A Closer look at LS Tractors from the National Farm Machinery Show

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms I'm out here at the national farm Machinery show and I'm looking at LS Tractors today so I just walked around With the salesman we looked at several Different tractors and kind of went over The specs and I'll show you that in a Minute but first I ran into a friend of Mine this is CJ with Mallard five Farmhouse and he's an LS owner he's been An LS owner for a long time and I Thought maybe we'd get some first-hand Perspective if you want to tell them a Little bit about your channel on YouTube And also your experience of the ls Tractor owner well uh my channel we have A 50 Acre Farm in Ohio and we we make LS Tractor videos of the stuff that we get Into on the farm and uh I bought my Tractor about five five years ago and I Started making videos of it because back Then the ls tractor videos on YouTube Weren't very good and my dad has one my Uncle had one he passed away uh my Brother has no less tractor and so does My brother-in-law and I can honestly say None of us have had any trouble with our LS trackers contrary did the YouTube Videos that I saw back when I first Started yeah five years with mine and Then they sent uh lsmt 240e they sent it Back This past May and we've had 33 hours on It now and the same thing no problems it

Just went through its first regen there At 30 30 hours and it's been a great Track for my wife even likes driving That truck so I want you to go check out Mallard five Farmhouse I've been talking To CJ for a little while now and they It's a really good family oriented Channel so check it out now we're going To look at some of the features and Specs on a few of these different models Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms I'm out at the national farm machinery Show I've got Shannon from LS and I'm Going to ask him some questions just About the tractor models they have some Of the features see if we can get a Little information Um I'm gonna start with the hardest Thing that I like to ask people and it's There's a lot of tractor manufacturers That's correct could you give me a Little something about why someone would Choose LS Well as far as a brand uh of tractors Out there we're relatively new in the Tractor arena being only roughly about 12 years old so it's a brand that we're Really getting going What we've been building tractors for About 40 years we just weren't building The ls brand and then we made a Determination to not build tractors for A number of those other companies and we Wanted to focus on growing our brand so

I went to a few different dealerships That are that carry two brands or three Brands and ask them you know you how do You differentiate when you've got LS and Another brand on the same lot and that a Lot of times they'll tell me that that You get the same size tractor with the Same features at a lot better price from LS one of the big things and it seems Like you guys have a pretty good dealer Now we have 300 dealers representing us Right now across the United States and Several dealers wanting to come on board With ls unfortunately with the supply Chain constraints we've had to kind of Tone that down until we can get the Inventory to take care of those dealers I think everybody's kind of having Problems right now with supply chain so Um is this tractor right here we've got A T335h 35 horsepower tractor hydrostack so that Really makes it easy for just about Anybody to operate and is this size Tractor kind of your most popular thing Or do you do really well with the Smaller this is going to be a very Popular tractor for us in our lineup Also comes with with a cab as well so That 335 comes in a cab and it also Jumps up five horsepower to a 40 horse Cap as well this is the the same size Roughly that my the tractor I have is

And a little bit bigger frame but the Same horsepower and mine's a deer and it Doesn't have a factory cab option so This has a cab do your comp sub compacts Have calf options or our subcompacts Come with what we call a field installed Cab so that cab would be shipped as a Whole unit to the dealer and the dealer Would actually install the field cab on At the dealership Now when the downside to a field cab is You don't have the the The noise decibel is going to be a Little bit louder the dust can Potentially get in there a little bit Tough because it's not sealed up quite As tight as a factory installed cap and Does that have air conditioning it does Not have air conditioning that's what I've put on mine is uh that type of cab That you're describing right I think I'll jump up in the seat real quick if That's all right is a tractor this size Is only in hydrostat no we can get on This particular platform here we offer Just hydrostat only but we have many Other uh tractor platforms that you Could get gear shuttle shift feels like It's got a suspension C we've got a Three range transmission whereas mine's Only two range we've got these split Brakes Yeah What's that I think it is yeah yeah so

It's got split brakes why do you feel That that feature is important to you I Don't consider it a big feature really But I do like to list it off it's um It's good for turning radius in certain Situations correct Um especially if it's very tight Conditions I don't use it a lot okay you Need it you've got it there yeah I like the two pedal system it feels Smooth I like that the brakes on the Opposite side as opposed to I've seen Somewhere you have a clutch over here on A hydrostaff which is kind of weird yep So the option two pedal makes it very Easy for the operator one pedal forwards The other pedal reverse the operator System is comfortable or stationed Placement of the joystick this yellow One is your PTO probably and your Throttle's here that's correct Is it a removable loader with a skid Steer bucket skid steer attached Nice looking machine so the tractor I Was just on was uh what series is that That's called our mt335 a 35 horsepower Premium tractor the tractor we're Looking at right now is what we call our Economy Series this tractor comes in 25 35 and 40 horse also comes with hydrosat Or Shuttle shift okay and so this is More the economy line and that's the More premium that's correct can are There some other features besides that I

Mean behind the tractor you'd see on the Other tractor it's got standard remotes Single set of remotes added to that Tractor as well it's got adjustable Three-point linkage so it's just the Tractor just comes when we talk Premium Versus economy we take some of the items Off now you can always add to it but You'll find that you're better off Buying up than you are adding I always Think it's better to have both because Some people just want the cheapest Machine they can get that'll do a job And some people are willing to pay a Little extra for like you mentioned the Extendable draft arms yes Yep and even when you look at loader About positioning you know there's Things when you go to economy you've Gotta you've got to be careful of of how Much money you want to put in the Tractor and drive it into what we call a Premium series so I mean I would say the joystick location is Much much more comfortable on the mt3 Than it is here But again very solid if you feel it Robust you don't have to worry about it Snapping off yeah makes sense Yeah I definitely prefer it down here But it costs more to build it that way So it's a choice that's correct again Another little small thing that you know You're seeing you're not going to get

Quite as a premium on of a seat on an Economist series tractor yep and so the Designation is these just have an e on The end of the model number yep Let's go and look at the three point Real quick so this is the standard setup It's still even though this is the E Model they still have the telescoping Stabilizers And the difference on the other one is That these are the extendable draft arms For the extendable lift on and then we Go all the way up is this one of your Bigger models here yeah when we first Got started we were really focused on Just a small Homo Landowner didn't have a lot of need for A bigger tractor that's what we really Focused in on at first but as we evolve As a company we are developing our Product to have much more depth of Product offering that's our most highest Horsepower tractor we offer which is 101 Horse then we go down to a 73 on an mt5 Platform down to a 40 58 or a 68 on the Mt4 platform so those four pla the three Platforms are are tractors that we call Our utility site jumping up a lot more In size all right then probably up here Is going to be a popular model too There's your subcompact yep that's a True subcompact with again loader a Quick detach loader system put set of

Pilot Forks on it That was one thing I forgot to ask on These others our third function standard On any of them or third function it's a Non-standard yeah and you can have it Done at your dealership you can add in Those on any of our tracks and for a lot Of people you know a little tractor like That you'd be surprised what they'll do And so for a small property the Subcompactor yeah that tractor comes With a mid-mount mower on it as well we Can add that feature as well so now it Can take care of the lawn around the House there's some basic chores To also help that homeowner out I really Appreciate you taking time to tell me a Little bit about these if you've got an LS dealer near you you're in the market I think they're definitely worth taking A look at I'm gonna walk the rest of the Show and put videos out all week but I Really appreciate your time we want to Thank you for taking the time to come And thank you guys for taking the time To watch just go to lsdractor.com pull Up our dealer locator and you can find a Closest All right well I appreciate you watching And we'll see you on the next one

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