A New Titan in the Equipment Industry? Who is Ironcraft?

So I've been coming to this show for a Little while and I come across this Booth today and there's a wide range of Attachments here but the brand is iron Craft and I thought I've never heard of This is this a new company and so I've Grabbed someone who can maybe answer That for us yeah thanks Brock so uh We've been in this booth for several Years actually the founding company was Founded in 2014. it was called Titan Implements of Athens Tennessee Previously Titan name got confused with Some other Titan Brands and products and Industries that are very similar to ours But we actually manufacture in Athens And Decatur Tennessee we also have a Facility in Denton North Carolina we Pride ourselves on focusing on American Made first and then we will Outsource And we will use some parts that we can't Get here but since 2014 we've been Building the product and in since 2014 We've been in this very Booth under Titan implements uh middle of last year We changed our name to iron craft and we Think it's really taken that confusion Out of the marketplace and allowed us to Display all the great products that we Have and just a quick story for you guys And for you as well I saw some of your Products online and in my mind I said I Think there might be two Titan Attachments and I don't I'd heard some

Negative things about the other one and That kind of stopped me from buying so a Rebrand's probably a good thing but There's a Titan in every category I Think it's a really really another Product name so you want to tell me a Little bit about the products you guys Have yeah so uh we have three point Attachments we've got skid steer loader Attachments and we're adding in several Mini excavator attachments we have a few But we're adding and we're working to Expand that portfolio all of the Three-point attachments are made in Athens and Decatur Tennessee and then Our Denton North Carolina formerly CID We acquired CID middle of last year as Well we are manufacturing those in Denton North Carolina and selling them Through dealers under the iron craft Brand do you guys know anytime I can I Want to buy something that's made in America so that's a great part of the Story what do you think is probably your Biggest Market is your number one thing You sell the most of right now so the Colors are really what the 1205 the Cutters are really what we're known for And now with the flux swing especially If you saw the red white and blue Flex Wing over here that is what's really Taken off so that market is just Expanding just like a Wings suggests is It just red white and blue today for the

Show or do you sell it that way we'll do Anything the way the customer wants to That one does have a slight price Difference from a normal cutter but uh We will sell them in in the standard Gray or the Kubota orange or the you Know blue we match what the customer Needs and I'm getting ready to walk Around and look at some of the other Stuff but I think you just said it but If someone wants to buy this or they're Ordering it for you from you or is it All through deals it's all through Dealers we work with our dealer Network Very closely you can go on our website Ironcraftusa.com and go to the your Locator put your ZIP code in and that'll Bring you to the closest dealer and then They'll have inventory and be able to Provide you with uh pricing and Availability I'm really intrigued over Here you've got like an extendable boom Brush mower for a speed loader yeah it's Cool is that a new product for you guys Or so we've actually had it for a while But it's kind of been at the back of the Booth we brought both of the the offset Foil mower for the three points and the Swing boom mower with a skid steer up to The front and unlike a lot of Cutters You do not have to have high flow for That one so you can go 90 degrees out It's like 30 degrees down extend it out Or work with it in front of you all

Right hold on I'm gonna go check that Out a little bit more but I really Appreciate you taking time to talk to me Yeah thanks bro

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