A New Way to Mount Tools on Your Tractor – ITC Quick Attach

A New Way to Mount Tools on Your Tractor – ITC Quick Attach

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Hey it’s Brock And Zayden here with Rock Hill Farms and Today is a fun day because we’ve got Some new stuff for the tractor that I’m Excited to show you guys So what is in these boxes is a toolbox And a chainsaw mount Ow A lot of you know I’ve got the artillion Modular system that goes on your rops And you can mount a toolbox and a Chainsaw on it but I like to show different options and not Everyone is going to end up wanting the Same thing what is that what is that I Don’t know it’s part of our system we’ve Got here Wow all this stuff is heavy made I got a Pan here And bolts looks like it’s got a u-bolt So it’s an interesting story how I ended Up with this system I have a long time viewer I’ve got a Bunch of long time viewers who are Always watching the videos and Commenting And one name that I recognize seeing a Lot sent me a message and said he makes His own product and then he said His son has a YouTube channel and his Son is 16 and he may he has a tractor Channel So it’s called Caden’s outdoor life and I was familiar with it I talked to Kaden

Before turns out his dad makes these Products so to me That’s a win-win I I was at that point I Knew I had to show it So this is the ITC saw boss ITC stands For interchangeable tool carrier so I Don’t know yet exactly how it works but Somehow you can swap between different Attachments that you want to put on the Same mounting hardware what do you think Of this Aiden yeah Yeah you like it you think this would be Good for carrying a chainsaw yeah what About putting a toolbox on the same Mounting system that holds this It’s a good idea what kind of tools Would we put in it Out now maybe a screwdriver What else what other kinds of tools does A tractor guy need maybe some hamburger A hamburgers hamburgers so this system It’s good for screwdrivers and Hamburgers so I haven’t looked at the Instructions or anything but it looks to Me like a very simple system this mounts Onto your loader Mast this mounts onto Your saw holder and then this slides Onto here Then if you want to take this off and Put something else on the same holder You’ve got that versatility you can also Make these a on a wall mount system so You put these in your shop and when you Don’t want to carry a chainsaw you take

This off slide it onto the wall mount The owner told me that the wall mount Set up and a couple of other accessories Are going to be released really soon so If this ends up being a good setup you May see me showing some of those Products as well Okay so this should be the toolbox you Want to pull some of this stuff out of Here for me Okay pull some of that paper out Just throw it over there Oh You it’s important lessons Aiden when You pick something heavy up you got a Grunt like this watch when this piece of Paper is in here when I go to pick it up I go And then they know I’m working hard you Want to try it Okay oh it’s so heavy always grunt when You pick something up so everyone around You knows how hard you’re working Nothing’s in it nothing’s in it okay so This Looks like it’s just the one component It’s on me don’t set it on you Looks heavy well if it’s heavy just a Grunt maybe grunt twice if it’s really Heavy Whoa that’s wow Okay so We have a a tray that holds the toolbox Then we have our actual toolbox here

It’s about the right size you don’t want Anything too huge on the side of your Loader Okay it’s got a tray in it and some Paper I’ll get you want to get the rest of This stuff out of there Is there anything in that paper Yes ER he’s getting good on those grunts In fact we have the exact same mounting Hardware that we used on the other one Which once again goes to the fact that This is an interchangeable system [Music] And we have the same thing yeah the same Thing so This will mount on here again Exact same thing this is going to mount The toolbox onto this plate this plate Will lift on and off So it’s a simple enough system That I don’t need instructions to tell How it works Um I’m not sure exactly where this goes But this looks like a retainer to keep Your tool from about falling off once It’s mounted And we got one more thing here We’ll open it up Um Um Yep this is a second mounting bar so it Looks like I’m gonna have the option I

Can have a chainsaw holder on one side And a toolbox on the other If you just want one you could have one Mount on one side and switch between a Toolbox a chainsaw holder and whatever Else they come out with but for me I’m Gonna have one on each side That is a four Nice looking four Into you and now it’s an inn ER [Music] Today’s episode was brought to you by The letter U and the number four What do you say go ahead To you Four and a n and if you did this If you did this it’s a j Yeah So what do you say we go get a tractor And we actually Mount this stuff on the Tractor We’ll be right back I wanted to do all This outside but it’s so windy I didn’t Know if you’d be able to hear me there Was a couple other things I wanted to Tell you real quick before we get this Mounted number one When they sent me these products they Also gave me a discount code if you guys Use code Rock Hill 5 you’ll save five Percent off of any of the ITC quick Attach products another thing I wanted To tell you about is we’ve actually set

Up our own website we’ve got a few Custom products on there one is this Product we make ourselves It’s called Blue Ox wax this is an ax Wax it can also be used as a furniture Polish but we’re making this ourselves A few simple ingredients and Smells really nice If anything it reminds me of leather So you can put that on an ax or anything With a wooden handle or even Furniture You can use it as a furniture polish but We intend it to be used on axes Because the other product that we’re Going to be offering is Custom axes with your engraving on them Like this So this one says Rock Hill Farm It’s a little bit hard to see in the Reflection on the camera But that is etched in there and we’re Doing our own etching see that one says Rock Hill Farm on it So you can get a custom ax like that one There You can get The Rock Hill logo On the head we’ve got a couple different Versions of that you can get it on the Handle you can get your own family name So if you if your name’s John Smith and You want this handle to say Smith you Can order one of these that says Smith On it so

Just something we’re trying to do Because everyone sells t-shirts right if You’ve got a YouTube channel or any Social media following you’re probably Selling T-shirts with your logo on it And we’ve got that but I thought Do the people who watch my channel need A t-shirt Or maybe they would rather have a Hatchet so just a little something but Let’s get these mounted on here and see How it all works I also I almost forgot We are doing these Tree limb coasters that one says Rock Hill Farm this one is for buck and Billy Ray Says get the gullet I made some for my Favorite channels but anyway let’s get To this if you are interested in Ordering something like this Rockhillfarminhomes.com all right so I Still haven’t looked at any instructions Because who would do that All right so I’m going to put this right Above my diverter valve Let’s put the u-bolt around it Put a nut on each side Doesn’t get much simpler than that take The three quarter inch socket But when you’re threading something on Just a tiny little bit who has the Patience for a ratchet So now

We’re going to mount our chainsaw holder Onto the quick attach plate well Actually that would be the next step Except that I have this chain box So in my case I’ll be attaching the Chain box to the saw holder and the Quick attach to the chain box Now all of these are Just options you can order it different Ways and I was just on the quick attach Website some of those other products are Already available you can get a fuel can Holder that holds your your Hatchet and Your wedges and different things like That but he specifically told me they Had more new products on the way Okay so that is not too heavy but it Pretty heavy made That goes on right there Then when I first saw this I thought man that can’t just set on It’ll bounce off But that’s what this is for You got this pin here with uh the little Ball that pushes in on the end to keep This from coming off Pretty solid I think before we put the Other one on I’ll go grab An actual chainsaw and see how it fits In here Okay So I got the 500i with a 25 inch bar on It And I would say

I’ve got a 36 inch bar that I can put on This I run it sometimes but for the Average user you’re probably not doing Anything bigger than a 25 inch bar even A lot of the loggers I’ve talked to are Using 25s Um Foreign I’ll have to ask this has some holes in It here I wonder what else this can Mount to with those holes it doesn’t Really matter for today just curious But there she is you can put your chain On this side Saw on this side If you want you say man I’m going into The an area that’s going to be tight Turning radius I don’t want to mess with All that you can take the saw out and Then take this holder off or you can Lift the whole thing off like this But for right now I think I’m going to Be cutting cutting up a tree tomorrow So I’m going to leave this mounted on Here And if I was going to leave one of these On all the time I’d use a smaller saw But When you know you’re going to be cutting Wood So this is the pros and cons any system No matter what you’re looking at there Are pros and cons I’ve raved about the Artillion system I love the artillion

System it reminds me of this in that It is adaptable you can do different Things with it same thing here but There’s always a downside with the Artillion tool rack the downside is Visibility If you put it up too high it’s hard to Get stuff in and out of you put it down Too low it can affect your implement I set mine about Midway up the rops and Doesn’t interfere with anything but it Affects my visibility if I need to look Backward I take the racks off no big Deal same thing here This isn’t going to affect visibility It’s not going to cause any other issues But if I’m in a tight space This is sticking out Because with this particular saw there’s No way I could turn it the other way This has a three-quarter wrap handle I Don’t know some small saws maybe you Could but this is sticking out 12 16 Inches so just something to keep in mind I almost forgot This can mount on the rops I’ve chosen To put mine on the loader Mast but they Have a mounting kit for the loader they Have a mounting kit for your rops I Already have a rops tool system that’s Why I’m mounting mine on the loader but They’ve got flexibility even said I Could put it on the skid loader or a Flat surface or anything so I’ll have to

Look at all that But let’s go get the toolbox put on the Other side okay so this all went Together the same way this attached Exactly the same way I could put this Further down But I kind of like it where it’s at right Here I think And then you use the same four bolts to Put this onto here You want to take this off it’s the same Design with the PIN We just Drop that in Put the pin through locked in place Actually because this is downhill I’m Gonna put my pin from this side seems Like the chances of that pan coming out Are a lot lower if I put it in that Direction but check out the pinned Comment and the description of this Video you’ll have links to the ITC quick Attach products use code Rock Hill five For five percent off I think it is an Innovative design I think we’re going to see this company Do bigger and better things as they Continue to grow also check out Rockhillfarmenhomes.com hey what are we Going to do after this video Going fishing he’s been waiting Patiently he loves tractors but he’s Been waiting patiently for me to be done

So we can go fishing But I appreciate you taking time to Watch the video I’ll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I’ll see you next time

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