A 50 Year Old Hydrostatic Tractor Still Putting in Work – Case 580B

All right hold on we need to turn around Or something because Yeah that looked like we were in the Dark There we go All right you do the talking hi I'm not Brock from Rock Hill Farms and welcome To today's video I'm out hanging out with Paul again Today he says he's got an old tractor That I might like what I really like Right at the moment is this Sawmill shed They're building we may come back when This is finished and take a look at how They set their Sawmill up but right now You want to go play with the tractor Sure uh today's video is sponsored by Rednecks with tractors just look us up Any anytime you want Brock's gotta check all the little Features out like where the oil is Dripping from and Whether it has a heater or not That'll probably get edited out I doubt It I don't know what year it is But this is a 580 case it's a b 580b is Made for construction purposes Uh this one did not but this is the same Tractor that would be a backup and That's the reason for that all the Weight on the backup the guy bought this One from told me I had what was called a Hydraulic pan and he said it was too Tall to get in their Barn they wouldn't

Use The Spectator with so it took it off And then realized they couldn't pick up Any hay with it and they had put the Racket suitcase plates on it I added the Five wheel weights because it's still Hippie when you got a round bale on Private and the round bale was out on The front edge of the bucket too so and Then But the biggest reason that I bought This was I had a 530 backhoe before this And that was what I used to clean Chicken houses with and it was a manual Shift tractor but it had a shuttle shift For you to go directly from forward to Reverse but pulling the lever back puts On such a Leverage And it was really cool to clean out Chicken houses with it was short and the Hydraulics on the loader worked about Twice as fast as the car tracker And an Equipment Trader that I knew Uh had this And he'd had it advertised for a long Time Now finally one afternoon drove over to His place and looked at it at Verona and I figured that the the hydrostat was Weak on her or something Because he had at least the paper for a Long time And it was a little bit wet like it is Today and I took the thing around drove It around the back of his driveway and

In a place where they'd been driving Semi trucks through all the time I stuck The loader in the middle of the driveway I just stuck it in as hard as I could And it spunmed the tires till it built The motor And I'm like well I think the hydro Might be okay And that was in 2002. So 21 years ago When I bought it we've had to overhaul The motor the uh It has a four-cylinder and I'm not sure If it's the 188 or if it's a 213 but It's the one they commonly used in those They're a super fuel efficient motor but It got the leaking antifreeze around the Bottom of the liner the cylinder lighter So we had to do a complete overhaul on It about that many years ago actually I Think we have we need to change the oil In it'll be the second time it's been Changed since so without An exact deer just ballpark what what's Your guess how old it is late 70s early 80s and I see a machine I always think I Wonder how much that can pick up and so We're gonna look at the back of it I saw This I wondered how much can it pick up With the well they've hung 2500 pounds on the back of it God 14. 14 of those

I don't know whether those 100 pounds So you got 1500 pounds probably of those And then all these wheel weights and These are 125 keys I think these are Either 75 per hundred so I I bet it's Got a pretty good lift capacity you ever Ever run out of which capacity using This the back wheels come off the ground This was a equipment company that had it Sioux Falls South Dakota and then that Was their place that we've used it Pretty extensively to load hay and Unload hay with put hay in the bar Which is a bigger deal for agent used to Be like I said we've got a spear that Goes up like a we're using it currently As a man live to work on this building You see in the background back here But uh we have plans and I have them off The course to do it with we're going to Build a set of forks where we can set The loader Buck at all and put Forks on It so we'll have a little bit capacity There probably use it around this Sawmill when he puts out here to pick up The things that he skid loads however Brock gets to drive this one today too It'll be a little more to be liking Because it has two foot pedals and it is Fixed where you can't push them both at The same time and one goes forward one Goes back we're in that other tractor They need to have a go pedal just had a Clutch and a throttle I didn't know how

To run it and if Brock grinds the gears We know he's done something wrong on This this tractor has something else you Wouldn't expect for a travel tracks to Have to have some hydraulic bucket left If you lift that I know if it's going to Keep that part all the way up Foreign This machine was made from 1971 to 1976 And was designed to be a piece of Construction equipment whenever I sit on It it feels like the size of tractor I'm Looking for such as the 4 Series John Deere and its 50 horsepower and probably Weighs about the same amount the big Obvious difference being that this does Not have a PTO so it's not really a Tractor and most of the time it was Carrying a backhoe and the reason that These were popular construction Equipment was that the mini excavator as We now know it was just coming out and Not widely available yet and also skid Loaders the way we know them now we're Not in common use I just love seeing These old machines still in use And this is over 50 years old so I was Surprised that it was a hydrostat but I Guess that makes sense I was also Surprised that it had a self-leveling Loader with that much lift height now if You really need a tractor the fact it Doesn't have a PTO might be a deal Breaker but you could get a lot of work

Done around your property with one of These and when he told me what he paid For it I was really shocked Oh now you'll want to push that back in And shut the key off I want one Um that stuff like you was cutting oh I See it pulling Out of the ground I've run over a lot of That with this and then just pop it out Of the ground with the loader bucket It's really Stout Pretty tough deal That's a good way to do the work but It's not a good way to sell attachments My friends wouldn't like you you might Notice just something else it's got a Manufactured by a redneck Cutting Edge On the blade you probably should go look At that you I both make your own Edge For it well I busted the original one And a friend of mine made Who figured out that he couldn't get Anything that was like greater blade Where he could put it back on there so He just made me 100 mild steel but when I broke that other one I thought well I'll be able to bend that back and weld It oh good grief it couldn't bend that Back for nothing What would you give for this and how Long ago was that was it 20 Oh two two and I gave fifty two hundred Dollars and and he brought it to me

And it's done a lot of work We use it to log with for a long time Too And I had a set of forks that would pin On the bucket To where you didn't have to take the Bucket off to Use the forks either She's a beaut it's not no uh when no Uh beauty contest but she's got the the Guff when you need to pick something up Well so I like old machines I like Unique machines but it's also about the Size of tractor I'd like to have uh you Know this the horsepower on this one Would probably surprise you we ought to Look it up I I haven't ever Tried to look it up but this one's not Equipped with PTO or didn't even have a Draw bar on it it was made with the Attachment stuff to go to a backhoe or The hydraulic Tamp which I didn't get With it but This one has some other little features They put on these that a lot of loaders Like farm tractor loaders don't have and That's a level finder that you see the Level finder it's right there on the top Of that cylinder bracket See where they got it fixed up for those Two things to meet right there yep Foreign Not like it's a lot of Creature Comforts Or other stuff that was fancy about it

But got a custom grille guard there That's also been used as a pusher it Looks like I'm sure it was on accident But there's a story behind that if You've got yeah energy for it a case Made of a deal that went on the bottom Of their grill that covered up that pump Of the hydraulic pumps that's right in Front of the motor there And it was Hollow And uh I had used it a bunch to load shavings Bedding or litter width or whatever and Then I had it on uh across the road North of my place there Uh piling some brush and burning piles And uh I caught the stuff that was down in that Guard on fire When I figured out it was on fire well It wasn't smoke I finally seen Flames Down in there I'm like half a quarter mile from a pond And it burned through one of my hoses That goes to hydrostat and lost all my Oil out And so it's stuck right where it's at And I had to go find water to be able to Put it out and then the first trip I Didn't get it because it's on fire back In that Weight it looked like a weight but it Wasn't it was just a cover And it was on fire back in that cover

And I finally found enough tools that I Could loosen and pry that cover off to Where it'd fall off and I got the thing Put out Or else it would have burned up worse Than that probably would have burned the Seals out of my hydraulic pump or Something else but Uh yeah I'm liking it fun day get your Heart rate going so yeah after tracking A couple hundred yards with a five Gallon bucket hunting for water at the Pond of course you can't just get pond Water without getting in the pond knee Deep but anyway That was why it's got the custom grill Cover because the other one would hold Trash and I didn't want to deal with it Catching on fire again and I could Easily if if I wanted to wash that one Out real easy you know without even Having to take it off so and it's tough Enough to keep a A sprout or something from getting up There and knocking a hole in your Radiator and your Hydraulic What they call them a hydraulic cooler Yeah All right hey look what's got that well I appreciate you letting me drive Another old tractor [Music] And I appreciate you for taking the time

To watch this video And we'll put a link in the on the Screen to some other videos and catch You on the next one we'll see you next Time

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