$30 That Could Save Your Life in a Recovery Situation

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And this is probably going to be a Really short video but I felt it was Information that was important it was Something I didn't understand and now That I do I feel like I need to share it With as many people as I can So a couple weeks ago I made a video About things that you should keep in Your truck at all times for like Emergency preparedness you know basic Things like flashlight jumper cables Some recovery tools and just everything I thought you should have with you and In that video I showed a recovery strap Let me show you that right now Here is the toe strap that I showed in The video this toe strap is rated for 30 000 pounds And in it I mentioned this Toe dog and on it Looks to me like it's designed to go Over a toe ball like you put this Through here and down to there and now You're locked And that that very clearly seems to be What it's for so that you can Loop this Over your toe ball and it can't fly off Well Well in the video I said I don't really Think it's a good idea to put this over Your toe ball but I didn't understand Really why it's such a bad idea and how Dangerous it is one of my regular

Viewers shared a link with me that I'm Going to put the same length to the same Video in the description in the pinned Comment on this video showing where Someone was killed by trying to use a Setup like that to pull us one stuck Truck out of the mud with another truck And his videos like 20 minutes long he Does all kinds of math talking about the Forces applied between the two trucks And why that pitch failed and I'm not Going into all that if you want to see That I'll link to his video but the big Takeaway is that your standard hitch Like this That looks like this is not at all meant To handle the forces used In a recovery so the ball itself can Easily snap off Because when you think about Towing even A really heavy trailer it's still on Axles it still wants to roll there's not Nearly as much force as trying to jerk Out a stuck vehicle And so what happens this can break off And become a projectile and in the case Of the video I'm talking about he had One of these Hollow hitches like this That was a drop hitch and the drop on That hitch If you think about you're pulling from The ball and the shape of that l The longer the drop is the more leverage Is put at the top and it's a force

Multiplier and in that case it snapped The hitch off and it flung through the Person's windshield that was stuck and Killed them and it was a man and a wife The wife very strongly wanted people to Share the story so it didn't happen to Anyone else and I really found a lot of Useful information in the video and and Because I kind of recommended this Product that's designed to hook over a Ball I felt I should say something about Why this is a bad idea Now you can put a d-ring through this And hook it somewhere else it's not that This toe strap is unusable but Putting it over the ball is a bad idea So what is a suitable replacement This is a suitable replacement this is Rated for 44 000 pounds Of force and I think the brake rating is Even higher the pin is higher than that The pin came with this and It's secure you're there's no way that Your strap or anything is going to come Off of this this costs thirty dollars And would have saved those people's Lives they were out in a place where People go to four wheel and stuff and if You're going to be out doing something Like that you know have this with you And I know that you can hook to other Places on a truck but to me the very Best thing is to hook to somewhere That's meant to be hooked to something

That's designed for those forces so I Think this is absolutely worth 30 bucks And I want to show you a second thing That I should have mentioned in my video I already had this but I didn't think About putting it in the kit when it Should have been so obvious if you're Pulling I've got a winch on the front of The truck if you're pulling with a winch Or a chain That chain or cable can break and become A projectile or your shackle comes off Or anything that happens all that Tension it becomes a projectile just Like I was talking about you need a Dampener on it This is Velcro You You pop this open Slide it over your cable or your chain And when that goes to whip it's just Heavy enough that it pulls it down and Keeps it from flying back which can Obviously be really dangerous make sure You go down check out the description And the pinned comment I'll have links To the video I referenced I will have Links to order this product And this product I don't care where you get them there's Plenty of good suppliers online these Are inexpensive versions that I got on Amazon if you order them through my Links as always with any of the Amazon

Links I share if you order them through My links I'll earn a small commission But I appreciate you taking time to Watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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