6 Reasons this is the Best Grease Gun on the Market

lube shuttle grease gun review

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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today I want to show you what I Think is the best grease gun on the Market I actually want to show you two Different grease guns some fittings and Adapters and accessories to make these Grease guns even more effective and give You a list of reasons why I think this System is superior now if you watch the Same YouTube channels that I do you've Probably seen this before because I saw It on a couple of my favorite channels a Few years ago and I've been wanting one Ever since and just never pulled the Trigger on It so if you look at the box here they Make some claims first no plunger to Pull back no air gaps no leaking grease No wasted time no wasted grease no mess And from the guys I've talked to all of That's true so here's the grease gun Looks kind of like any other pistol grip Grease gun but it's not instead of a Regular grease tube this grease tube Has a threaded end on it so when you Open one of these you're going to stick Your thumb in the back of it and push Just a little bit of pressure it's Really easy to push until that grease is Sticking out the end and then you screw The tube into the grease Gun now if you've ever spent any time Around grease Guns I think it's going to jump right

Out to you how how much better that is I Worked in a factory for 13 years where I Was in charge of maintaining large Equipment and that equipment had Hundreds and hundreds of grease cerss on It so we went through a lot of grease And I got really familiar with the whole Process of pulling the plunger out and Unscrewing the tube and then you've got To pull that tube out and it's got Grease on the inside and the outside you Get grease on your hands sometimes you Lose a bunch of grease out the backside To me those grease guns are a hassle and It seemed like why doesn't anyone after All these years have a better system and This is the better System it does not get Any more simple than this you take the Cap off you screw the tube into the Gun No Mess Fantastic now this sleeve exists Because you want to protect this plastic Sleeve a little bit of otherwise if you Drop it or step on it or something You're going to damage the tube now this Is a brand new grease gun new tube of Grease and let's see how long or how Difficult it is to Prime this Gun okay one Two three I can feel the grease Four Five six 7

8 9 10 reason number one it's better it's Faster and less hassle if you're doing a Lot of greasing if you have equipment Like I do and you go around all on the Same day and try to grease all your Equipment you're going to use more than One tube and it's a hassle changing Tubes this is more convenient reason Number two you can do it without getting Grease all over you you know I'm not Someone who gets finicky about that and I tend to wipe it all on my pants Whenever my hands get dirty but it's a Plus reason number three less waste Typically with a regular grease gun you Waste a lot especially as the gun gets Old sometimes you'll have grease coming Out the back of the tube through the Hole where the plunger goes reason Number four is more durable tubes these Are plastic it's if these get wet They're not going to fall apart like a Paper tube and I think they're just Going to hold up better reason number Five you can see how much grease is left In your gun so normally you're getting Ready to do something you say you know What I haven't greased my boom in a Couple days my loader probably better do That real quick so you come get your Grease gun and you you walk back down to Your machine you pump three pumps and

It's out of grease and you goes man that Happens every time well with this As soon as you pick it up you look in The end say okay I've still got about 2/3 of a tube or it's almost empty I Better take an extra reason number six I Think this is superior is that you can Change tubes without wasting the tube so I'm actually going to take this outer Housing off even though there's no need To I want to do it so it's easier to see What I'm talking about so for me I Mostly just use one type of grease for For everything but not everyone is that Way and it depends on the type of Equipment you have so this is Multi-purpose grease for roller and Friction Bearings this is seagard extremely tacky Marine Grease so say I've been using some Regular grease I've got a half a tube Left oh this application needs Marine Grease you screw this tube Out put the other one in And it doesn't matter if this tube's Half empty or almost full or almost Empty you're not wasting the rest of the Tube like you would with a regular Grease Gun all right I just took that tube Off put it back On it's primed it's ready to go so are There any negatives to this Grease gun

There are there's pros and cons to Everything so I spent the last half an Hour doing searches for the pricing of Different types of grease guns you can Get a pistol grip grease gun like this With a flexible hose for an average Price of around $30 now I did find some That were 120 but average is probably 30 To 40 and you can buy the cheapest of The cheap for around $20 this grease gun Depending on the configuration you get Because they have a few different Options this grease gun is going to be Between 50 and $65 so the gun itself cost a little bit More but I think you get what you pay For I think it's a quality product the Next negative thing would be the Availability of the grease so if I Completely run out of Grease I use the Last of what I have I probably can't run To the nearest hardware store and just Grab another Tube they do sell these types of tubes In some stores but whether that's going To be the store closest to you I don't Know sometimes they have them at Tractor Supply is one supplier one misconception That people have is that you can only Get these tubes that fit this gun from Lube shuttle and that's not true Lube Shuttle actually sells empty tubes so That you can fill your own if you want They'll sell you the entire setup to

Fill these tubes out of a 55 gallon drum If you are in some kind of a bulk Operation and you have a certain grease You like like you can fill it yourself Also one of the biggest businesses that Lube's shuttle has is selling empty Cartridges to other companies who want To participate in their program so There's a bunch of major companies that Sell grease that also sell it in this Form factor as far as I can see there's Only two negatives availability of Grease and the grease gun itself might Cost a little extra as far as the tubes Of Grease I think they cost about the same Amount as any other high quality grease You won't find the Ultra cheap grease in These tubes but any of your high quality Grease it's going to be about the same This one is the electric grease gun to Me that's the best of both worlds to Have that awesome no mess no hassle Greasing system with an electric gun Some of you may be interested in the old Style gun that has the long handle and a Manual pump it's like a two-hand Operation they also make that type of Gun but I don't have one here to show You all right so we'll go ahead and load A tube of Grease into here it's exactly The same this outer shell screws off but There's no reason for me to do that Since we've already seen how it works so

I'm just going to very gently push up on The bottom until a little bit of Grease Sticks out we'll slide this tube in here Screw it in and we should be ready to go I've already taken these batteries and Charged them pretty standard setup you You've got a battery charger it's got a A charge percentage on it the kit that I Got came with two batteries and a Charger so you should always have one Charged and ready to go now let's see This will be a empty hose again it'll Take a few pumps to get grease up the [Music] Hose I'm wasting grease I just wanted to Demonstrate how that looked so this Grease gun compared to the DeWalt grease Gun that I have it feels lighter weight It's more compact it's got the other Advantages of the lube Shuttle but like I said it cost more one Nice thing about this is your battery Charger can of Course run off of a regular plugin but They also give you a 12vt power supply So if you want to charge your batteries Off of some piece of farm equipment or You keep this System out in the barn and you don't Have electric out there you've got Another option for how to charge it well I guess I'll go ahead and get this thing Greased

Up I've got a couple more accessories Here to show you but there's a lot more Accessories available on the lube Shuttle website so in the description of The video I'll put a link to the loop Shuttle website also I have a discount Code that gives you 5% off of a purchase Of any of the lube shuttle products so Lube shuttle sent me an email about a Week ago and asked if I wanted to Demonstrate their products on the Channel normally those conversations Kind of drag out you know determining if It's something I'm interested in but I Already knew I wanted the lube shuttle I Knew all about it I was I was excited For the opportunity and I'm glad that They gave give me a discount code so That maybe you guys can save a little Bit if you want to order one of These And this package is a wall mount you Screw that to the wall your standard Lube shuttle grease gun clips into it Not going to deal with that tonight but We will get this locking tip put On lot of you have probably heard of Lock and Lube this is very similar in Functionality to lock and Lube but there Are a few differences one this has a Swivel on it which is a really nice Feature if you're trying to get into a Tight Space and your grease gun the hose

Doesn't twist or whatever the case may Be it's nice that it's got that swivel And apparently the functionality of this Works a lot different than the lock and Lube but for someone like me I just know That it locks on the grease gun I've Been using the last couple years already Has a lock and Lube on it so I'll be Interested to see if I notice any Difference over time between the lube Shuttle locking Grease fitting and the Locking Lube so if you haven't used one of these Before the advantage is you don't have To hold pressure on this if you need Your other hand for something or a Two-handed grease gun this is going to Stay locked on once you put it On wow that's really easy easy on and Off see right now the little thumb lever Hasn't popped back up I push in on it it Locks in that tells me it's it's all the Way on the Fitting I really like the feel of this Fitting you can definitely tell when It's locked all the way on By when this little tab flips back out Our next grease adapter or fitting is This 90° elbow so this is for obviously Tight hard to- reach spaces got Basically a grease zir on one end I'm Going to shove that into my locking Fitting give it a little push we're Locked onto this

Now then the other end is a regular Grease fitting and I suppose you could Put put a locking fitting on this 90 okay that works our next fitting is Called a Long Reach needle fitting we're Going to put this onto the Locking Fitting Again it's got a little collar that Slides down Over and then I'm not sure it looks like This little piece here is going to fit On a regular Zer and that actually worked I was Hesitant to to think if this was Actually going to work as a needle Fitting I have one of those needle Fittings but it's got a totally Different look on the end of it more Like a needle shape but this that little Thing will work when you don't have good Access to get into your fitting so Normally I have a rule that I don't give A positive or negative opinion on a Product until I've used it I'll just Give my first impression and the first Impression is that this system is Fantastic the other thing I can say is It's not a new product at all this has Been around for quite some time it's German Engineered And I know all those other YouTube Channels that use this and they love This grease gun system it's also heavily

Used by corporations and Commercial Applications where they're trying to cut Down on the waste of grease and Streamline their operations so a lot of Companies use this to service their Fleets of Vehicles and I think for someone like me It's going to be worth the Money when you see the price on this It's over $400 when you see the initial Price on one of these electric grease Guns it's kind of sticker shock but my Other cordless grease gun I think was $260 with the Batteries anyway a cordless or electric Grease gun is not going to be cheap and I think it's worth the extra For how nice this design is but that's Just my opinion you guys if you've got a Grease gun you're happy with that's Fantastic but if you're looking to buy a New one I think this is worth looking Into so I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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