$450 Backyard Shed / 8×6 Patiowell Outdoor Shed

Hey welcome back to the channel today We're going to build this little shed For our off-grid power system you guys Are following our Channel you know we Built this greenhouse and we want to Make it off-grid Power don't miss the Time lapse at the end of this video We started this process by building a Foundation and we'll leave you a link to That video at the end Hey again welcome back and let's pick up Where we left off At this point our pad had been sitting For about seven days so it was time to Take the forms off we'll just use the Sawzall to cut through and then just Knock them off a little disappointed When we started this process we had Watched the weather the day that we were Getting ready to put the pad down and There was like a three percent chance of Rain and uh we got the pad poured and We're just going through all the motions And I look up and Here Comes This Cloud And we rushed to throw plastic over the Top of it it made little marks on the Top of our concrete it's not going to be A functional issue but it you know it Was a little disappointing we were Really trying to do it well and it made It so that we couldn't really do uh you Know it just it doesn't look as good as We want to I think I may come back and Put like a leveler over this at some

Point And I do understand some of you are Going to say this is just a utility Building but it's one of those things if It bugs me it bugs me Take a look at the ground right here and You'll see that I did something wrong if You see what it is leave it in the Comments I I didn't mean to do that and I've done it all day This is the first time I've used this Technique but I've seen it in the Housing Industry and it's where they'll Compact the soil and then pour a pad Over the compacted soil that's above the The grade level and then they'll come Back in and put fill dirt around the the Poured pad and it encourages water to Always drain away from it and it it's it Was pretty easy to shape this I think You know you could do this by hand very Easily but because we got the small Tractor it was it made it really easy Here's a funny little fact I didn't Order a truckload of gravel because I Just you know kind of forgot and so when We got over here to do this I was it Just slipped my mind so I had to steal Gravel from my driveway We put our driveway down very thick so It I don't even know that it will ever Notice but I'm going to get some more Gravel in This gravel is made up of sand red clay

And Red Rock and it just is an awesome Media for packing around stuff and Building up because it packs so well and It's easy to work with even when it's a Little bit wet you can still work with It We've always called a crush run around Here but every time I say that a lot of People say well that's not Crush run so What do you think it is and and maybe Maybe I'm wrong It's really important to get that grade Just right so water is always draining Away from that pad Foreign Here's the star of the video We got this from an online company Called patio well and it's an eight by Six metal building at the time of Shooting this video this little metal Building was 450 dollars and it's like One of the best deals on the internet For this type of building I'll leave a link below but the building Went up really easy and it seems to be Very solid after it's all done if you're Thinking about getting a little building Like this uh make sure you watch the Whole video because there are some times That you're concerned about things but Once you see how the directions walk you Through it and and then how the final Product is it'll put your mind at ease So it looks like the honest this is

Gonna take two of the screws F1 and it Shows the longer one going over the Short one which it seems like you've Already got that figured out Uh however the Might be the other way around shortly So we're on the other hand I don't know I don't know that would Matter But I'm sure it will Yeah you see the little Notch there There's no Pilot or unless I got Okay there you go My mistake I don't think it was mistake I think we just figured it now All right Okay so we're gonna put these screws in And we're going to use our drills to put The screws in it's really important that If you're going to use your grill drill That you have an adjustable clutch drill It's like this drill you can adjust how Much torque goes on the screw so we have It to its lowest setting and that's what We're going to start out with I don't Think we'll need much more than this Because this is sheet metal we're not Going to need a lot of torque Foreign So it turns out the directions are Really good for this this building but You know you really kind of need to read Them if you want to understand them so

We had to take a couple of these apart Because we didn't read the direction It's clearly marked they have the Numbers on each piece and it and the Pictures are very good and even I failed At that but after just a few minutes we Started really following directions Closely and it just the whole building Just started coming together uh really Quickly and very easily I think the the The instructions are really well thought Out uh they're really good English it's Clear Thank you Let's do a little bit here but we'll we Go to put it down we'll tweak that out So I would guess the best thing to do is To set the back wall Permanently And then Jiggle What we need yeah because this I think We're gonna be so close with the Concrete because I would really went out Of my way to make sure the concrete was Square okay So now So when true Tony fashion Tanya John and Me we made a really good plan about how To put this down and then I just started Working and did it totally different It all ended up okay I really wanted to put down butyl tape But the way the frame was made there

Really was no good way of doing it it Was going to cause the the frame to can So we end up using a good quality Silicone and then just turned it over And set it down and you know we both got Silicone everywhere on us and that will Never come out of your clothes So this is where communication is really Important so I handed Tanya the level to Use it as a straight edge but she Thought that I wanted to make sure the Frame was level and all I really wanted Was just the the metal frame to stay Straight because that's where the two Seams come together but it took us about A minute to figure out what each other Were talking about it's kind of funny Now but then we're like this is going to Be a long day There you go Good Not in the middle Okay let's just get this set down here So we bought tapcon screws from Lowe's And it comes in a little kit where all The screws and a concrete drill bit so That was a neat little feature I thought That just was time saving and the drill That I'm using has the hammer drill Feature this is 5000 psi concrete so it Was really hard and I found out later on That it was much better to have the Drill on the fast setting and it does it It never bogged at all on the fast

Sitting but it definitely went through The concrete a lot faster this first Hole was I was like again it's gonna be A long day Foreign So here's one of the Nuggets of Truth it Is so important to get this piece square And right I can't emphasize it enough I Built a little small building like this About 20 years ago and we got it all Squared just ever so slightly maybe an Inch out of square which is a kind of a Lot for this and uh that building was Horrible to put up and it never was Right none of the doors worked right so This is the point where you really have To slow down take time and make sure you Get it right so what we ended up doing Was putting one screw in the corner of One piece and then we squared it we we Must have went we must have done this Like uh I bet we did it four or five Times and then after we put each Corner Screw in we came back and rechecked it Because once you start putting the walls Up you can't you can't undo this this is Pretty much a done deal Thank you 110 And A quarter All right I went a little bit here so I'm 110 3 8.

10 3 8. Each one of these size Pieces come in Two pieces and they're put together so We used a long straight level to make Sure that they were truly straight Before we drilled the hose and mounted The screws in it and that worked out Really well Thank you Can really tell it's a lot faster Drilling those uh holes with that Drilling High I'm probably sure it would Burn the drill bit up faster but at this Point I didn't really care I just wanted To get this done I want to take this opportunity to brag On my good friend John here he has uh Been helping us around the farm and he's Our neighbor and he is a very very smart Man wise man and has helped us do things That I'm pretty sure would have not went Near as well without him around Okay I guarantee He just has a passion for working So this is a neat feature that was not In the last building I built 20 years Ago each hole was pre-drilled so it it Really helped you keep on a track even The holes are drilled in the tin and the Frame that you're drilling into now at This point you see you kind of feel like Man maybe this thing is not going to be That strong then you realize that as you Put each piece together the way it's

Engineered it's not one piece that Provides all the strength it's all the Pieces put together Makes it strong so Just know when you start out that those First few pieces are going to be a Little bit flimsy filling and you got to Make sure the wind doesn't take them Down but after you start intertwining All the pieces together the building Becomes very very rigid We've already had we had a 50-year rain Already and we've also had some severe Wind and the building went through it Great A little tip as you're starting these Panels is don't tighten the screws all The way up at this point you want to Leave them you want to put them in just Enough where there's still a little room For movement but that it's not flopping Around after you get all the walls up You come back and make sure the walls Are square you can kind of move them by Pushing around a little bit and then you Can tighten them down and then your Whole building is truly square and level And that is a very good thing when you Start putting the roof on our roof went On very easy it was uh and all the holes Lined up on top so that's uh that's my Tip Thank you Thank you

When you get to this point this will be Another point where you're concerned That it's you know hey this is kind of Not very rigid not very it's going to be Kind of flimsy and I promise you once You start putting the panels all on this Thing will become super rigid it's an Engine it's engineered to work together Individually each piece is not that Strong but overall it's uh it's it's Very strong once it's done Each one of the panels has a number on It and you know again follow the Instruction it goes very easy follow the Instructions and all the holes line up There's already holes in the rail at the Bottom and at the top two uh so you Don't do any pre-drilling you don't have To do anything like that and the fact That the holes are already drilled it Keeps you it keeps you in line keeps Everything's pretty Square Please don't hesitate I read online somewhere that you could Put this building together in about two And a half hours and I want you to know I took that as a personal challenge I Knew I could do it in eight and I would Tell you guys to put this building up With a couple of Moderately skilled people you can put This up very well in about eight hours After you have your pad poured Okay

Probably well good enough for this it's Got to up and down too So if you're looking at the 10 you can See like little marks in the tin and That's a plastic coating that's over the Tin I thought it would be easier to put The tin up and then take the plastic Coating off I may have been wrong it took us a good While to get that little plastic coating Off and it left like little scragglies It'll come off in time and it's no big Deal it was it looks good uh but it may Be better if you go ahead and take that Plastic coating off without all the Screws and things kind of getting in Your way So we're going to go ahead and jump on Over to the time lapse from start to Finish and I think I've like gave you All the tips and things that I remember That was kind of important for this Build but if you have any comments or Questions just leave it in the you know The comment section below and I'll do my Very best to answer the questions as Intelligently as I possibly can Thank you Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign

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