461 vs 500i vs 661 – Speed Test and Long Term Chainsaw Review

Foreign [Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I've got my friend Waldo here to Help me do some chainsaw comparisons I've got my go-to saw that I've almost Decided is the ultimate Chainsaw for a Guy who does what I do which is pretty Similar to what you do and he has the Two saws that would be the most Comparable To that saw in the 461 and the 661 and Mine's the 500i Price and size and capability these are A pretty good comparison so I think First thing I'm going to do some basic Numbers that anyone can look up Themselves but we'll show those right Here then we're going to go into Actually taking them and doing time Comparisons cutting the same piece of Wood and then we'll talk about what we Think is the best everyday saw including Maybe something a little bit smaller Sound like a plan absolutely we're Starting with the 661 which you use for Milling It weighs 16.8 pounds that's a big number the 500 Weighs 13.9 pounds three pounds is a big Difference in something you're holding Out in front of you all day the 461 Weighs 14.8 so The model numbers tell you which saw is

Bigger and more powerful 461 than 500 is A little bit more 661 is a pretty big Step up So typically in chainsaws as you st Every time you step up in power the saw Gets heavier the reason I a lot there's A lot of interest in the 500i is you're Taking a small step up in power but Losing a pound so power to weight ratio Is a selling point for that okay now Power of the saw listed power 461 76 CC And six horsepower on the 500i you go From 76 cc to 79 and from 6 horsepower To 6.7 not really game changing but in Theory it should be enough to matter Although I've seen some real world tests Saying that it doesn't actually cut Faster But it's also a pound lighter yeah but When you get more power with less weight That's an advantage and you're talking It the 500i cost about 200 more which is What you're paying for that difference And all of these saws are Electronically controlled This one's fuel injected and that one Because it's older maybe isn't it is not It has no electronics in it it's old School saw all the way on this one on The 462 661 there's slight variations But like the c or the CM models are Electronically controlled Fuel and Finally on the 661 we're only going from

6.7 horsepower to 7.2 but it's 91 CC This is a nice comparison because you've Got a fifteen hundred dollar saw a 1500 Saw and this one's going to be 13 13.50 Something like that So for everyday use what do you go to My small one the 261. so we'll get to That at the end right now let's see how These compare it actually cutting some Work [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Laughter] As I edit this video and Pay close attention to the cut times Here I wanted to add just a few thoughts I got different numbers re-watching the Video than we did with the stopwatch it Looks like it took 20 seconds with the 461 it took 17 seconds with the 500i and it took 21 Seconds with the 661. all three saws are Running a 25 inch bar two of them have Brand new chains and the 661 had a Lightly used professionally resharpened Chain The 500i was the fastest saw here but That's not the consensus I get from Watching other videos I've seen both of These other two saws out cut the 500 in Different demonstrations and I Definitely think if we were cutting a

Bigger log the 661 would win one more Note is that Waldo's saws are completely Stock and my 500i has the Bark Box that You can see on the front of the saw in This shot I don't think that makes a big Difference but I wanted to point it out [Music] So we've got some really nice saws here I'm not 100 going to trust the result of The 661 running slower I'm also not Going to disregard it but I've seen some Other comparison videos With the 660 661 or 662 having a race With the 500i and cutting faster so I Wouldn't say that's definitive but as Far as that goes even we were within two Seconds so What I know for sure is that this extra Displacement is going to give you more Low end torque I've heard it described As of the 500i is like a crotch rocket And the 661 is like a Harley or you can Make the comparison it's like a sports Car versus a work truck they can have The same horsepower but they're going to Run different so for Milling a hundred Percent the 661 is going to be a better Choice for long cuts or if we were Slabbing something that was four foot But the other conversation I wanted to Have with you as someone who owns You have what five saws four saws uh Well five if you count the uh pole saw For the

Yeah I've got six plus a pole saw and I Thought part of it is acquiring them Acquiring one saw then saying well I Need something bigger and getting a Bigger one and keep stepping up but I Also thought I would want all different Size chainsaws for different things I Don't find that to be the case I have All those saws I use the 500 all the Time for everything 13 pounds seems Manageable to me And it's never going to run out of power And I think if you were just limbing you Want to put a 20 inch bar on that then You've really got a cutting machine yeah But I mean what are your thoughts about an Everyday you saw so my 261 I absolutely Love it's a 10 pound saw it's four Horsepower gotta I run a 20 inch bar on It It will not wear you out it'll bury the Bar and keep on going it doesn't even Care so plenty of power to do pretty Much everything you need to do it's when You get into bigger stuff that you want A bigger saw but for after the tree's Down even if it's a big tree it makes a Great lemming saw and it's it's my go-to For pretty much everything I only switch To something else if I have to because There's a three pound weight gain to go To my neck saw and so I've got A 250 and a 391.

And I would trade both of them for the 261 I think because it's a pro saw it's A lot better option and on all of them What I'm looking at is power to weight Ratio and you know what are you going to Feel comfortable carrying around all day So I think the 261 I've never ran a 362. I thought that Might be a really good all-around saw But I think it was a pretty good comparison And I'm going to do some Milling with The 500 and the 661 and do some more Comparison there but I appreciate you having me out and Letting you letting me play with your Saws hey toys are fun anyway I Appreciate you taking time to watch the Video put links on the screen do a Couple more of our videos and we'll see You next time

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