38 HP Mahindra – More Tractor for Less Money?

Foreign [Applause] Hey it’s Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I’m out here to cut down a tree for My new friend Mike and while we’re here He has a different brand of tractor it’s A different color And same almost the same horsepower as Mine so I thought we’d do a little bit Of talking about this machine some of The differences and a reason someone Might want to look at one of these Mahindras so I guess we’ll start with What’s the model on this I brought this A 1538 so it’s a full 35 horse tractor Uh went with the the 1538 because I was Looking at a 15 35 or 32 some of that Neighborhood but one of the things that Really stood out was jumping to the 1538 The the Front end loader was just Much more stouter you could just tell it By how it was built and I wanted a full 35 horses so if they told me that my Best bet would be to step up to the 1538 I got quite a bit more as far as weight The tractor’s a little heavier on that Also so I mean I don’t do a lot of Things other than just brush hog a Little you know a rototiller tiller and Things of that nature but still I still Wanted every bit of 35 Horsemen in case Any it’s four-wheel drive also so But everybody knows I like John Deere I

Really do like John Deere but that Doesn’t mean that all these other brands Don’t have selling points and a couple Of them on this one first is the price How long have you had it I think we’ve had it don’t quote Somewhere around four years so four Years we all know there’s been some kind Of crazy inflation the last few years But my tractor is much smaller than this But the same horsepower and I got it With a bunch of attachments but the base Tractor the 2038r is 33 000 tractor and Nothing else and what did you say you Paid with this package and what you got For it uh we got a 20 or 22 foot trailer That’s a uh Texas Bragg I’ve got a a six Foot medium duty brush hog uh five foot Box blade Four foot rototiller and we I believe we Rolled out around 25 26. yeah somewhere In that neighborhood so he got a package With the majority of the things the Average homeowner needs and a tractor That is significantly larger than mine For eight thousand dollars less than Just the tractor on mine and I got a Package with the trailer and those Attachments and a couple more my package For my tractor was 54 000. now couple Another thing about these is Mahindra as I mentioned in another video is one of The few tractors you can buy that is Over 25 horsepower and does not have a

Regen or DPF filter or any of that kind Of emission stuff and that was a selling Point for you right absolutely you know Like I was telling you earlier I got a Friend that’s got a Kubota that’s quite A bit larger tractor but he’s got that That filter he’s got to do that regen And then and then there’s a lifespan on That filter and and the price to replace That filter Was pretty staggering so that was Another big seller for for me and I just You know I’m a homeowner and I use it When on the weekends and when I need it I want to get on it and use it and I Don’t have to worry about something like That and that’s another very good reason Why we we went with the Mahindra and so If you were really wanting to compare This to a John Deere it’d be a like a 30 38 e because this is a No-Frills tractor It doesn’t have a lot it doesn’t have Third function it does have a quick Attached skid steer bucket no rear Remotes all that sort of thing so it’s It is your economy tractor but you’re Getting more size and power at a lower Price but even that 3038e comes in at Like thirty one thousand dollars right Now So I was trying to think of the Technology that allows it to not have uh The region and I was at the Tulsa Farm Show and the dealer explained it to me

And it was some kind of a direct line Fuel direct rail fuel or something I Don’t know the terminology but I guess It’s an older technology and they’re Just finding a way to make it practical For the tractor owner now four years Have you had problems with this machine Or any complaints about it zero not a Bit of trouble whatsoever I have not Done it uh have not turned a tap on it Other than my the fight that I had with The packer at beyond that the mechanical Operation of the end of the tractor has Been Flawless so Vermin like these Mahendras they don’t like the John Deere’s but if you got one of these put Some mothballs in the engine yeah so I Think I’m gonna run it a little bit and Then I’ll give my thoughts oh yeah it’s A shuttle shift we’ll see if I know how To operate Ooh that treadle paddle And running that travel paddle A couple of quick thoughts that I forgot To mention at the end Is number one I don’t love the position Of the loader joystick it’s not a Problem actually using that joystick but I’m a big guy and when I move my foot From the forward to the reverse on the Treadle pedal I had a tendency to bump That lever The second thing is this is a shuttle Shift and it’s a treadle pedal and I’ve

Never used either and I thought I might Have a hard time getting used to this But I really didn’t both of those were No problem at all and I didn’t mind it Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] All right so I’m a big fan of anything That gets the job done and this gets the Job done a couple differences from my Tractor once again we’re talking about The same horsepower machine but this is So much bigger and that’s pros and cons Mine could have maneuvered through this A lot easier I’m used to having a Grapple so it was a little bit of an

Annoyance I pushed it right in my way And I’m like oh I have no way to pull That back but the definitely a lot more Pushing power part of that’s because of Uh I think the shuttle shift and part of It’s just the bigger frame and the Bigger tires but I feel like you get a Lot more stability with the bigger Machine so right where we’re standing is Pretty steep uphill and I was coming Kind of across it so I was on a slope This way and then trying to push Engaging the ground and push up and Across this slope and I never felt Unstable with mine I would have felt Really unstable here and would have Maneuvered more times to attack it in a Different angle and just because I know You’re gonna tell me I was halfway Through and realized it’s kind of Reckless of me to not to be on a new Machine on a hill and not put the rops Up Safety First put your rops up don’t be Like like we were today but You know he’s got 250 hours on this Machine saved a lot of money and gets The job done so Seems like pretty good deal to me right Yeah now you’ve kind of got me an itch Of having a grapple bucket so It’s all about what you’re doing and the Size of your property for a smaller

Property mine’s I’ve got a lot of Versatility with my setup but this is a Workhorse And you’ve been happy with it right oh Yeah like I said earlier it it’s been Done everything that I’ve wanted it to Do and and another thing that I was real Happy with with the you know that six Foot brush hog with the medium duty Man I’ve put it through the paces and it Just us it’s not not Bach to Second yep Very very happy with it So you guys see me always cheerleading Whatever brand tractor I’m showing it’s Because I think they’re all good and They’re just good at different things But I appreciate you guys taking time to Watch I’ll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos I’ll see you Next time

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