$500 Log on the Frontier Sawmill

Awesome [Applause] Hey welcome back to the channel we’ve Got Brock here again with us today if You guys are not familiar Brock is from Rock Hill Farm I’m Tony from Tony’s Tractor Adventure if you’re new to our Channel today we’re going to cut up the Most expensive log that I’ve ever put on My Sawmill I can’t wait to see it let me Show you what we got so what we have Here is a black cherry it’s about one Foot Wide and let’s see what the paper is on It I don’t think it’s really really a Very non-papered 12 inches on both ends But basically no trait taper and it’s a Really pretty straight log it’s a little Curve into it a little over eight foot So eight foot four inches so this is Going to make you some really good Furniture grade uh Lumber I don’t see Any kind of blemishes there’s no there’s No limbs or anything in this area things Can be beautiful wood so we were looking Uh the other day at some some cherry Cherry wood on uh one of the big box Stores and a single board eight foot Long uh one by like one by six is 80 Bucks so having The Sawmill is Definitely paying for itself yep all Right let’s get it on the sawmill What I’m Looking For on this rock is the It wasn’t pit set in relation to each

End and a manual Sawmill is sometimes Hard to do that because you don’t you Don’t have a way to to raise up the Board other than putting something up Andre and sometimes we do that but this One this pit is so close to the center 12 inches on both ends Unfortunately you see on this end that The the pith wonders from side to side So I don’t know what we’ll get out of it But we’ll get something good so just Something you always have to work around How the tree grew yeah there’s nothing There’s no you know if you are if you Like Um if you really really like Precision things like metal working with Metal and everything has to be perfect With Wood’s not your medium it’s Definitely not because it’s definitely It’s a natural and it’s going to have Its flaws The next thing is get those low enough That you don’t cut them off with your Soft leg [Music] These little logs like this are just Absolutely a great pleasure to work with Because they’re they’re so you know Light and they’re easy to work with Wheat when we worked with the other day Was like 20 100 pounds 23 pounds like I Think is what I figured it at so those

That’s a lot of weight Some game playing this song we could it Looks like we could probably with 12 Inch log you you can maybe get an eight Inch can out of it and get some one by Eights Um I think maybe we should Because this log has been on the ground For over a year so it’s pretty it’s Going to be a lot drier than when we Just cut down yesterday or something You’re going to lose some on the end so I probably lose two or three inches on Either end Well I think we should just go ahead and Cut this in an eight foot can and then You’re gonna have some premium boards And just go down through and do a plane Cut we’ll have some Premium Cuts and Then some of them are not going to be Premium but the ones that are not being Premium you can run them through the We’ll cut it one inch and you can always Run them through a planer and knock them Down to three quarters and have some Beautiful beautiful great sounds like a Good plan all right let’s see if it Works Contact [Music] Foreign Almost pink yeah look at that isn’t that Pretty

Got a real nice color yes it’s got a Pinkish but I think when we put some Water on it Look at that and that’s just the outside It’ll get darker as we go closer to the Center and the really cool thing to Begin with is that every tree is a Little bit different yeah I can see that As like some sort of piece of furniture And you can you can just about barely Make out like the clear what it was like Clear coat it’d even be deeper with a Nice clear coat on it yep so let’s go Ahead and get to the next one this is Why I don’t get anything done though Because I stopped to admire Okay so we’re gonna slide it out first Thank you I’m probably gonna put taller The tall one back in for me again okay Does that need to come up just a little Bit a couple inches in it maybe Something flat This is another reason that I like Working with this size logs because it’s Just so much a lot easier than yesterday Foreign [Music] [Laughter] Foreign [Music] Foreign Yeah Oh yep I was looking at the red one for A second

It’s like more than an inch An age [Music] That’s pretty sharp you’ve done this Before haven’t you Need to put this one on it or something That’s how that works The handle all right You want this one on it [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Make another cut with that okay What’s the Finish you can actually go is That it At all [Music] Dog dust coming up Is it dog or doggy [Music] Fantastic so don’t don’t say it like When you go by that one [Music] Oh yeah that’s closer yeah I would have Really been nervous if you hadn’t done It before yeah It’s rated to go for a one inch cut down And it does Let’s do uh let’s do a board Yeah Great looking Lumber Let’s see what the let’s see what the Water test says I think it’s gonna be

Beautiful [Music] Ah that’s awesome Water what a piece of lemon now see you Know you see why they cost a bunch of 12 Yards yeah this is beautiful wood and It’s going to make some beautiful Furniture and I hope you get some good Use out of it I’m excited to see what You’re going to do with it yeah we’re Gonna we’re gonna make sure and try to Use every piece of this so very excited Okay I think this is awesome man I’m so Glad you got a chance coming here Charlie we’ve been talking about you Running The Sawmill for what six eight Months now yeah so I hope it was Enjoyable to you as it was for me and I Appreciate you not just showing me but Letting me be Hands-On with it because When you’re thinking about investing Some money there’s no better preparation Than to come run one I’ll be honest my My intentions were you do manual labor And not as much you know I was I was Proud for you to to get your hands on it And it is different when you you see it On the videos you see it on on a web Page or whatever it’s totally different When you put your hands on it it these Tight logs right here this size long is Just an absolute pleasure to work with We get into the big Oaks it’s a little Harder but uh gosh working with these

This this 12 and 15 inch diameter gloves Is just absolute pleasure yep listen I Hope you enjoy our channel uh this is Brock from Rock Hill Farms again if you Haven’t seen his Channel please check it Out I guarantee you’ll love one he does I’m Tony again so if you’re new here I’m Tony from Tony’s tractor Adventure thank You for watching God bless [Music]

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