5 Profit Boosting Products For The Christmas Tree Lot

Hey guys phil here at woods tree farm Just as quickly as the season started we Are all finished i have three trees left Here and that’s it and that’s what we’re Gonna close the season down with we Spent yesterday morning cleaning up the Tree lot putting everything away And now i can officially say we are done For the year so i wanted to share with You guys an update on some of the extra Items that we were able to sell some of The accessories and the decorations and The add-on sales that added to our Bottom line last year we shared with you Some of the items that did well for us And many of you were thankful for us Sharing that information so this year i Want to go ahead and do that again since We had even more merchandise available For sale this year and just like last Year we used square for our checkout Again so all of the reports are easily Accessible right here on my phone so i Can jump right into it and share with You how many we sold and how much we Made on certain items it’s very easy to Look up so one of the things we’ve done For a couple years now is we have a big Fire pit and that’s become part of our Experience is that people go and roast Marshmallows and make s’mores down at Our fire pit so we started selling last Year s’more kits and this was actually Kind of an output of kovid because we

Were previously giving away marshmallows For free And just letting people roast them down To the fire but because of covid and we Wanted everything to be kind of hands Off and we didn’t want people sharing Utensils or anything like that we found Disposable three foot long bamboo sticks That people can just throw in the fire When they’re done and we were packaging Up these s’more kits so you get two fun Size hershey bars a couple marshmallows And a couple crackers all in one kit and Then this has also become one of our Kind of signature things we call it a Smorio you do the same thing except There’s no graham crackers or chocolate You just mash your marshmallow in Between some oreo cookies and anyway Those have done really well for us According to square we did 460 worth of S’more kits which i think is pretty Awesome uh we ended up making Considerably more s’mores than we sold Because we also had a Story time with santa on one afternoon And every participant in the story time Got a smore kit with their ticket so i Think that was an extra 60 or 65 smore kits that we made for That event in addition to the ones that We sold directly Next up is woods tree farm coffee this Is our second year doing this there’s a

Local coffee roaster that we’ve become Friends with and they made us our own Christmas blend and this sold really Well the the Game changer for us on the tree lot Selling this was we had a tasting pot Right there by the checkout where people Could taste it and then buy it the days That we had the tasting pot out there we Sold way more coffee than the days that We did not have the tasting pot out There and last year we didn’t have Tasting at all so we sold you know very Little compared to what we did this year But we sold let’s pull that up for you 915 dollars worth of Coffee and that’s at you know standard Retail margin on that i think we um we Have a few bags left but i i know that We spent um over 600 On coffee this year we’ll probably move The remaining bags that we still have But still you know made it made a decent Margin on that Adobe This next item here Is one that really surprised us we Bought a case of these tree watering Funnels And we sold everything in the case Except for this last one so we sold 35 Funnels looking at the numbers here we Did 420 dollars in tree funnels and i Recall from the invoice that case of

Tree funnels cost us 180 so we made a Very good margin on those the tree Stands was another thing that surprised Me this year we had purchased last year Some closeout stands after the season Ended from One of the big retailers walmart or Lowe’s i don’t remember but we got these Very inexpensive stands we had these Available for sale for I think fifteen dollars we started the Season with four and we still have two Left We had brought in From a christmas tree supplier these Senko stands which are a much more heavy Duty stand than these cheap plastic ones And we had two sizes available we had One um that was uh labeled as holding Trees up to eight feet and then this one Holds trees up to ten feet and we sold Everything that we had except for this Last one here and these tree stands Started out at double the price of these But i think as customers were able to Compare the quality of this stand versus These stands they said yeah i’ll just Spend the extra money and get a stand That i think is going to hold up so at The end of the season we did about 600 In tree stands And then the final thing that i’ll share With you and i shared this last year as Well because it did well for us we put

More time and energy into it this year Though and that is the uh hand-painted Wood slice ornaments last year we had Only stamped the ornaments with rubber Stamps this year more more time was Spent by my wife Hand painting a number of these Ornaments and we use this kind of a Guide some designs that we found Online from some other christmas tree Farms and some of those are actually in Another video which i’ll put a link in The video’s description from schrader Tree farm Those ornaments and there are several Different designs have proven to be very Profitable for us last year or rather This year this season we did over 500 In wood street farm ornaments which Really cost us nothing but time a little Bit of money for paint and i think That’s something that we’ll definitely Continue to do year after year and all We do is take leftover trees And cut off all the branches dry the Trunks cut them into slices sand them Down and paint them and people seem to Really like it and on the back of the Ornament we stamp woods tree farm and we Hand write the year so people can come Back year after year and collect their Annual wood street farm ornament those Five things all together added up to Over 2 800 in total sales which is uh

Kind of mind-blowing to me because this Is just our third year selling trees and Just three years ago We We barely did over if i recall correctly Five or six thousand dollars in sales so Uh having those five things as add-ons Um driving up our total revenue by that Much uh has really really helped and i Know that as we continue to grow we’ll Do even better hopefully this Information was helpful for you if you Are starting a tree farm or a tree lot You’re going to be open at christmas Time selling trees and other things These other things that i covered in This video and i’m sure there’s plenty Of other ideas out there i can greatly Increase your revenue and your profit so Definitely explore adding those things For your tree lot so hope you enjoyed The video i’ll see you on the next one Bye-bye

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