80mph Hurricane Winds in TN! Walk Our Property

Hey good morning my friends today we are Going to actually walk our property we Had some really horrific winds a few Weeks ago and we've not actually been Able to walk our own property we know That all of our structures are fine but We've not walked our trails and we I Just from first glance I know I've got Some big trees now but we just thought We'd share kind of what we've got ahead Of us so let me show you what's going on All right So this is one of our secondary trails And you can see there's a big uh Big tree here that's down and this big It looks like a birch Yeah and it when it fell down it Uprooted another tree here And then that's a big tree This was like this this took 80 mile an Hour winds I am so glad that we didn't Lose this big Oak It's a big old tree that's probably been Around since the Civil War But as we get down further you'll see we Lost some some pretty nice trees So this is a juniper or what we call a Red cedar around here And you can see what the wind did to This it just sheared it to pieces now There was some dead inside of that you Can see Uh but the tree was alive overall I hope You can see this root ball this is a

Very sizable oak tree and it pulled up I Would say this the root ball is 15 foot tall and probably uh 20 foot wide I I don't know that if I Get Gizmo to go down there and give you An idea of how big that hole is and how Tall that root ball is this is a big red Oak tree There's a gizmo dog He's like I don't want to go down in That it gives you an idea of how how big This root ball is That's scary So this is the other side of the root Ball this tree is probably 30 inches at The base And you can see this good it's going to Be a good tree for The Sawmill I uh I'm excited about that it did take down Another tree that's kind of scruff tree But that's a big Long Tall Red Oak that We'll use somewhere on the farm That might be wide oak My tree identifying skills suck without Leaves on you guys tell me what that is It's that red oak or White Oak So moving on this is a secondary trail That we cut last year and uh You know we I just don't know what to Expect A lot of deer movement through here They're making they made my trail a Highway all things considered it sure is Pretty out here this is our little our

Little National Park we've got some First Signs of green popping up through the Ground for this spring So we made it up to the front of the Property this is where our other front Gate is We lost some big trees over here you can See That's uh Juniper and some other things That are Are round and Yeah that's a big Not really sure what that is I believe That's a cedar tree Like again red Juniper we call it red Cedar Yeah that was a massive tree right here So this was a a good healthy tree you Can see that's all live And it literally just ripped it off the Ripped it in half got the one beside it A lot of damage on with cedar up at the Front of the property we had a nice Cedar Grove up here It's pretty much just gone now So as you look through the woods here You can see pretty much All of the trees in this area are You know they're almost everything Except some of the oak is bent Uh and and uprooted So everywhere I look there's trees now So far this is my favorite Trail this is

Our this is what I call Our National Park Trail We built this to be be fun And uh it's still clear for here Gizmo dog loves this stuff don't you Buddy so let's go walk the trail Yeah I really find this portion of our Property inviting and it breaks my heart When the When the trees you know they Uh get knocked down So this is a pretty good ways off of the Road uh this is where we're gonna put Our cabin so this is on the other side Of our property And eventually the trails will go all The way around our property but you know Now we're going to have to stop and Clean up our messes Before we move forward with you know Meeting our trails in the middle It's going to take a couple of bridges And uh yeah but it's gonna be fun Yeah the the farther we go down this Hill the less damage we have over here This is going to be a really beautiful Place for a For our cabin I'm just I can't wait to Get a cabin put here So we hope you guys can hear me the Wind's going really hard again today It's got 20 mile an hour gusts but There's about a 20 minute walk from one Side of our property to the other and so

We just come out of the Backwoods let me Show you where we're at right now So this is our we're coming up to our Our back side of our our shop and then We'll walk over to the other side and Let you kind of see the damage on the Other side again the shop made it Through so so good I get so much grief About fat uses fast 2K and we're the Only Farm around that didn't have any Kind of damage structurally So this is the center of our property And We did really good on this we we cleared Out all of the weak trees and if you Look over to the right that's that Middle Trail that's blocked by the by The Big Oak and that's that tulip poplar That fell down over there But the sender right here is where we're Building Tanya's chicken area and I was Very adamant about clearing out these Sickly trees so we don't have any trees Down here and I'm so glad because I'm pretty sure some of those trees that Have been here they would have been down On our equipment This is a the trail to the north side of Our property you see like down in this Little thing here where there's like Flower pots and stuff those probably Came 10 miles from across the main road Which is you know the main road is Probably

At least two two miles three miles from Us So right here I'm seeing no real damage Well I'll take that back I do see a big Giant tree down back there Yeah the deer are really using our Trails as highways Gizmo's on high alert he's looking Everywhere this is a big tree that's Down I told Tanya that we were going to Have to take this down because it's dead But that Windstorm took care of it for Us so It actually fell in the big ditch really Couldn't have been in a better place So this is another portion of our trail That I find really really neat it's Actually on the east side of the Property and this little portion of the Trail actually dips over into our Neighbor's property He walked our property as much as we Walk our property and vice versa we we Just have a trail and we both like to be Out in the woods and he's a great Neighbor so he walks our he walks his Dog and and uh out here on the trail She's like I'm walking Gizmo so it's a Very mutually beneficial relationship We smell Gizmo he's on high alert now This is where the trail goes back but We're on our property again and Eventually the trail will go across There towards that one big tree that

Fell down if you look way in the Background you can barely see the Greenhouse well we'll need a bridge Across that and and we'll get to that But right now it's just not that Important so we just you we just go Around that big Ravine and it all works Out I already see a lot of leaning trees That are healthy there's a big tulip Poplar that's got a massive lean to it Uh we're gonna have to Definitely get that cut And then here is a white oak this is a For sure a white oak I can tell that one Because the bark has got enough uh Scaling this to it that I can see that It's white oak That's a good long straight tree as well So that'll make it to the Sawmill I hate To do it but It will make it to the sawmill And like it's going to fall so I feel Pretty okay to walk up under it Yeah that dude is straight that's a lot Of board feet right there Got a straight little Birch down there I'm going to cut that down now that that Is a good healthy tulip pop roller that Was ripped down so it literally split That tree in half This I love this part of the trail right Here where it goes down this hill Between the Big Trees now the further I Go down into this Valley it looks like

The wind didn't didn't touch there's Some massive trees back here I'm so glad to see these are still Standing Tall Because this is like you know 35 inch Tulip poplar at the base I don't even know if I can give you an Understanding of how tall these are Just Monster trees straight narrow Straight to the top tulip poplar is our State tree So it's funny we cut these trails with The uh The Mulcher last year and the deer have Just taken over all of these trails and Started using them as Roadways so they're they're just instead Of trying to go through the brush they Just follow the trails So this is the very back side of our Property this is the north east corner Of our property and it's flat down here It's now it will flood some but not very Much or not very often but I would like To build a small camping cabin back here Say uh roughly I don't know maybe 10 10 by 10 just have a bunk in it and a Little wood stove and maybe do some Winter camping and come down here and do Some hunting yeah it's got It's got a Lot for the analysts to like around here There's uh there's a there's a spring a Live spring right here one of the first Live Springs on our property

Just love this portion back here But I'd have to build it on stilts I did Use fast UK to put Post in the ground And I would build it above the ground Yeah I'm really happy to see no there's No damage back here because You know this is probably 80 to 100 I'd Say good 80 feet elevation drop from Where the that Big Field is in front of Our property so the wind is it kind of Just goes over the top of this This is really nice flat This actually could be a pasture down Here for sure if we really wanted it to But it probably never will be but the Trail will eventually keep going this Way and then go all the way to the Southern uh the southeast edge of our Property and meet up and then go back to The to the west but right now this is as Far as we got on this this area we did Turn back here and we have a We do have a trail that goes back Towards the middle of the property so We're pretty much in the middle of our Property now There's water here pretty much year Round this is always wet because of the Live Springs and you'll see there's Another live spring that starts right Over here we literally have like six Live Springs on our property See if I can walk across this My neighbor Chuck he brought a board

Down here so that we can walk across it Let's see if I can Walk over this without killing myself I Need to bring put an actual Bridge down Here I think it did good Didn't fall in the water Check that out there You say it's just a highway Here's another trail that we started Working on last year This goes back towards the south in the Middle of the property so basically We're trying to crisscross a lot of our Trails so that you don't have to walk All the way around you can if you want To walk all the way around you can if You don't you can go through the middle And whatever just easy ways to get Around It's really wet down here this is Another Spring right here There's another spring over there There's literally I say there's six Pretty defined Springs and then in the Wet season there's pretty much Springs Everywhere surprisingly the the ground Is pretty solid except where the Springs Are at This is a big cherry tree That I was going to have to take down Because it was already dead When the wind took it down for me safely Do have a lot of trees laid down up

Through there As you guys probably can't see but uh That's not going to really matter this Is in the woods tree falls and wood does It make a sound I definitely have to cut this out of the Way because this is on our middle Trail You can see here from here on the trail Is defined by deer It's pretty out through there So this is a secondary trail that we've That we've not really done a lot with it Goes back up towards the middle of the Property towards the sawmill and there's A big large large a big large Birch That has failed here that's Heartbreaking but again We will we'll cut that up on the sawmill So we've lost some pretty good sized Trees but we only have one secondary Trail that has any damage you guys do me A favor and tell me what kind of damage You have in your areas did you guys Experience this strong wind I love Hearing about you guys stories listen God bless

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