Folks how we doing we got a pile of new Attachments for you gonna take you on a Little tour we keep getting new stuff in It's a lot of fun we're going to show All this stuff in action in the future At some point first one up here got the Box plane this is going to be something Offered by Summit tractors on their Website in the near future you're Looking at a 60 inch version they're Going to have other sizes as well all The details still kind of coming out on That but I believe something like a 48 a 60 maybe a 72 and as the name suggests Box plane all right combining a box Blade and a lamp plane has some really Cool features on here I'll take you Through it really quick okay so you'll See a big stick around the end this Thing is made in America Still looking at a prototype pay Attention while I'm doing though it's Kind of cool So you got box blade mode right now all Right and then you lift this up it's Easier if you don't have a pallet in Your way and it's hooked up to a tractor But you're kind of lifting this hand a Little bit boom just like that lifts Open the rear tailgate all right and Then becomes a lamp plane have an option Maybe it'll be standard I don't know We'll figure all that out put a second Blade in there to treat it just like a

Lamp plane you want to go back to box Blade mode Right back down Pop it right back through And there you go so you still have a Rear-facing blade so you can push and Pull just like a box blade you have Scarifier teeth Patent pending design going to be Available through Summit tractor I'm Excited to put this thing to work all Right next up we've got a whole pile of Stuff in from Oregon tool Oregon tool Okay This right here is a trailer mover I suppose you can probably imagine what It does you just move these pins this is How they ship with the pins on the Inside just for minimizing space just Move those pins to the outside this is Going to be the business side of things You got your two inch receiver down There gooseneck hitch Mount up top so We're going to be selling those these Should ship UPS ground not too heavy all Right we'll get those right to you Here We got a uh oh a plow it's a single Bottom plow type thing they call it a Breaker plow right there again same Thing just move your pins to the outside Just sent this wafer for transport Purposes but very nice here now not sure If we're going to carry these or not you

Know sometimes you don't know the demand Unless uh folks ask you so if you guys Think you're interested in the product Like this let us know we can get your Pricing get a listing up and order these Things in too okay so here we're looking At a 48 inch rotary cutter now The smaller the first tools that we were Showing you with the uh the plow and the Trailer mover and then also haven't got To it yet but we've shown you before the Subsoiler those are I believe foreign Made Okay so The next two items the brush hog rotary Cutter call it what you want and the Tiller that we're going to show you are Made in the U.S with U.S and imported Parts so similar to a lot of other Products we sell like the dirt dog Tillers and and Cutters um the Rhino Tillers and Cutters same kind of thing Typically the gearboxes are are all Coming from China and most of of Everything else you know with little Components here and there that are Probably foreign but uh the major shell And that kind of thing is all going to Be made right here in the U.S and so I Got some of these things in not because I'm looking to replace dirt dog I'm Going to keep them on but I like to see New equipment and and so I got small Volumes of this and we're going to sell And and get feedback too you're looking

At as far as I know the only Configuration available laminated tire On the back side really good you got the Steel guard on the back and I think it's Yeah rubber on the front Some similarities to the dirt dog but Not everything you'll see Gearbox has a three year warranty on There just like dirt dog does slip Clutch is standard the Dome top same Kind of effect except they they miss the Mark a little bit by putting a a welded Lip on the top to kind of trap the water And you can see how this is sitting Right now a bit of an angle and we trap Some water right here so that's kind of What dirt dog avoids overall the Pivot Point okay on the on the three point That kind of allows you to flex with Uneven ground if you're going through a Ditch or just Hills and wonky areas The pivot point on the dirt dog is back Down here so it prevents that pinch Point if you're working on it they moved It back up to traditional Point here in The organ overall I think this looks to Be a well-made cutter we're going to get Them listed on there we're probably Going to the retail price point for us With with shipping included will come Out to basically the same as the dirt Dog I'm probably going to knock that Down a little bit and take a a little Bit of a hit on that because I think

It's not quite as Top Notch as the dirt Dog but still a quality cutter also a Few other key differences on the the Horsepower rating on this gearbox is 40 Horsepower compared to 60 on dirt dog You're going to see on both sides it Looks like an option maybe to add your Own replaceable skid Runners on here There's no replaceable skid Runners but There's the holes there like you can Mount them there And then the cutting diameter is listed As up to an inch for this organ 48 inch Cutter compared to an inch and a half on The dirt dog okay so here we have 48 Inch tiller Very I mean basically identical to the Ideal tillers that we're carrying and And so that's why I got these in because Well I just sold out of Ideal tillers The timing was right they had 28 of These tillers so I bought them and got Them it's nice to have something to be Ready for spring and they'll kind of Trick out over winter too but I haven't Set it up yet just got it in recently But I'm telling you if you look up the Specs which we really like the ideal Chillers we're still going to carry Those as well but these if you're Looking at one or the other you're Splitting hairs it's a good tiller Either way all the warranties are the Same

The tilling death is the same the Horsepower requirements are the same It's It's almost like they're the same tiller And so this is a 48 inch tiller again For smaller tractors all your Subcompacts out there it'll actually It'll work great on the summit tractor That we have too so kind of in that that First rung of compact tractors look at It look at her she's a she's King of the Mountain oh you missed it What are you doing June That's hilarious And so now we did get a few of the 60 Inch tillers in as well I'm going to be A little bit cheaper than dirt dog but Traditionally if we're looking for our Larger tillers a 60 the 72 to 84 we Stick with dirt dog dirt dog doesn't Offer a 48 inch tiller right now and so We had to find something to kind of Round out that lineup All righty folks so Just opened up the crate this is the First look at the summit rototiller Right here all right so yeah two Rototillers in today's video this is Going to be the summit Brandon one you Can see the matching paint color looks Really good this is how it literally Came in all right so Um you got the the brace in there just To kind of prop it up and store it

Inside the crate A-frames already on I mean there is not a well there's I Mean we got to put the PTO shaft on Um I don't know I'm sure there's a few Little bits and pieces to do there But this thing is slick I like this a Lot I wonder what these guards are for Honestly I don't know anything about This tiller yet so I'm going to be Digging into this and and figuring it All out I see these guards here which You normally don't see unless there's Something that's reverse rotation but Maybe they're just uh I don't think this is a reverse rotation I don't know I'll figure it out I'll get You more information but this thing's Pretty slick my first impressions are Positive The Is that four blades no one two three Four oh wow it's actually even a six Blade uh per flange here too and you Have one two three four five six seven Flanges It's pretty awesome Gear Drive it says Free tool kit Good things to come And I noticed that model number Yep TLX 54 this is a 54 inch wide tiller You don't see many that are in that four And a half foot range folks we are proud

To be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimguardsolutions.com Alrighty folks so we just uncrated the Summit finish mower this is going to be A 54 inch width and you can see how it Comes in nice crate I really like that It had a couple little tiny paint scuffs On there it's so hard to do with all These all these heavy attachments little Brackets here and there but very minor Stuff on there Love it overall Minimal assembly required PTO shaft Looks like just the A-frame brackets up Here just to connect and hook up to your Your three-point hitch there but most All this is already taken care of nice Front roller guard you can see the shims Here greaseable zerks on all four gauge

Wheels not going to pop these covers off Today but I'm sure we'll do a nice In-depth Video on this attachment here Not a whole lot to finish mode this time Of year in December but come springtime There certainly will be also looking at This I see it is rear discharge on there Are these pneumatic These might just be a solid rubber These might be solid rubber wheels on Here too from what I can tell So no Flats to worry about there Alrighty folks so here is our latest Design this is in the Prototype phase Still so this is not production quality This thing's been been chopped and Re-welded a couple of times But you get the idea it's we're getting Close so this is the versafork and so This not only mounts on the three-point Hitch quick hitch compatible but also Mounts on your front end loader so you Can go back and forth either way if you Want to keep like a grapple on up front Or your bucket or whatever else if you Want to keep it up front you can do that And have your forks back here if you Don't have a front end loader you can Put them on your three-point hitch maybe You get a front end loader down the road You can still hook up and use them that Way too so not only they go back and Forth that way but we've got a built-in

Two inch receiver okay this ball hole Here right here for maybe a goose neck I Don't know it may it may go away I don't Want it to but we have to make sure that This is easily quick it's compatible and It kind of gets in the way with that top Hook when connecting obviously it can be Done but it's not super smooth we have a Couple of chain hooks on here as well so You can pull along this top rail is Designed to be able to support suitcase Weight so you can add that on if you Want to take the tines off or if you Want to hang suitcase weights on here For additional ballast weight or you Have them up front so you have a a real Heavy three-point attachment on and you Have these Forks up front you can hang Suitcase weights on here to offset that Too and get some ballast either way and Of course this is made in the USA American labor American Steel just like Our Versa bracket our stump bucket our Hitch hangers the other products that Were coming up coming out with two we're Really proud about that so Not available for sale yet taking Feedback taking input we want to give as Much bang for the buck as possible keep The weight down the initial design we're Hoping to be around that 250 50 pound Weight so we can still be using a Subcompact and small compacts as well Will probably come out with a heavier

Duty version with a taller headache rack That kind of thing as well a headache Rack is good but I think it has a bit of A misnomer because it's still you can See how tall the back you have right Here as well so you can still pile a Load all the way up to this point and Then you know beyond that if you want to Have something way up here that's what a Headache rack is for but you can still Stack a lot of stuff on here too so a Couple key considerations you know Obviously a three-point hitch can lift a Lot more weight typically than a front End loader and so you can get a lot more Bang for your buck that way too now These Forks are still are you know we're Not building these super heavy duty I Don't think the small tractors can have Any issue with it at all Um but you know if you're going to put Four thousand pounds on here it's not Rated for that if you put them on a big Compact tractor or a small utility Tractor so kind of use some common sense There as well the one downside I'll show You let me lower this down a bit is that Um The quick hitch doesn't go down far Enough to get underneath those hooks and Take it out so you need to prop this up On really probably six eight inches high Off the ground Looking into maybe some sort of a

Kickstand or Something else to integrate to it we Don't want to over complicate this don't Want something that's easily broken and Just more of a pain than anything else I don't know maybe there's another Solution but you can't really rework the Brackets too much otherwise they'll Interfere with Stuff on the front end loader there's a Lot that goes into this to make it all Work and if that was going to be a Downside I would say that's it you can Still I've picked up plenty of things Off a pallets that's not an issue it's Just the quick hitch connection and Disconnection that's the downside right Now A lot of folks store stuff on pallets Anyway maybe it's not that big of a deal Alrighty folks so this is the easy wheel Doesn't get much easier than that So last winter we uh we showed a couple Of these homemade versions all right and The nice thing I'll hop up on here too You can do it from the operator seat Just real easy just like that make those Adjustments okay and it's A lot easier than those two little Handles that are down there to spin that Around now this works on the 1025s gosh I think his website says I'm I think It's some Kubota models maybe the The two-hour series too but this is his

First product this is this is a a guy Who owns a tractor right and then sees a Need sees a want does something about it And I bring it to market now he's got a Lot of experience manufacturing products And the Motorcycle industry actually so This is his entry product into the Tractor world the tractor space pretty Handy the easy Wheels part of the the Discount Club so you can get five Percent off with code GWT a lot of cool Products in there too I think we have Close to 20 different vendors really Cool stuff there so you can save five Percent at least with code GWT on all Those products there but check out the Easy wheel alrighty folks so last thing I want to tell you about we have some Hydraulics some do-it-yourself Hydraulic Solutions from Summit Hydraulics we're Going to be installing on the Kubota BX This is one box here I got another box Showing up today actually but I wanted To give you a little heads up on that Just like we did the the DIY grapple Install on the 1025r I don't know two Years ago or something like that gonna Do the same thing on this Kubota BX and Show you what that's all about and on Top of all that I am going to be looking Sometime soon maybe shortly after the Holidays for somebody who's close enough To me and Mattawan greater Kalamazoo if You got a trailer a truck and a trail

You can haul your tractor over Looking for a coyote a relatively new Coyote subcompact or compact tractor Some of your model number just shoot me An email with that we are going to do an Install With a summit Hydraulics kit on your Tractor free of charge to you and then Sometime after that we're going to do The same thing on an LS tractor as well So a lot of cool stuff coming down the Pipeline but if you're close to the you Know Kalamazoo greater Kalamazoo area You have a way to transport your your Tractor over here and it's the right Model we're looking for Well it could be your lucky day and just Like the easy wheel Summit Hydraulics Are a discount Club member discount Club's just a collection of vendors that We partner with we don't physically Carry their inventory we work with them So we do the advertising and they hold And stock their inventory you go to Their website to buy you save five Percent or more depending on the vendor With code GWT so that's going to wrap it For us today folks hopefully you got a Good look some some eye candy there Right get to see some different Attachments some new stuff coming out The Innovation never seems to stop now We'd love to earn your business we sell And ship attachments all over the

Country go to goodworkstrractors.com and If you don't have anything you need to Buy then the least you can do hit that Subscribe button down below give us a Thumbs up leave a comment we're glad to Have you here I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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