3 Tools to Make Cutting Firewood Easier

Logox 3 in 1 Forestry Tool Review

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Come [Applause] [Applause] Come [Music] [Music] [Applause] All [Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farm And today I'm going to do some firewood Work and this will be my first time Really working with the new splitter I've used it two other times but very Briefly and I've also got a couple of Other new tools I want to show you guys That are reasonably affordable and I Think are going to make my work out here A little bit easier so the first thing I Need to do is resplit the wood in this Tote it's all split really big for Outdoor wood burning and I wouldn't have To resplit it I could leave it but it's Not stacked it's just loose thrown in There and I want all my totes stacked so That they're measurable and Sellable that way also because I don't Have an un limited number of totes I can Maximize the amount of wood that I can Neatly Store [Applause] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] That's Junk On Uh every product I show in the this Video and most of my other videos I'll Have links to in the description because If you guys order through my links it Helps me out so I'm always going to try To provide those that includes basic Stuff like safety gear and chaps I Usually wear a helmet at this time I'm Going safety glasses and the just over The- ear Protection now two of these products I've shown before and it's just been a While and the third one's brand new but The second two products I've actually Got a discount code for this one I don't This I've had forever and I actually ran Over it and broke it and I taped it back Together and I'm still using it this is Called acum Mark it's a simple tool for Measuring your firewood into 16in Lengths you got to measure it somehow Some people just reference off their bar Which is a lot easier if you're using an 18 or a 20 in I use longer bars it's a Little bit harder to reference off that Some people go down and put a tape Measure on it and Mark it with paint or Chalk or something I like scoring it

With this it's got a magnet on the end I Can store it on my tractor on the Splitter so that's our first product and I'm going to use it to cut this log 90% Of the time my go-to saw is the 500i With a 25 in Bar just been a phenomenal saw for me I Use it for everything and the longer bar Means I can split rounds up without Bending down now sometimes I'll pick Them up with the grapple but I only like Switching so much back and forth between A grapple and the pallet forks and I'm Using the pallet Forks to move the totes [Music] [Music] Around so our next product I've actually Had for a while shown before it's called A logox 3in1 forestry tool in the past When I reviewed this as a can hook I Said it needed to be longer because I Was dealing with long Logs but logox heard that and made a Longer handle for it but today we're not Primarily using it as a can hook we're Going to use it as a hauler and a Pickaroon and a log lift not a log lift Like a log Jack for cutting so what We're going to do is we're going to hook Onto it like a can't hook roll it back And let this foot hold the log up in the Air to make my [Music] Cuts

[Music] And you come [Music] [Music] So that is one of the four ways that This tool can be used Us second way we pull two pins out right Here take the foot off pull another pin And take the handle off now as far as Switching this back and forth you don't Want to do it you don't want to switch This every log what you want to do is Cut a whole bunch of logs into rounds Using the Jack and then switch to your Other tool but I'm just trying to Demonstrate it right now once we take Those two pieces off we have What they call the logox hauler I'm just Genuinely curious is this a better way To carry your firewood rounds then Bending down and picking them up by hand I'm pretty sure that anything that Prevents you from bending at the back Which you can bend at your knees but Anything that prevents you from bending And using poor lifting technique is a Good thing so this tool when you take The other pieces off of it is Designed to grab around like this see I'm still standing up And move it I didn't get a very good Grip on that One all right so now I can carry this And it's a heavy round it's pretty good

Size but it's easier on my back Hopefully than bending Down now for a lot of people that I see Using this they're using this to lift it All the way onto their Table So you get it over here and if you have A table with or if you have a log Splitter without a hydraulic lift you're Getting two hands on this and lifting it Like That and That you do that a couple hundred times And I think your back will appreciate The Difference for me personally I do have a Hydraulic log lift so I'm going to Convert this well actually this stays Like it is I'm going to use the other Tool that comes along with this when you Take the handle out of the hauler you Can attach this head right here and you Got to pick a Rune so now for me the question is since I do have a hydraulic log lift is this Easier than the Huler Once again I'm not having to bend Down stab it In and roll it on There so it's probably going to depend On what you're doing what kind of Splitter you have you know do you have a Lift how big are your rounds are you

Trying to move some logs or is it all Rounds so it's going to depend on your Situation which is more convenient the Pickaroon or the Hauler But both Work [Music] You [Music] [Music] [Music] Up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Well my day just took a turn for the Worse so my daughter pulls in the house She was at cheerleading she's got a on Know like a competitive cheerleading Team and she put in the driveway and she Comes walking down here kind of in a Hurry and she says my car is Smoking oh gosh so I go up there and There's where she had stopped to open The garage door there's a big pile of Antifreeze and I've reached Up behind there and I'm pretty sure I Found where it's Leaking and it's not like a head gasket Or anything there's it's just going to

Be really hard to get to so I'm going to Spend the rest of my day trying to Figure out if I can get that apart and Get it fixed but that's just real life Like I didn't have to tell that story But what I hear about this YouTube thing Is people like it when you're real and I'm being real so I was planning to do One full cord today a cord is a good day For me if I get out of cord but we've Done one third of a cord I'm going to Show you this final tool wrap the video Up and then go work on my daughter's car And here we have it this is not Specifically a firewood tool I've wanted One of these for a long time and as you Can see probably just from looking at it This is a trailer mover and it's a Really nice one and they're handy for Moving your trailers around so you can Mow and I wanted one for that but I Didn't really pull the trigger on it Just I have other ways to move a trailer But none of them are that convenient and Then I got the Sawmill and ran into the Problem of having a hard time getting it Into my building because you have to Jack knife it in so hard and I thought This trailer mover would be the perfect Solution for getting my Sawmill into the K Quan Hut and moved into position so I Got it Ordered and then I got the splitter and This is going to be fantastic for the

Wood s Splitter you guys saw me bring the Splitter down here using A re a ball on the back of my weight Bracket on the threep point of the Tractor And you know I've got that and I've got A ball on one of my buckets for the Tractor but the problem is like right Now I'm using the pallet Forks sometimes I'm using the grapple neither one of Those has a ball on it and I could adapt It and find ways but for me like I may Not even even have the tractor down here Or whatever the case may be it's really Convenient to be able to move the Splitter even like 5T to where it needs To be so let's see how well this works For moving the Splitter so this sets really low and I Could raise the splitter to match it but Instead I'm going to see if it'll just Tip up like this oh yeah that's nice and Easy Not too bad I left it turn this way Because I'm going to take it all the way Up in the shed and I've already got the Ball on the tractor so I might as well Use it things I like about this is the Swivel front wheel makes it really easy To steer it's got a pin in here that Gives you a lot of adjustability on the Height I don't think I'll have a trailer that

Sits this High it also came with a Receiver that you can put on the end of This instead of the handle I don't Really know why you would need to do That but it came with It anyway this seems like it's really Going to come in Handy and it was a good day to get out And split a little bit of firewood try Out my my routine and how I'm going to Do things down here I appreciate you Guys taking time to watch the video I'll Put links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos and I'll see you next time

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