We got a where's Waldo for you today I'm Giving away a 200 gift card to the first Person that spots What's missing I'll tell you a little bit more on that Later on I put together this I'm going To call it Karcher I don't know how I Actually say it they got some things Around the a maybe that changes the Pronunciation but this is the S6 twin we Got one of these last year for our shop And papa our main Warehouse where I run My business The guys love it so once I well my shop Is close enough to being done where I Wanted to get something here We just got done using it a little bit Of dust in the air but way less compared To you know marumen or using a blower or Something like that and does a really Good job collecting it the really heavy Areas of dirt takes a couple passes but This thing is super easy says it does 32 000 square feet an hour and I believe it I mean it's there's no I mean it just Glides right along very little Resistance works well 32 inch Is it yeah no 34 inch model here okay I Thought it was 32 inch but holds a lot Of stuff really easy I mean just open That Hopper out right there dump it out It's got Um a broom along the back and it's got These two on the edge they kind of you Can go right up to a wall and pull stuff

Away from there so that's nice too Not going to get it absolutely perfect It kind of has these outer brooms kind Of sweep and pull things towards the Middle You have to be able to go far enough Forward for that back broom there to Kind of rolled up suck it up into the Hopper so if you can't get that far Forward you're going to have a little Bit of stuff left over that's collected But not In the hopper took all the five minutes To put together super easy The kind of assembly I like doing uh Wasn't that expensive can't remember What it was I'll find it I got it on Amazon delivered price uh in stock They've got a bigger version I think it Was as well but this is the same one That we had there at at the warehouse And so I figured I would get this one Since the guys had good things to say About it also you're staring at two Black snow pushers here Neither of them are on black tractors But both of them work very well so We do carry currently Green Snow pushers As well but I am going to be dropping Green going to only black That's kind of been on my mind for a While and why I've had this black snow Pusher on my John Deere for the last Couple of years to visually

Let you guys see that and that it looks Pretty good because there's black tires Black frame black grill Black floorboard black black black black Props Rhino High canopy toolbox Steering wheel three-point arms look at All the black that's on there so black Goes with a John Deere all right but if You want to get a John Deere Green Snow Pusher He can still order one you just have to Order it well in advance so like by like June 1st if you want it for next year But if you still want one this year We've got some remaining inventory in Green So get your order in so this right here Is actually some cherry wood I had a Cord of this dropped off to me recently We're going to split a lot well we have Split some wood we're going to split a Lot more but I don't have anything That's really ready to go it's nothing That's seasoned out here so I wanted Stuff that was seasoned for now to get Me through until next year there was Leftover fire where that was out here But that stuff's all It's just rotted and has really high Moisture and has seen as better days I Got a moisture tester actually and it Was like 25 30 on some of those pieces There unfortunately so but the good Thing about having this delivered this

This firewood delivered was that they Turned me on to a a Forester who met us Out at our other big chunk of property Where we had the 140 Acres a lot of That's woods and we walked Chris and I Did out there with him Kind of give them a lay of the land what We're looking to do with getting it Logged out there like a selective cut so That you know it's managed and opens up The the higher quality trees for the Next 10 years down the road in 20 years And every so often so we can get some Some money off of it and try to uh you Know I don't know recoup some of the Investment there and so he's going to Actually spend this is crazy to me he Spent probably four hours total because He lived an hour away had to drive out There walk around all kinds of stuff go Back he's going to come back out take About three days to go through and Mark All the trees and give us a quote for What that you know for what he would Offer us This is all like at no cost it's an Unusual format to me thinking that you Would spend and invest so much time not Even knowing if you're going to get the Job or not anyway more to come on that You know I'm not I'm really out there uh These days we're pretty busy here at our Other 40 acres and so I'm looking for Ways to to offset

My cost out there if I can if I can log It and recruit some of it that way Perhaps Farm it do a hunting lease Whatever it is just different ways to Offset some of those costs not just the Taxes but the the payment on it as well We're proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps us loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimguardsolutions.com All right so I previously told you about The JCB machines that we got we have This 3ts at Telescopic track steer but also about a Wheel loader all right and the wheel Loader unfortunately well the first one Was next to a tractor that caught on Fire and melted They scavenged all over the place found One in Colorado [Music]

To Kentucky Shipped it up to us for us to find out It's not going to lift what we needed to Lift so that's really awesome I had told Them Very clearly how much weight we needed To lift and even padded that number Significantly by over a thousand pounds I said we got to lift five six thousand Pounds typically what we need to lift is About four thousand maybe five thousand Pounds at the absolute most so the JCB 407 won't do anywhere near what we need To do we tried lifting some big pallets Of snow pushers that's what we really Need to do when they come in delivered On a semi truck they're on Well like an eight-foot skid so it is Very long you have to pick it from the Side and it'll have 15 20 pushers that Are all stacked on there and so it gets Really heavy So we need a lot bigger machine so we're Back to the drawing board there they're Working with us trying to find something Else that's significantly larger the Funny thing is is that our Our John Deere 333g Track steer lifts those up just fine our Old Manitou that we had lift them up Just fine So you know maybe wondering why I sold The Mana too well I didn't think we Really needed it

Um Come to find out we did but then I Needed a tax write-off and so that's why I got the JCB Anyway it's it's there's a lot of moving Parts that are involved here so now They've got a much bigger unit uh TM 320 I think it is JCB tm320 it's got a Telescopic boom on it It's a couple frame sizes bigger Essentially and they've sent us video of It lifting two 3 500 pound concrete Blocks they didn't do the one thing I Wanted them to do which was extend the Boom out about two to three foot and Then see how high it would raise in Video I don't know why they wouldn't do That but they didn't do it was kind of Annoying because that would be the Perfect test to confirm that it'll lift The weight that we needed to lift so We're going to use that machine to clear The parking lot in the winter time too And do all the other stuff so we're just Gonna have two forklifts for inside and Then the big wheel loader there to Tackle the big heavy loads that come in And it could be snow pushers could be Anything else if you get too big of a Forklift for your Warehouse then it Doesn't navigate inside so it's It's really complicated and expensive Too to have all this equipment but you Just need it to get the job done

Otherwise you're dead in the water okay So now for that where's Waldo all right So I figured this out a while ago I was Trying to find a good time to mix this In but there was a video we did in the Fall with the summit tx25 we were Pushing pumpkins in this video all right So we'll put a link down to it below You're gonna need to watch that video The first person to find this gets a 200 Gift card for merchandise from our Partner that Carries all of our merchandise like this Sweatshirt right here for example you Get a hat or a t-shirt or a mug or Whatever but there's something critical Missing on the summit tx25 tractor all Right there's something that needs to be On there And it's not so it's I don't know if Anybody's ever going to find this but It's it's very obvious once you actually See what it is that it's missing so the First person that comments in this video You got to leave a comment in this video Okay with the correct answer you're Gonna win that 200 gift card there but It's going to be tough I you know Chris And I watched it I only found out because I I was on the Tractor later on and realized it later On so anyway good luck with that watch That video okay it's pushing pumpkins There's an organ subsoiler that's in

There too we'll put a link down to it Below but it's from the fall hang on I'll find the date actually too if you Want to look it up by that okay it was November 29th currently titled a new Subsoiler for compact tractors so find That video on our Channel Good luck to you so folks that is going To wrap it for us today a lot of stuff Going on around here want to keep you Updated with that if you've got any Advice for us we'd love to hear about it Leave a comment down below as well if You're in the market for a tractor Attachment I was talking about that Warehouse earlier we sell and ship Tractor attachments all over the country Every day of the week we include free Shipping to 36 States rewards we're Currently doing a zero percent APR Financing promo but we also offer Regular financing all the time with a Firm so check that out too if you Enjoyed the video we want you to tag Along hit that subscribe button to keep Up with what's going on around here I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon come here June Come here baby are you ready to go Come here oh you're getting so dirty [Music] We gotta clean the rest of the floor huh

Yeah You don't care [Music] Okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] With me [Music]

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