A Chain Driven Case 930 and a Hitchhiking Pig

There's a guy driving down the highway In California driving a little Volkswagen Car following a truck hauling Hogs And a pig falls out of that truck Hits the side of the road and rolls off The road and so the guy stops and he Goes and picks the pig up and there's Nothing to matter with the pig So he takes puts it in his car in the Passenger seat and takes off after that Truck And he gets stopped by highway patrolman In a speed trap And the highway patrolman says to a man Why are you going so fast he said well I was following a truck hauling Hogs and This pig fell out of the truck hit the Road and rolled off to the side I picked Him up and there's nothing to matter With him so I'm trying to catch that Truck to give the guy he's Pig back And the patrolman says I seen that truck And you'll never catch him without Breaking all the speed limit laws in This state he said well what am I Supposed to do with the pig he says take It to the zoo He says take it to the zoo he says yeah Take it to the zoo Okay and so he let him go And the next day that patrolman's at his Speed trapped and he sees that little Volkswagen car go by and that pig

Sitting there in the front seat and he's Like what in the world So he takes off after him pulls him over Again Gets up to his car and he says man I Thought I told you take that pig to the Zoo and he said we did go to the zoo and We had such a good time today we're Going to the beach I like it Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I've wrangled my friend Paul case Again to show us another old tractor Didn't take much wrangling I'm into old Tractors yeah his two favorite things Are old tractors and talking so yeah it Doesn't hurt a thing so you wanna tell Us what we got this is a 9 30 case it's Not a Case IH it's a case it's old Enough it was made from 1960 to 1969 I don't know exactly what year this one Is we could look it up but the original Price on this tractor was six thousand Seven hundred dollars when it was new it Is it has a 401 cubic inch diesel motor And is 80 to 85 horsepower depending on whether It's PTO or or uh drawbar it has two Remote valves it does not it's a Wheatland You may notice that the wheels are fixed On it you can't adjust the wheel tread At all it was just made to pull heavy Implements tillage implements and type

Thing and uh we actually bought this Because we were running three other Tractors of the same motor And a guy advertised this tractor for Eleven hundred dollars And we decided if the motor would run We'd pick it up Because we was running those others in Our custom work And we never did use the motor on it Except in this tractor they're pretty I Won't say you can't tear one up but They're pretty foolproof you keep the Fluids in them they'll run a long time And they're tough when we bought this You need to know back then Creature Comforts would have been that You had a couple of hydraulic Outlets That you could use and it had a cushion On the seat or something like that not Like today where it's ergonomic and Everything like that This tractor dad's used it to pull that Bush all got out if it's been unhooked From that bush hog for I don't know a number of years but the Notable thing about this tractor is It has roller chains instead of gears in The final drive It has sprockets and roller chains and You can't get to where you can see them From the outside but you can see some Evidence that it has them If you want to know where I'll show you

In order to run a roller chain you know What roller chains do they get loose And so this has I'll step over the PTO but don't worry It's not running Right in here On the axle housing the axle housing has Six bolts All around it and they're in slotted Holes so that you can slide the axle Back and forth this is one of them right Here they're in slotted holes That way you could slide the axle-back To tighten up that roller chain And it has it's set up that way on each Side We never had any problem with the roller Chains in it they're a little bit loose And what that does is if you're coasting And let's say you Coast to a bottom of a Dip It would coast and then almost come to a Stop before it'd take off because I had To take up the little bit of slack that Was in that roller chain In the rear end on it but these were Case did that on an older model of Tractor than this maybe a couple of them I think the 800 or 801 B Wheatland Tractor and the older model case La Tractor they had roller chains in them And I've seen some of these chains out And they're enormous the links on them Must be that wide

And the rollers are bigger than half Inch pipe They're just an enormous chain and you Can imagine they need to be to put 85 Horsepower to the ground but I thought You'd might like seeing one that had Roller chains for final drives I don't know if there's a place we can Get to it to see it better So 85 horsepower in every inch of it's Going to the ground Right in there you can see the The slotted holes on that Axle housing where you could loosen Those bolts and slide it back tighten it Up tightening the chain I've never heard Of that and in order to tighten it you Had to pull the PTO out the back The PTO housing Holds in there were several bowls she Had to take the PTO out the back and Then it had A deal in there that you had to make Sure had a little bit of slack in it Because you wouldn't want to run too Tight that'd be as bad as running real Loose And so you had to have that all loose When you And I think that it had an adjuster on The inside that you actually turned to Make the axle scoot back Yeah I didn't figure you'd ever heard of No roller chains instead of gears for

Final drive I love it whenever I walk up to this and I think you know I drive by and I see Tractors like this sitting out in the Field all the time and I think well I Bet that's sat there for 15 years yeah This one but he he usually runs this Once a couple few times a year to mow Out here and yep my dad's kept 40 acres That we're currently using some of for Cattle pasture right now but he don't Mind and uh he tries to keep it mowed he Helps us with our spray and he usually Does quite a bit of helping when we're Making hay he'll he'll do about half of Them hey moan for us uh this tractor has A hand clutch And any of these that had a hand clutch They had six speeds Very unique gear setup on it I think I Can crawl up there yep you might not Want to sit on the seat but but you're Sure check my agility oh man these are Factory handles those two are but the One step you're on there dad came up With Because uh without it you'd need a pogo Stick I think this is that's a big step You meet all these old guys at the Coffee shop the knees are all wore out That are uh Cowboys you'll understand so This is your clutch now my Model A has a Hand clutch so that's in neutral this Over the center clutch just like your

Model A and pull it back and they'll Hear it pop And then it'll be engaged then In order to this is how you select your Gears That little knob right there has to go To where you want your gear deal to be So a little bit different yeah It has foot throttle foot throttle yep That's foot throttle right there Wow is that the only Throttle No not up There is also throttle yeah and you Still see them that have both like that That is your Keel too pushing it all the Way up like that kills it And then you got your split breaks here And then this is this is your oh no Holders Umbrella holder this raises and lowers Your three point right here don't handle Three point both of those are remote Hydraulic valves Oh it doesn't have a three point I Should have noticed that doesn't have Three point s Most sweet ones didn't they were just Made for pulling heavy implementing so You got one more thing here what's this PTO there's your PTO And I don't even know what way it shifts Probably forward I still the one that dad's using's got The custom vice grips with duct tape Around it on

And I wanted you to stay up there oh Oh we're gonna start her I would say put your foot on the clutch But that is in neutral right yeah that's In neutral and uh Really ain't got nothing battery's dead Yeah sitting too long Yeah it's got a battery back there In uh in 1960 when you took six thousand Dollars of your hard-earned money and You bought this you were pulling A plow with it mainly and disc Uh big field cultivator I mean obviously a brush mower yep so That brush mower wasn't thought up back Then yet so I don't know what it would look like but Uh when they and these were a big step Up From the tractors that were the older Model La that this would have took the Place of a model year or a couple models Back would have only been like 48 horse or something like that And so it was quite a step up And so a lot of the time guys would have Multiple implements for a smaller Tractor and back then it wasn't uncommon For a guy to build a tandem hitch so he Could pull two discs and and use up the Horsepower he had when he bought Something like this Well I appreciate you showing it to me It's a Dandy all you guys ought to think

About getting a case 9 30. not all of Them were like this but some of them did Have final drive roller chains and Six-speed transmission with a hand Clutch pretty cool

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