[Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] A lot of times I show things that maybe You should or should not do okay or push Things to the Limit or or put myself in A predicament and see if the tractor can Kind of dig its way out well today I'm Just going to show you how something Just works right and this is how I would Normally Push some snow we don't have a huge Snowfall today three four inches on the Ground nothing crazy but that's what I'm Gonna get out there and plow if you hire A snow plow service they're going to Come out and oftentimes plow when There's two inches of snow on the ground Okay you want to stay on top of it and That's the idea don't let it get too

Deep don't let it freeze up don't let it Get packed down and make a hard mess and That's what we're doing today now I did Just get this HLA 2500 96 inch or eight Foot wide snow Pusher put on my Kubota We have it outfitted with uhmw skid Runners uhmw on the main Edge on the Back drag two using this for the Concrete surface for the asphalt surface The surfaces that you don't want to Damage with a steel Edge so first thing We had to do was adjust the skid Runners A little bit because we want our main Cutting Edge to be perfectly level with The skid Runner so everything's making Contact and sliding across the ground at The same height that way it scrapes the Best and that's what we set up first Really easy to do after that realized Had a dead battery so make sure you Don't forget to turn your lights off Otherwise it could kill your battery too After that we wound up putting on the Hitch hangers okay I needed to add a lot Of ballast weight I already have my Versa bracket back here just had a bunch Of suitcase weights brought over from The shop and added on the hitch hangers Okay so You need a lot of ballast weight to get Traction to be able to push snow Obviously it's great for other things Too counterweight when you're lifting up Something heavy on your front end loader

Keeps your rear end planted to the Ground Just adds efficiency and safety all Around so we have six 41 pound suitcase Weights on the hitch hangers plus Another 870 pound suitcase weights on The Versa bracket we have liquid ballast In our tires too so we have a lot of Ballast weight here and we're set up Well to push no now ever since I bought This tractor I've had a slow leak in This front right tire and we had to add Some air to that it just keeps well it's At the right PSA now but it's still kind Of squishy it looks like it's it's low All the time even though it's not so I Don't know what's going on with that it Must be fine it's it's where it's Supposed to be but somebody's smarter Than me can can maybe fill me in on if That's okay or not now seldom is Something perfectly Consistent and that's what we have out Here and the main thing I want to push Off today are going to be those again Concrete and asphalt surfaces but I'm Starting on on just regular ground right Next to it that's kind of undulating and Not perfectly level and so when you drop Down The Pusher could be a plow could be A snow blower it's going to not want to Sit perfectly level all the time or when I get to the far side of the concrete And then get back onto Stone and grass

And there's Hills and everything else Involved you kind of kind of constantly Work that front end loader so you're not Scraping into the ground and Throttle control is your friend and this Is not a hydrostatic machine this is a Gear Drive machine and I'm in low range I am in the highest gear in sixth gear But I have the throttle all the way down And I can control that speed to a Certain extent with the foot throttle Just pushing that down to go a little Bit faster and backing off to go a Little bit slower and so that's what I'll do especially once I get off of the Concrete and know I'm going to have to Really work that loader joystick to keep My Pusher above the ground and not just Dig in and scrape a bunch of gravel or a Bunch of sod or anything else I'll tell You though it's really nice having the Right size tool for the job we show a Lot of small tractors on this channel And more power to you I mean that's why I show a lot of those tractions because That's kind of in the Wheelhouse of the Channel but it's nice to have a big Piece of equipment and I can show just The Kubota or just the skid steer doing A lot of these jobs all the time and get Them done really quick and it was only Four or five passes what was it Chris Yeah four passes I think it was out here To clear off this whole parking pad

Which is that's a pretty satisfying Feeling to get the job done quickly head On over to the driveway and did a pass Up and down you know I've got that that Circle driveway area which is a real Tricky spot there but first time using This Pusher on there it did okay I did Three three circles around there and Kind of pushed it off and and did just Fine there too but really no big snaf Foods today other than that battery Which we got that back up and running in No time flat it just this is how life is Supposed to go it's just supposed to be Nice and easy and it was almost done too Quickly I'm hoping it snows more so I Can get back out there again but when You can get a job done so efficiently is This it just makes it satisfying so Folks this is a good example of just Staying on top of it right nothing crazy No gigantic snowstorm just staying on Top of it while you have the opportunity To do so before it gets out of control Or you have a slip and fall accident out There because it's too slick or maybe Your car is on it's on a hill icy Hill You can't get up and down under the Mailman can the UPS guy can't it just Prevents all those kinds of problems and That's where the versatility of The Pusher comes into play because you can See it will still load up with a big Pile of snow even if you have just a few

Inches it's going to move it out of the Way whether it's a couple inches on the Ground or a foot and a half on the Ground it's a great tool good for that Wet heavy snow light fluffy stuff and Guess what we sell and ship these things All over the country just about every Day of the week sure we have one to fit Your machine check us out at Goodworkstrractors.com but I don't want To forget if you get something on the Front end loader like a snow Pusher a Grapple set of pallet Forks make sure You're set up properly on the back side Too with that ballast weight that you Need versus bracket bundle hitch hanger Bundle get liquid ballast in your tires With rim guard set yourself up for Success now if you enjoyed today's video You want to see what else is going on Around here make sure you hit subscribe Right down below we'd love to have you Tag along I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon [Music] [Music]

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