[Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Pay attention down below for five Seconds [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Folks were experimenting with yet Another tractor tool to do a job it Wasn't intended for so I had an epiphany You know my wife likes to to walk our Dog around the property and uh you know This time of year with all the snow and Everything it's it's very well it can be Challenging you know and not just for Her to walk through and trudge through That's not a lot of fun to do in deeper Snow but uh even with a dog you know I

Mean it's it can be really challenging For her and Um oftentimes gets these huge ice balls Or snowballs all caught up in all Referred makes it really hard to run Around so anyway Um kind of got the idea from like a snow Trail groomer obviously and I thought Well what the heck this cultipacker here Works really well I love the finish Results and dirt that it does let's give It a shot in the snow so we took a dirt Dog and made it a snow dog to keep our Dog happy oh and we just got done just So you know and uh we'll talk about this At the end but you see a nice trail of What I was hoping was Uniformly Lined water and it actually looks like It's coming out of the the transaction There's a nice puddle down there so Losing some hydraulic fluid for unknown Reasons don't know I'm hoping it's just A drain plug We'll dig into that a little bit all Right so we're using a Kubota M4d071 about a 71 horsepower tractor It's a 5 series you know a small utility Tractor so you know think of your Kubota L6060 a John Deere 4066r One Step bigger Than that so it's got the big AG tires On there we do have the rear tires Loaded with ballast weight and we're Putting on the 96 inch wide

Dirt dog cultipacker on here I've used This this summer for our food plots Worked really well for that now you can Get smaller cultipackers and I had half Of mine to put together our Packer Max Pole type cultipacker as well but you do Have to fill those cultipackers with Water and I you know just being winter Time obviously I could store it inside If you have an indoor storage place for That then that'd be a good solution for You or if you fill it with sand that's Another alternative as well now I had Previously used our pull type snow Blower on the summit smaller Summit Tractor to blow some Trails out Primarily in our yard where it's shorter Manicured grass but this is kind of Going around the field parameters and Just some different pasture areas and Yeah there's all sorts of debris and Different conditions there and I thought That's not a very good situation for the Snow blower and why not have something That just kind of rolls over something Heavy and rolls over it and packs it Down and see how that does and really For the most part it worked really well And this is a snowfall that happened oh Several days ago Um We had somewhere around 12 inches maybe 14 inches something like that of Snowfall some sun has come out it's

Packed it down a little bit and so That's kind of the conditions that we're Dealing with kind of that soft softer Packing snow right now but I do think That this works really well and you got To have enough tractor and enough Tractor clearance to be able to drive Over your snow and do it there's a Couple times when uh the The Cult of Packer didn't want to keep rolling Forward you know if you take off too Fast it kind of wants to plow through The snow instead of rolling and so you Gotta slowly rev up your engine or or Slowly rev up your speed instead of just Going from zero to 100 right away so we Had the power Forks on the Kubota I want To put on the bucket just in case there Was some pile I wanted to move out or in Case I got stuck and it's a lot easier To kind of use your loader to get Yourself out with a bucket versus any Other tool in my opinion One of those things putting it on you Know that's well it happens with the John Deere quick attached but I have More issues with it with the skid steer Quick attach you know you get a snow Kind of packed in between uh the two Plates or the two mating surfaces and You you don't get a good lock on there I Don't know what the heck happened I Thought I had these pins locked right Down in there but I wanted to dump all

That snow out And obviously I didn't so that was that Was pretty funny but an easy fix we got That thing hooked up and fortunately we Didn't have to use the bucket at all we Have plenty of traction plenty of power And in fact I was part way through Cult Of packing and grooming that trail Before I even realized I was in Two-wheel drive I switched in a Four-wheel drive discus folks so this is The dirt dog Colta Packer right here and You know me I love versatility so if you Can find something else to do with the Tool that you already have then that Just makes it more valuable and that's What I was trying to do with today's Video and I don't know I think it worked Pretty well maybe it's not for everybody But if you are thinking about a Cultipacker maybe for your food plus Your garden doing landscaping work for Yard Renovations or whatever and you Want some other purpose for it well Maybe this kind of gets the wheels Turning and maybe it's not even Necessarily grooming Trails but it makes You think of some other idea to do with This so that's really what the channel Is all about now this here is about as Big as they make them we can get them in Uh boy 60 72 84 different diameters as Well uh this is going to be the notched Style they have a smooth style too but

This kind breaks up the claws a little Bit more where you know if you're going To be tilling or plowing and then Seeding and all that kind of stuff this Just kind of helps I think for most Conditions work a little bit better but A lot of you guys out there have been Using quilted package for years so Share your expertise with others in the Comments section too on that so I don't Think you necessarily need to go with One that's this big to do what I did it Just happens to be kind of a good fit For the tractor that we were using today You know something like a 1025r Kubota BX Um you know 20 25 R you know the smaller Subcompacts and and compact tractors a 60 or 72 would be sufficient in like a Nine inch diameter But these are going to have greasable Bearings on there they're going to have A parking stand included quick hitch Compatible or just hook it up right to Your three-point hitch as well It's pretty straightforward I think There is an optional scraping kit that You can get I actually have never I Don't think sold one of those pretty Sure it bolts right down to here and It's basically going to be like mud Scrapers so be kind of like a little Plate that's positioned somewhere around Here and as the wheels are turning

Around if there's mud buildup on there Dirt buildup on there's going to kind of Clean it off and let the culpa Packer do Its job and then of course we've Mentioned it before but we have an Alternative to the three-point Mount Traditional big old honking style Cultipacker as well which is going to be The Packer Max it's made out of kind of That same material as our Rhino hide Canopies kind of like the bed liner Material HDPE is what it is a very Strong tough durable material it's Lightweight as well you can fill that Full of water or full of sand it's going To be pull type or you can get three Point Mount but they are set up in a way Where they can actually ship those like UPS ground or FedEx Ground not on a big Semi truck and LTL keeps the cost down That way too but a great solution for ATVs and utvs could be Garden Contractors or if you have Some stuff with a three-point hitch and Some stuff without you can get just a Pull type and you can pull it on any of Those pieces of equipment and so they're A member of the GWT discount Club you go Right to Packer Max's website you save Five percent with code GWT you order Right from them and they'll ship it Right out to you so here's that puddle Of oil the nice Trail coming right back To it and actually we had it had it

Parked here previously and it was right By the drain I thought this was like Just some leftover water that had dried Up and that's what was left then we come Back and had it parked here for five Minutes and this is what it looked like So we're draining pretty good Got another pile of oil up there too so We're going to try to tighten that plug Up don't know what the heck happened There but we'll have an update for you Down the road there's always something Coming up out of the blue around here so A good reason to subscribe now if you're Looking for a tractor attachment Something like this cultipacker Something for your front end loader or Anything else for your three-point hitch We'd love to help you out we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week check out goodworks Tractors.com I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon folks so I got the report back From my wife who I made those walking Trails for and turns out it made life a Little bit harder so apparently those Little ridges and then the really Compressed snow down in between there Kind of make your feet want to go one Way or the other and a little Challenging to walk in a straight line So

I don't know maybe next time the snow is Already melting off but maybe next time I'll do a double row pass on that try to Split the difference if I can [Music] Um maybe that'll make an improvement Some other folks though when I posted Pictures on social media said they'd Seen this before being used for a trail Grooming for cross-country skis or for Snowmobiles or whatever else so there Are some other potential more practical Uses for it but the verdict is in for The walking trail and at least the way That I did it doesn't work so well [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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