A Job I Really Didn’t Want to Take

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I had plans for today but those got Changed I just got a call to do a job That I really don't want to do But needs done and I'm the guy who needs To do it so I'm gonna need the backhoe For this so we're going to get it put on The tractor get loaded up and get on the Road I'll tell you more about it as we Go [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Applause] Foreign Just as hard as I am and clearly It's an important task at least as Important as the one I'm doing Is that that jeep run on chainsaw oil You got to fill it up before the drive Good plan [Music] [Applause] Thank you Foreign [Applause] I needed to get this top link off here Anyway And I might have some more work for the Backhoe so that this time's not wasted Switching attachments I actually do have a big project I'm

Really excited about that we'll be using The backhoe but I'm not ready to talk About it on the channel yet And it might I don't know if I'll be Ready to dig yet or if I have to wait a Few weeks But the reason I need to get this Cylinder off of here is one of the hoses Is bad And I can't take that hose off with it On there I might have to go get a hose this week If you haven't seen how the backhoe Works on this tractor you do remove the Top link But you leave the three-point arms on You put this bar right here in between The three-point arms and that's what Picks it up Foreign Use the bar to pick it up then you have These pins right here Go in right here One on each side the pin on that side is Off by about this much just a tiny Little bit but it won't go in I could fight with it or do other things But what I found the best is to go ahead And switch the Hydraulics because right Now my Hydraulics are running to the Three point Basically unplug a hose that disconnects Hydraulic flow to the three point and Sends that hydraulic flow to the backhoe

Once I do that I can use the Outriggers Or the bucket to put that pressure on And line that pin up pretty effortlessly So now we've switched those Hydraulics This is the pin that won't go in And that pin goes in it's got this Little bar that drops into place when It's all the way in so let's start it up And put a little pressure on this Outrigger Thank you And the panzan easy peasy I'll get the pin in the Outrigger the Way it should have been Yeah we got her all loaded up Gonna head out and get this sucker done I guess Okay All right Foreign [Applause] Thank you [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Well I'm back at the house now getting Ready to unload the tractor I felt a Little bit weird standing out there Narrating with Larry watching and Just a sad day for him that that little Donkey was Named Diamond and they've had it a long Time and all their grandkids played with

It and Um they had two horses out there that Lived with that donkey and they had to Get rid of the horses And Larry actually said he thinks the Donkey might have died of loneliness Because it just wasn't the same after They got rid of the horses And they don't know what else was wrong So Sad day and the kind of thing I didn't Want to do besides the fact I just Didn't want to go anywhere and do a job Today but It's always sad you know bearing an Animal like that but You know you you got to do what you got To do and you know me Larry's not Related to me but The same little girls call both of us Grandpa so Almost Of course they wanted to pay me to do That but I didn't want to take any money For it so I traded him some labor Digging that hole for these two metal Arches that you saw me pick up with the Tractor and those Are going to be my second bridge Guys if you follow along you know That We've got a bridge across the pond and They've got arches on each side these Arches are going to form the second

Bridge that's a project I'm excited to Get done so and Larry it actually kind Of told me he was just going to give me Those but I feel like it was a good Trade So anyway it's one of those days I Appreciate you guys taking time to watch The video put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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