine tuning and we should be Done but uh let’s get to it Who’s talking about a wheelbarrow really I don’t think so we got we got a little Tractor and what do you think these Things are for for nothing just looks Uh-uh that’s for the tractor i’m using The tractor with a bucket [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] But in my Heart i hear the call Of my old home [Music] [Applause] [Music] So there’s where you’ve been with my Truck The truck throw the truck clinton got Some mulch This is actually uh i like it that’s a Good idea So this dirt is fresh and we pack it Down as much as we could with a tractor But this is a good alternative She’s smart kind of rubbing off on me

Uh you know you hate me in your labor Well i just took the truck instead of Carrying one back at the time hey i like It You’re doing so good of a job I’m just gonna let you do it all [Music] Well maybe it was fate When you walked in the door I could have sworn i’ve seen your face Before So glad that you said hi Cause i was way too shy What would have happened if you just Have passed me by the night [Music] All those Looking over the shoulders [Music] Hey we’d like to thank hb fuller and the Fast 2k team for partnering with us on This build Fast 2k is an awesome product it allows So much flexibility for Your diyer Thanks again guys So let me tell you why we need a bridge Where you’re building a greenhouse right Here but the way things work we needed To know Where to build the greenhouse so we had To put the fence in first but before we Could put the fence in so we knew how Far back to to put the greenhouse we had

To deal with a drainage issue so this Drainage issue takes water from across The road and drains it downhill towards Uh towards a big big ditch in the back We put this big rock in here to keep it From eroding away and i think it looks Good it adds a certain amount of curve Appeal to it but it is tough to walk Over very tough so we kind of put our Heads together and say hey we really Need a bridge here this is also going to Be really wet We want to be able to go across to this Side of the property even when it’s Raining and this is full and water’s Coming down through it The bridge itself is just makes it Easier access to glow in the garden Right so this chubby tonya’s area back Here but we wanted it to be able to Handle the load of the small tractor so It’s not only serves a purpose as a A walking bridge The small tractor will be able to go Across this When i when i started building this Bridge i build things in my head and i Sketch down a few things i was thinking About completely about the functionality Of the bridge and can it carry the Weight of a tractor And then tanya got involved in it and She made it a center piece of the Property so

Great job there i was going to have we Have rails she has the benches That was her That was actually like a mandate almost Really yes that was not a choice it Wasn’t a choice so we we went from four Rails to a bench and one rail and i just High five One project done one project done You did a great job i i couldn’t see it Before but wow it’s just a centerpiece And i can see us uh I can see Cool things happening On this bridge for years to come Hey you guys keep your mind clean Thank you all for watching and stay Tuned for our future projects that come Here at the farm we’re building our Dream here so we’d love to have you on Our journey god bless y’all see y’all Later bye You