Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Folks what do you think about this guy Pushing pumpkins what's going on with Him he's kind of nuts isn't he hey did You know 75 of your watch and are Subscribed what's going on there hit That button down below we sell the ship Tractor attachments all over the country Check out what we have to offer at Goodworks tractors.com if you want to See how an attachment Works before you Buy we have almost 600 videos now so Take a look on our video library on YouTube and see if we have what you need And if you're looking for a stocking Stuffer idea well we sell affordable Merchandise shipped right to you now we Don't profit from that at all you can Buy it through a link on our website any Of the profits that do come in we donate Those to charity all right I want to see What else this guy's up to today Folks enjoying some warm weather under The circumstances late November in Michigan you know I've been staring at

These pumpkins out here that are all the Leftovers in the garden not sure what I'm gonna do with them you know it's It's amazing how hard it is to actually Give away pumpkins I I told just about Everybody I know that they're welcome to Come get these and and anyway everybody Had their fair share and this is what Was left over I could have left them there of course But I was kind of thinking of next year I want to minimize at least the amount Of competition with weeds and everything Else and I thought well hey I got this Pusher on the summit tractor it's it's Hooked up let's just push these things Out of the way and and get them out of Here and so that's what we did exactly That and so you're trying to find that That well fine little area hovering sort Of above the ground just barely touching It because it's a lot of soft ground It's really uneven so your your loader's Going up and down a lot you don't want To drag away a bunch of dirt so we're Able to push some pumpkins in some Watermelon stew and get those out of the Way and so anyway that worked pretty Well and a lot of folks are are always Asking well what else can you do with a Snow Pusher to try to help justify the Cost right and now I have heard of folks If you have a rubber Edge or well I Guess you could do it with a steel Edge

Too but like down in Florida where they Have hurricanes or areas where they have A lot of flooding they'll take those Pushers and and push water with them and Try to get it out of the way never tried That but this is something else you can Do you can put some pumpkins didn't you Know and so we'll have more information Coming on that snow Pusher that summit's Going to be offering they're also going To have a hydraulic snow plow too the Summit tractor comes standard with the Third function up front so their snow Plow is going to come standard with a Third function on the or the hydraulic Kit on there too to match up with that So you can angle it without having to Get off your seat and so then after that We actually just got in recently a Handful of attachments from Oregon tool Organ tool No Oregon tool okay Chris used to live In in Oregon and so I guess that's he Knows how to say it so Oregon tool is What we have right here this subsoiler And I'm going to get you the measurement The reason we're not using the summit Tractor is a lot of those smaller the Subcompacts and the smaller compacts Don't have enough lift height on their Three-point hitch and so that's the case With that Summit your 1025s Kubota BX The Kubota b2601 might be borderline but We'll get you a measurement from the

Bottom of this of the subsoiler up to Where The lower three-point arms are because That'll help you determine if this will Work for your tractor or not so check The listings for that in case we don't Catch it in time to put it in the video But we did some video last year or maybe It was this spring with a dirt dog sub Soiler a really heavy duty one and uh it Was my first time using one first time Buying any of them and I had a pretty Good response on those uh the heavy duty Ones for like Weezer on our big Kubota You could use it on the John Deere 4 Series Kubota large and grandel like the L6060 but you get to a smaller subsoiler And dirt dog has one as well organ tool Is a pairing company for spico actually And so they make the speaker quick hitch They wanted to get into some other Attachments and so they had these so I Figured I'd get them in and try them out And we got a handful of these to sell It's a very simple piece of equipment Right so it's just a lot of Steel that's Welded together you want to have a lot Of bracing here for support you're Really you're really taxing the Equipment you're taxing the tractor That's why I took the John Deere eye Match off of here is I really wanted That direct connection to the Three-point hitch and so while I'm not a

Farmer I just play a farmer on TV you Know I I'm told subsoiling in the fall Is better than doing so in the spring And the idea behind that is is kind of Twofold is to break up hard pan kind of Near the surface and it's to allow Drainage to run off and get down deeper Into the roots and get more moisture Down deep below and let those roots Really drive down into the ground too And be well rooted I don't know if There's a right or wrong as far as how Much spacing you should go or not but I Just kind of use the the tire tracks as My my spacing so I went down a row and Then I use the other tire and went over A row and kind of followed my track and Repeated that process and I thought About going crisscross this way too you Know and for this area here we did have Some well we didn't get a lot of footage Of it this summer but there was kind of Those washouts you know where the water Would want to run down this hill instead Of kind of Staying where you want it with the Plants and everything else and and so That's kind of the idea behind all this Too is to catch that and not let it just Run off on the surface down but go where You want it to go and so there's a lot Of a lot of Articles out there other Folks a lot smarter than me that can Tell you more about the benefits of

Subsoiling and a lot of you guys are Going to do like the no-till type stuff Too and want nothing to do with this Also so you know I don't to do Completely no-till and organic farming And and all that with no chemicals is is A real tough go of it and and vice versa You know you you get erosion concerns And Um Disruption of the soil composition Everything else doing this and you're Going to get both sides of the fence and I'm not here to tell you that's right or Wrong I'm just showing you the piece of Equipment now something I found Interesting is that right near the end This hose this top hose on our hydraulic Top Lane completely loosened up and I Don't know if that was just a Coincidence or if it was because of all Of the kind of the stress and strain That an attachment like this can put on Um Well hydraulic top link for example or Even the three-point hitch so I I don't Know if that was coincidental or not if Anybody else has input on that I'd be I'd be curious to know but you are Putting a lot of force up here you know You think about like a long breaker bar If you want to change a tire you know And you have a really long bar well Think about how long that is right here

Where it's kind of has that much more Force that's way down here to Potentially Jam this up or something Else I don't know what's going on I'm Just trying to trying to figure it out And I'm not 100 sure and maybe it was Just a coincidence so anyway this was More about getting out and enjoying some Sunshine we've had a lot of gloom and Snow over the last week or so in cold Weather too and this is a nice break I Think I'm going to actually move the Garden from this area up in front of the Fence and the pasture there for next Year and turn this area into a food plot And that's kind of part of the evolution As you move to a new place and you kind Of get to know the ground and the layout And that's one of the reasons or at Least one of the reasons I like to say I Go slow and procrastinate and you know Didn't put a fence around here already For the garden because you know maybe I Was gonna move it right so Procrastination pays that's that's Basically what I'm saying and so I only Ran the subsoiler downhill I figured I Don't want to make life more difficult Running it uphill you know most of you Folks are maybe going to run it on Fairly level ground too but uh well I Don't know there most of the time I Could keep it fully engaged but it would Kind of start to collect some of that

Top material and almost this whole rail That went across here was Then I felt like giving a lot of Resistance so I'd raised it up a little Bit maybe I don't know a couple extra Inches or so and seem to do just fine And slowly lower it back down but Overall John Deere 2038r the John Deere 2032r Basically the same machine six fewer Horsepower I think would do a very Similar job your Kubota your LX Series Right your 2610 your LX 3310 somewhere In there you go larger like a John Deere 3E series a John Deere 3r series Kubota L3560 l3301 all those models there I'm Just throwing examples if you have a Tractor that's a Mahindra a coyote a Massey something else just find Something comparable to those in size And that's where it's going to be a good Fit for this so folks you got to see a Couple of attachments for the first time On the channel today of course the Oregon tool subsoiler we're gonna have a Tiller a brush hog A trailer mover Might be forgetting something but They're going to be several things we're Going to show from them as well the Tiller looks very promising Um on there too and then of course the Uh the snow Pusher on the summit they're Going to offer those snow pushers and

The snow plows we'll do more information On that specifically for you we sell and Ship tractor attachments all over the Country every day of the week go to Goodworks tractors.com we'd love to help You out if you haven't subscribed yet we Want you to tag along so hit that Subscribe button down below completely Free give us a thumbs up leave a comment I want to thank you for taking time out Of your day to stop by and until next Time stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign [Music]

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