Folks we're getting the second chance to Put our stakes in the ground we already Had some snow blowing That we did cause some driveway well not Driveway damage but we caught some off Driveway damage because I I couldn't Exactly see where I was snow plowing and Snow blowing so we're gonna get these in The ground today can you believe 100 Bucks For 40 of these things I've got 800 foot Of Drive I think more than that if you count the Other area too we're not even going to Do the gravel drive today but I got to Get these in the ground we'll see if This is enough or not I just didn't want To really pay more than 100 but it is Technically preventative Preventative maintenance something like That it's prevention To avoid maybe bigger repairs down the Road and this is really annoying too I Just blew off or brushed off a bunch of Dirt and mud that was on here and when You're when you're blowing snow and you See Mud coming out of your your Chute Instead of snow well that's kind of Frustrating to see as well so um anyway We're going to get this dialed in and Stumbled upon an article you know I Don't always make videos and watch Videos sometimes I read too probably not

As much as I should but I was on tractor By net Saw a post on there a forum thread Actually looks like it's been around for A long time about a bunch of tips on Snow blowing what to do what not to do So we're going to go through that today Hopefully help you avoid some of those Mistakes that can really add up on cost Before we get into it just a reminder if You enjoyed today's video hit that Subscribe button we want you to tag Along and like it too give us a thumbs Up and we do sell and ship tractor Attachments all over the country so Check out gobookstrackers.com and if you Have a better idea some sort of Alternative to these uh these markers Here which I don't know they seem to Last several seasons before they get all Damaged and try to put fiberglass Slivers in my hand will I be open for That too I suppose I don't even need to Do one here but I will just to be safe Is that good Maybe it's not Hitting something there Okay so again this is from tractor by Net and in fact it looks like it's a a Blog post that they probably took from The The Forum thread which has all sorts Of good stuff and I'm just going to go Through his first list of stuff and There's a ton of replies so I'd

Encourage you to check it out it's just Fun reading and I talk about forums all The time as just being a really good Community it's it's tractor owners That's there's just forums full of Tractor owners right so if you have a Question if you're looking for a new Idea or a new tool or you have a problem Or whatever it is there's always a good Reason and we've talked about Green Tractor talk orange tractor talk tractor By net is kind of a A general all-encompassing every brand Of tractors welcome Green orange red blue Whatever whatever color they have but Anyway so the first the first one that He's got on here pretty obvious but hey Okay don't put your hand in the moving Auger same thing goes for the PTO shaft Area right but seems obviously obvious You know but if you're well you saw me Maybe earlier with my with my broom just Kind of brushing stuff off and maybe you Get distracted you leave it there and You forget about it but you don't want Something snapping off in there and Maybe going flying around whether it's Out to shoot or coming back at you or Anything else but all those moving Parts In the augers and the PTO shaft very Dangerous it's safety 101 but it's worth A reminder so of course I mean while the Tractor is running even if the PTO is

Off that's how accidents happen they Don't happen because things go as Planned they go because something goes Awry maybe somebody comes and sits on The seat while you're back here just Kind of filling around and it hits a Button and all of a sudden there it goes So anyway if you value your appendages As this user says you'll avoid doing That Thank you Okay I don't uh I don't see this one on The list but I'm gonna add it because I've talked about before and it's what We're doing right now and it's Mark your Stinking driveway before you before you Want to blow snow and in our case for Everybody who drives up and down the Driveway because look at all this this Mud right in the corner and this is Where I was really blowing mud out of The Chute too there's just a tendency to Cut this corner and so we're going to Mark it now real tight but I think I'm Going to add well I had that two to Three inch stone that we were using I Don't know a month ago wherever it was I Think I'm going to kind of build out Kind of like a shoulder right along here With that stone too because it's going To be unavoidable to never have people Driving kind of cut in this corner but Yeah this this irritates me just to look At and then we got another area on

Another turn it's the same exact Situation with the same kind of stuff Going on drives me nuts But you know we just moved in so we're Kind of getting our Our bearing still you know But then I uh right behind me on the Other side Got too aggressive and ripped some side Off when I was pushing snow over there Too so it's just been Murky driveways It's not going down very far All right now back to his list his rule Number two make sure all the crap that Can break your blower and shear pins are Out of the way before the first snow all Right so things like a piece of firewood Maybe that pile of little rocks that you Threw off the edge of the driveway Anything that could be in the way that You thought yeah I'll know that's there When it's buried underneath the foot of Snow get it before it's covered in snow It'll make a big difference otherwise Well along with that have a pile of Shear pins at the ready anyways the last Thing you want to do is be out of stock It has to do it by hand okay next Rule And I agree with this one wholeheartedly And it kind of it's a conundrum right Because I'll have folks say well how Does it do with six feet of snow that Come in well don't wait until you have

Six feet of snow and then try to clear It so do it in increments if you know a Big storm's coming it's not going to Catch you out of the blue typically it's Going to be all over the news you're Going to have cancellations blah blah Blah this that and the other thing oh Hang on we got a delivery coming Gotta Move So like I was saying you know it's Coming so get out there tackle it when It's six inches of snow or 12 inches of Snow don't wait for it to be feet and Feet of snow to do I know extenuating Circumstances always come into play But make your life easier not harder so You're working remotely from home Whatever it is the roads are too bad to Go anywhere just take care of stuff at Home you don't want to drive over and Pack it all down anyways and so if you Can clear it before you do that you're Gonna be better for it look at that we Just had another video hit a hundred Thousand views it was a prevent flat Tires and tractors Trailers and trucks it's multi-seal or Flat out depending on which one you get But that stuff it's a Flat preventative a flat tire Preventative basically is what it is It's pretty cool stuff Rick came up from Multi-seal and hammered he's got 300 Puncture holes in this test Tire it's

Still holding air so check that video Out too pretty cool okay This one I am guilty of not doing on a Routine basis now I do Try to store my equipment in a heated Garage and so hopefully it kind of melts Off and dries off everything but always Clean all the snow off your equipment When you're done he says I learned this The hard way the second time that I snow Blowed the snow blower is making a lot Of Racket when it started I noticed Black smoke coming from the drive belts In the back shut it down and called the Dealer he says didn't you clean out the Augerson and pellet after you finished When the snow melts it freezes on the Bottom of the impeller assembly such That the impeller won't turn duh nobody Told me to do that bonus tip that he has For this one he says I also put a piece Of wood below the blower so it doesn't Freeze to the floor So that's that's one rule right there And that's a really good one for all of Us to follow Look at that another spot where they're Cutting corners I think they're race car drivers or Something Straight shot here Hey random note for you guys watching in West Michigan I am thinking about not these two ponds

But our other Pond and largening that Making it bigger and making it deeper Are there any good Pond excavators in The area that can help with that I'd Like to know about it Get down there Get down Oh that's terrible Try that again Oh hitting something there Like Solid Rock should have stuck with That first one let's try it there Start Oh yeah that made the difference And they just keep going this way All right Right here I think this is gonna be the Spot Oh yeah Look at that found this one for days Boom both we are proud to be sponsored By rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's

Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com Okay next rule make sure nothing Critical is Frozen when you start Blowing This is a continuation of what I said Number four If you have a rig like mine shut off a Tractor if no one is in the seat when The PTO device is engaged put a mirror Where you can see the impeller and Augers are freely spinning and the Chute Rotation is working freely before you Have at it if you have a pull type snow Blower and you can see right inside the Auger in the Chute and everything else Just look right behind you because You'll see it there okay so this is Probably related to a front mount Snowblower or a traditional rear-facing Snow blower so we don't have that Problem okay next one up never put the Blower on the ground on a gravel Driveway the first time you use it Unless you enjoy changing Shear bolts he Says this rules for those of us that Don't have a paved driveway I have a Gravel driveway so a good first season Snow blowing is a key to no problem for The rest of the winter like everyone Else we get a few snowfalls early where You know it's going to melt so this next

Step is the one I take when we get our First real snowfall First I run my SUV up and down the Driveway until the snow is packed down Into the gravel before I snow blow it The first time that's a good idea you Get that we talked about this before you Get that that thin layer kind of packing That gravel down in there and some Separation there like a barrier then I Run the blower but keep it off the Ground about an inch this way the ground Will freeze better for future efforts The next time I run the blower on the Ground the skid plates as low as they go We don't have much long once the snow Starts in Earnest all right we got one More tip after that we've got to get a Few more stakes in the ground And I know we're talking about snow Blowing but if you look at that pile of Snow and there's another pile of melting Snow another one over somewhere else too Push that snow back if you have to push It if you can't blow it as far as you Possibly can because kind of what it's Doing right now it's melting down it's Going to freeze into an ice ball you're Not going to move it the rest of the Winter so if you move it just to the Edge of your driveway you're going to be Stuck and out of the luck when that snow Really starts to pile up so it seems Ridiculous but take your time pushing as

Far back as you can early in the season Last rule here we go when the snow is Deep take smaller cuts of snow all right That means if you have a 54 inch wide Snow blower you don't need to take a 54 Inch wide pass That first one that first pass is going To have to be that but after that you Can take 30 inches if you needed to Right so you If it's a really deep amount of snow say You get 18 inches of snow Just take little bites just take off What you can handle it's going to be A lot more efficient to do it that way And a lot less frustrating so I found if You're if you're not frustrated even if You feel like you're going slower if You're just not if you're not frustrated Because it's doing a good job or not Bogging up and clogging up and and Spilling everything out all over the Side you're going to feel like you're Doing a better job you're going to be in A better mood because of it and that Same thing can be said whether you're Blowing snow or pushing snow or plowing It doesn't really matter he goes on to Say the guy who wrote the Kubota Snowblower manual obviously never used a Snow blower before It says in deep snow take the top layer Off and work your way down to me this is Nonsensical you're going to be driving a

Tractor in deep snow and making a General mess how about just taking a Narrow cut left to right I've been doing This and it has saved me many about a Mill snowblower well folks it's going to Wrap it up for us today I'd encourage You to check out that thread we'll put It down in the description of the video And include it in the comments section Too but check out forums man they're a Great alternative I mean don't stop Watching videos I mean come on you know But check out the forums too a great way To get other folks input on there a good Way to interact you can include pictures And and videos and all that kind of Stuff too and if you're looking for Something for your tractor it could be Snow equipment snow Pusher snow blower If you want to Grapple something to Grade your gravel all sorts of tools We're happy to help check out Goodworkstrractors.com we sell and ship All over the country and hit that Subscribe button down below what are you Waiting for it's completely free we love To have you tag along alrighty folks Well we got to get the rest of these Steaks in the ground so until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign

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