Folks we've got two Grille Guards here One from Kubota one from 511 we are Going to compare these two a little bit Later is the Kubota really all it's Cracked up to be we'll find out folks How we doing welcome back to Good Works Tractors got a special guest I think You've probably seen them before Justin From 511 grill guards is here but we Have more than just grill guards to talk About today don't we so we have a whole Pile well these are mostly Kubota Accessories I guess but you've got stuff For John Deere too right yeah full line Of John Deere from the one series up Through the Five series yeah and and You've been doing this for a while now Are you're two you're three almost two Years okay now Justin's fairly local He's over in Chelsea right yes okay so Not too far away just a shot down the Highway he was gracious enough to bring All these accessories over here and We're going to go ahead and install a Grill guard and some side guards on the Kubota tractor today I've been wanting To do that for quite some time but That's how things go so there's a lot More stuff here than there was last time And I feel like your website has even More on it too but this is a pretty good Look at what you have now you've already Built out your inventory now what I like At least I think we're gonna have Justin

Take us through this is that most of These are are functional products right These aren't just kind of nice to have Things these are actually serving a Purpose so he's he's solving pain points Which I like a lot of customers request All the time and wonder why maybe the Oems didn't have these to begin with Right and in fact the first guard that We installed in our 1025r we found out Firsthand just a few short weeks later How that can indeed protect your tractor So on that note Justin what are we Looking at so here on the right we have Some tie rod or steering cylinder guards For many Kubota models of a couple Different designs here and they fit a Whole slew of different uh kubota's These from the factory are very thin They're called covers I like to call These guards because they're much Thicker seven gauge steel CNC laser cut And and formed And then powder coated in our five-step Process Moving here tie down Loops for many of The L and uh 60 series tractors this has Been a challenge for many people trying To tie down their tractor a lot of People put a strap over the brush guard Or tie down to the loader and it really Doesn't keep your your tractor from Shifting potentially these you can put a Tie down on either side isolating it

From from moving side to side they're 3 8 inch steel CNC formed the opening in It is approximately three and a quarter Inches so you can slide a whole chain Hook whatever right through it and folks I gotta I gotta show you these things Because these I'll show you more b-roll Too but this is thick stuff this is Insane material here I mean it is I Asked him what models these were for Because they're thick and beefy Nothing's going to happen to these Things but we'll show you more b-roll Very impressive very heavy too let's see This way uh about three pounds a piece I Think the shipping weights around 7 Pounds with the bolts and everything Very cool and then moving on this is a Hydraulic line guard for the MX series And a couple other models from the Factory all you get is this top portion And about halfway down the back leaving The bottom of your lines exposed so if You're running your loader and you lower Your your loader down onto a pile of Brush or whatnot these lines are Completely exposed and can get bent up So this completely encapsulates the Lines top and bottom it's a direct Bolt-on The factory material is much thinner This is 11 gauge steel very heavy this Installs in about five ten minutes Um

And is ready to go next here we have our Wraps mounts for LED lights these are Made out of a quarter inch and seven Gauge steel They bolt on with one bolt you slip it Around this piece locks in one screw Holds it in These come in a variety of sizes from One and a half by three this one's two By three we also have two and three Eighths by two and three eighths for Several John Deere models and also a two Inch by two inch diesel not only fit Compact tractors but also Lawn Equipment Different things like that and then this This is another hydraulic line guard for The L Series 525 a couple of different Models again this goes underneath where The factory guard currently just covers The top and the front this covers the The rest of the back side as well as Underneath same ideas this one it just One just is in addition to the factory Guard again 11 gauge steel on this much Thicker than than what comes from the Factory on the top guard next we have a Front grille guard for the M series Tractors and this is what we'll be Installing today along with these side Side guards that wrap around the side Protect the headlights and the front Sides of the the grill there Next is a 2032 2038 for John Deere In our textured black finish and then

Finally over here is the the guard for The new la-526 Kubota that comes on the L 3302 3902 and also some of the l250 ones That are now getting the new loader as Well as the 3301 this is a direct Bolt-on guard no drillings required all The hardware is included it's very Stout And we'll be talking a little bit more About that guard in a little bit well we Don't want to forget we got these Mirrors here too right right these are a Magnetic mirror looks like these go on Any loader yeah pretty much anything With a flat surface heck yeah they'll Work really nice so I mean you know We've we've sold talked about those Mirrors that kind of go on to the John Deere loader brackets but not every Tractor has that same setup and so these It doesn't matter the brand right John Deere Kubota Massey coyote whoever You've probably sold them to all sorts Of owners and a lot of folks want to Know what can I do if I don't have my Loader on is there something to mount Like up to the grille guard or somewhere Up in that area too so if you do have You know flat stock like this Kubota has For example you could always put a set On there as well Options to consider good to have and so I know you've got other products that we Don't have here I mean we filled the

Bucket up but yeah there's still more What else you got so we do have uh light Bar mounts for the wraps that you can Put a 20 inch light bar overhead we sell The kit with the light or without and That lets you have a light bar overhead Without having the wraps up if you have A door that you can't pull your tractor In with a with a wraps bar up you can Still have a light overhead and the Wraps will still fold up and down so It's got some adjustability we also have Gotten into making some glass guards for Kubota excavators Two-piece design that has an upper Portion that can be removable without Any tools if you want full visibility But when you want protections you're Doing some demolition work and you want To protect that glass you can install That on there just a matter of seconds To take it on and off we have one model That's currently available for the KX 040-4 and a couple other models that That fits and we're working on releasing Some for the o57-5 as well we've also Had several requests for some belly pans So we're currently working on the MX Series belly pans I hope to have a Design finalized on that here in a few Weeks and be able to do some test Fitting I think that'll be a very good Product that solves a lot of problems There's a lot of things that are

Susceptible to damage under those Machines so looking forward to having That done as well all right okay you Keep saying we you know so so where Actually are these things made who's Making them what country are they coming From Well they're all made in the USA and When I say we I have a good friend That's helped me with some design here And there has really gotten me through You know all these different products Without him I wouldn't have been able to Do all this in such a short period but We currently use a laser shop that's About 25 miles from us they do all our CNC laser work press brake Operations and then we have a very good Powder coater that's about 20 miles away From us all in Michigan Yes all in Michigan pretty cool we try To keep all of our vendors close by you Know with quality in mind keeping an eye On everything and it's worked out really Well we've built some good relationships And able us enable us to get out Products really quickly in a very good Quality level so heck yeah folks we are Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory

Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com now one of the Impressive things I think is I mean look At how close to the color match that is And this is a Kubota but we did a John Deere as well and I I had a black and a green guard I Thought the black actually looked just Like a nice contrast to it but the green Match is really good too I mean you do All sorts of colors really good matches Are there any other colors not shown Here uh the just the John Deere Green we Also have chassis gray for The Grille Guards just like these tie rod and Upside down Loops uh that match the Chassis on kubota's but this this powder Coat is so clean and smooth I mean is That a It must be a multi-step process to do That yeah it's actually five steps There's a cleaning a media blast we Outgass it to get any impurities out of The steel like oil or anything like that

That results in an imperfection on the The finished product and then it gets a Zinc based primer on top of that and Then the final finished coat it looks Really cool they look they look very Nice so with all these various products That you now have I mean since you've Built things out I mean what's your lead Time looking like if somebody wants to Place an order how long is it going to Take to ship typically next day Sometimes even same day depending on the Time but we try to keep most everything We have in each very color variation in Stock we like to get it out to the Customer as soon as possible In times like this where people are Waiting weeks and months they're really Impressed to be able to get something Right away so I can get it across the Country usually in four or five days Midwest south two or three days so try To keep everything in stock not to say That we don't sometimes run out but yeah We try to keep tight control on their Inventory to be able to service Customers as soon as possible and Everything ships is it I mean ground Right UPS ground or FedEx or something Like that typically Freight yeah Typically UPS ground okay and I think That's pretty sweet because as a fellow Business owner that sells not so many Things that fit you know they'd have to

Be a gigantic box like this that doesn't Fit well under a Christmas tree but These are really good Christmas gifts or Father's Day or birthday gifts or Whatever else they come in small boxes We can show you some of the boxes too But this stuff is and it's well packaged I felt bad these these are all products That Justin had brought over in boxes That can be shipped out to customers we Ripped it all open and set it all out Here I mean he does a really good job Packing the stuff I could I could learn something from him All right so anyway we're going to show You the Kubota Guard versus the 511 Guard you know Justin's one of the OG's In the grill guard game all right he's One of the first that was kind of mass Producing these guards and there's There's others out there that's fine Competition is good but Kubota has Gotten into this game as well so let's Put him side by side and see what we Think alrighty folks we've got them side By side we've got the Kubota version the OEM version in Black over here the 511 In Orange now these are for the same Model of machines they look different But they're going to fit the same Correct yes the new la-526 loader okay That tractor with that like the LA or uh What is that the l-3902 3302 and the Newer

Some of the 2501s yes we'll have a 526 Loader okay all right so it's it's Strange that these actually fit the same Fit the same loader what's what's the Difference here take us through this so The first first difference I noticed in These are the size of the holes so the Whole purpose of this is to try to keep Out limbs branches anything that can Damage both the headlights Grille Radiator that kind of thing so on our Guards we we try to keep that mesh Fairly tight you know to the point where You can maybe get your thumb through it Or something like that but try to keep a Nice tight pattern to block out as much As possible Also you'll notice the 511 guard is Quite a bit taller about three inches so This one stops short and is above the Pivot point of the the factory brush Guard where ours actually uses the the Pivot point or the pivot bolts on the Brush guard as one of the mounting Locations so an additional two mounting Points on that which also brings it down About three inches for a little more Coverage and protection one thing that Is common between these is each of them Can be both onto the factory frame Without any drilling So carriage bolts come supplied with Ours it's about a five minute Installation maybe 10 because you're

Also mounting at the pivot locations on Our guard One of the biggest things is is Thickness too in addition to the large Holes in the the Kubota guard it is much Thinner than ours ours is 11 gauge steel Um So that's a big item when it comes to Strength and protecting your equipment Another thing is like I mentioned Earlier these we try to keep them in Stock each of the color variations this One actually purchased from our local Dealer because I wanted to do a Comparison like this I ordered it back In I believe it was May didn't come in Until mid-august so about a three month Lead time ours is probably three days All right I gotta I gotta try this Really quick too so give it okay can hit Right down there in the middle There's a difference here folks This one's cheaper and you get what you Pay for You have big old holes like that And it bends it gives right away I you Know it's kind of like when I talk about The clamp on forks for your bucket It'll get you by it'll do something but One of the most popular things that Folks get from me are a regular set of Pallet Forks because they upgrade from The clamp on Forks after spending money On those trying to save a buck and it

Just costs you more money in the long Run I You know personally it does it's a good Looking guard I'm not going to knock That but I feel like it should be built Beefy the point of this is to look good But also be functional to protect What's behind it and this to me A little lacking mild opinion alrighty Folks that's enough of the fun time to Get to work we're gonna put the front And the side guards on here should be a Pretty short process can't wait to see What it looks like so we're going to Leave the loader on to do this install Shouldn't be a big deal I don't think I'm not actually doing doing the install So anyway I'm gonna let Justin show us The way here let's get to it so on this Design we're going to start by loosening Up and removing those two larger bolts At the pivot point this guard utilizes Those bolts as one of the mounting Points so that's where we're going to Start today so we're going to start by Breaking these nuts loose down here at The pivot point so what I like to do on These is leave one bolt sticking out Like this and then the other one Leave it so it's still into both pieces But it's somewhat flush so you can put The guard in there then we're going to Replace The washer on each side

Followed by The two nuts for now we're just getting The lower part located so we can mount The Upper locations This is up to the the owner's preference But I typically use a leave a little bit Of a gap here you can push it back until It makes contact I just prefer to leave A little bit of a gap to prevent the Powder coating rubbing off or whatnot so Now Going to Mark these holes So I had these clamps out just in case The guard moved on us at all but I use These on a lot of the installations just To keep it positioned some of these have More adjustability as far as up and down And lining up with the headlights so These are sometimes very helpful in Installation but we didn't need them in This case I typically start with about An eighth inch drill bit as a pilot Before proceeding to the 3 8 size drill So when you buy the side guard kits they Come with longer bolts because we'll be Going through at least on the top hole This plate the factory guard and then The front guard so you use the longer Bolts and those locations and there's A few different spots that you can mount These based on preference and this one We have a little bit of a limitation on The the lower part here because of the

Pivot bolt so we'll be using this slot Here Go ahead just put the bolt through there Through the factory guard And through the front guard And at this point you put a washer on There along with a nut and just leave it All loose kind of adjust where you'd Like it And then once you get it into the Position you'd like then Mark the Outside of the Guard here For the corresponding slot They're inside Oh yeah Yeah I think yeah Foreign So I do want to mention on this Particular model this pin that holds the Guard from rotating forward typically Protrudes through the outside or Exterior the factory guard the sky guard Will keep it from doing that but it'll Still be engaged through this so I've Had customers ask is that an issue but It still will stay engaged you still Have to pull the spring-loaded pin in Order to disengage the the Tilt function So that should be fine this is seven Thirty seconds allen wrench And 9 16 box wrench don't really need to Over tighten these We Supply the nylon lock nuts So they shouldn't be loosening up

So now we're going to going to tighten These lower nuts down just enough to get The right tension you want a little bit Of tension but don't want to flopping Around Feels pretty good there Foreign Well folks this looks amazing and thank You Justin for putting this on that was Awesome he made it look so easy took 20 Minutes I think we said yeah well not That so not bad four holes is all you're Drilling just you know Measure twice cut once you know the old Address there but great protection I Think coming out with these side guards Was a really good idea too I mean There's a lot of a lot of exposure over On those sides too so well protected Ready to put it to work so you're gonna Get these from 511. you don't get these Two good works you go to 511's website To place your order use code GWT to save Five percent off of your order and Justin will get it shipped out to you Now one final note you're gonna wonder What guards what side guards front Guards everything else fit your tractor So I know for a lot of the front guards You've got the models listed for each One on there for the side guards they're Going to have some of the models on There if they're not listed just just Reach out yeah reach out just to make

Sure that they're compatible okay so a Big thank you to Justin for making the Trip over tractor looks great really Dressed it up but it's it's functional Right it not only looks good but it's Going to protect my tractor It's gonna happen right it happens to so Many owners out there a lot of you guys Have these guards a lot of you guys have Had stuff go through your front screen Into your radiator whatever else is Behind there so get one of these again Great Christmas gift birthday gift Father's Day gift Mother's Day gift you Name it right not while we don't sell These grill guards ourselves we do sell All sorts of tractor attachments for the Front end loader and the three-point Hitch so if you're looking for something For your machine check out Goodworktractors.com what do you no Thanks I'm not looking to have any holes there No if you enjoy tractor videos we'd love To have you tag along hit that subscribe Button right down below I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you soon Favorite

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