If you are looking for something to Scoop with on the back your tractor say You don't have a front end loader those Things are expensive and they can be Hard to find especially for some older Tractors but even older tractors still Have a three-point hitch on them So get yourself something like this a Carry-all a scoop bucket okay watch Let's check it out Oh hang on I gotta be a little bit Stronger than that Bada bang dump it right out okay and Then when it's empty Reset it just like that all right you Can drop this thing all the way down let Me show you Right down to the ground all right so You can back up Scoop up whatever you need a pile of Dirt pile of snow roll things into it What else I mean I you got anything else What else can you do with it In fact you can carry all things with it Okay they have a 48 inch and a 60 inch Width When I first started working with Splitfire This is one of the products I first Wanted to feature but I understand They're mainly known for for wood Products right they're Splitters and They're chippers And this is kind of another

Segment that they have and they did a Really good job designing this thing so This is category one and category two Three-point hitch compatible and as you Can see we have it hooked up to a quick Hitch too it is quick hitch compatible Which is always awesome splitfire builds Their own products in-house right in Canada okay this stuff is not outsourced This is just completely done okay from Getting the steel cutting it forming it Welding it powder coating it shipping it Out you get it right from split fire 10 Gauge steel 320 pounds you're looking at For a 48 inch all right 60 inch a little Bit more I'll have to look it up we'll Show it on the screen now this tailgate Here is useful right if you want to hold Stuff in it you keep it in this position You can pull all these little latches Here completely remove it you're going To see other holes up top as well if you Want to have it kind of just along for The ride or you can move into a Different position or just let one hinge Hang open if you want to kind of Tailgate as you're going along and Spreading maybe some dirt out you don't Want it in one big pile you want to kind Of drive along let it slowly spread use The tailgate feature a couple other Things you may notice maybe you don't We'll Point them out you can see right Bolted on here is going to be a little

Hitch for a trailer ball so you can tow Something along if you want and then up Front here we have a tool carry all Right three slots there to put rake Shovels that kind of thing in there too But I'm telling you I think I really do I think this is a game changer all right There's just I don't know of any other Products that you can drop down right to The ground and scoop things up pick it Back up take it along pull the cord dump It out and repeat you know it's just It's just like just the bucket that You're paying for well I mean a little Bit more than that but you don't need a Front end loader I mean that's just That's huge and in fact I can see this Being practical if you want to haul Firewood and do some other things with It as well if you're just looking for a More ballast weight if you just want to You know even pick up stuff around the House and just throw it in here and take It to a burn pile and dump it maybe you Just have a grapple on the front maybe You have pallet Forks doing something Else on the front end loader as well a Lot of uses for it a very versatile Functional piece of equipment I don't Know if you can tell or not but I was Really excited to get this thing in and Tell you guys about it so while they are Based in Canada they ship to the states All the time in fact they've got a U.S

Version of their website and a Canadian Version of their website you order Directly through splitfire they're going To set you up with what you need whether You need a chipper a splitter or a Carry-all or maybe all three they can Help you out they have distribution over A huge chunk of the world actually so Even if you're International a lot of Folks want products that we sell here And we can't ship over there it's just Too cost prohibitors but split fire is Set up with distributors in different Parts of the world so there's a good Chance they may be able to help you out Too but enough of the chit chat I want To try this thing out it's still shiny And new looking I want to change that so We're going to pick up some stuff around Here and we're proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available

At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com and see how it Works [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Cool all right so we used it for a Couple of different things Small learning curve easy enough to Figure out and I think it makes sense When you load it full of something heavy Like dirt and it's up in the air and you Pull this cord nothing's going to happen Because there's so much pressure on that Latch that you're in I mean I can't do It so anyway all you do is just lower it To the ground get the pressure off of That latch and then right from the Operator's seat eventually you'll see me Doing it just picking it up and down From there and I think well it'll work

For obviously for any size tractor the Smaller tractors that don't have as much Lift height they're not sitting as high You're not going to get as steep of a Tilt angle all right so that's just a Logical thing and a limitation of it but Also we have this ball or the the little Hitch plate on there on the back side Too and so that's touching the ground First and also limiting our our pitch or Our angle and you know if I was going to Use this on a regular basis I probably Wouldn't use that hitch all that often It's we got it more just to show that It's an Something that you can put on here but You take that off and you're going to Have a nice clean Leading Edge on there Too make it a little bit easier for you Also really using this for firewood it Makes more sense to take this tailgate Completely off that way you can just Kind of cram it full the whole way Through Um one of the times when I backed up Into it it must have just been the right Everything combination coming together And the latch actually released and when I went to lift it up you know the whole Scoop was was tipping out and emptying Out back out so Um you know again this is the first time Using it I think it's really good in the Application that wet dirt

Slid out pretty easy by hand and what That little scraper thing that I had There but Um that's a limitation compared to Having a nice hydraulic bucket right is Where you can raise that up and just use Your little joystick rock it back and Forth and try to shake as much of that Wet and sticky dirt out of there Sometimes you're still not going to get It out like in certain buckets when You're loading it up you still gotta get Out there and do it by hand but you know It's not well actually it's just a Really good solution I think for on the Back side for a scoop for somebody Doesn't have a loader or wants a Different functionality besides what's On their front end loader works really Just like it's supposed to actually digs In I mean it's got a like a regular Bucket Edge on it down here too uh digs Right in and in fact in that big dirt Pile It was taken down into the Earth a Little bit too so Um pretty slick I like it very pleased With it I don't sell these again get Them through split fire okay you order There directly doesn't hurt to say that I sent that you found them through me Right we have an advertising Relationship where they send me products I feature them I've wanted to work with

Them for a long time I think they make And build just fantastic high quality Equipment small company up there doing Good things and so while we don't sell These products in particular we do sell All sorts of things for tractors okay For the front end loader and the Three-point hitch so if there's Something you need check out our website Goodworkstrractors.com free shipping Rewards financing all sorts of good Stuff new products coming out too from Time to time if you own a tractor you Probably should do yourself a favor and Hit that subscribe button down below and Follow along over 600 videos out there Already so check those out if you Haven't yet we have more coming every Week I want to thank you for taking time Out of your day to stop by and until Next time stay safe we'll see you soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right Baby [Applause] [Music]

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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