A Simple Modification to Make Your Box Blade more Useful

adding a receiver to my box blade

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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms It's been kind of a dreary rainy day and I want to get out and do some work and I've had an idea I've been kicking Around for a while to add a receiver to My box blade because it's my favorite Thing to leave on the tractor when I'm Not specifically using a three-point Attachment it's heavy enough for a Ballast especially since I hang four Sets of suitcase weights on it and it's Compact doesn't really get in the way so A lot of times I leave this on here but I like to be able to move my log Splitter around with the three-point on The tractor so what the box blade needs A receiver on it and I had one plan to Do it and I think I've changed my mind How I want to do it so this is a setup I Made to put on my bucket originally and I've come up with another way to have Chain hooks on a bucket but I was Thinking I've already got this plate That's already got some bolts on it bolt Holes I can bolt this on right here and Then put a receiver on top of it but That receiver would have the same Problem that the one on my bucket has And that is it's going to be too tall The Box Blade's probably taller than my Splitter so I thought about just putting It on there anyway because then I'd have These hooks here I could hook chains to It for something which would be fine I

Guess if I want to lift something and Drag it but that's not super common and I've got other ways to do that and hook Chains here to pull is not a great idea Why would I hook chains all the way up Here when I can hook them next to the Draw bar where they belong so I was Thinking well maybe this plan's not Going to work what what could I do Instead then I remembered this guy right Here this Receiver can bolt on right Here and that's definitely down low Enough but will still go up high enough To turn my box blade into an efficient Move An efficient way to move my log splitter And that's really what I'm after and Then if I did want to pull something With hooks I can still do that with the Receiver I have this as one of several Different things that slide into a Receiver that you can use and I have a Winch that mounts on a receiver so if I Needed to I could hook a winch to the Back of this even though that may not be Something I do all the time I like Having options and versatility within my Attachments so right now today I'm going To see if we can get this bolted up Right here I know I'm going to get a lot Of suggestions on other ways I can do This because I always get a lot of Suggestions like that and I actually

Appreciate them so go ahead and give Those suggestions but one way I see People do this a lot is putting the ball Directly on here and that is an option So I could cut a big hole in this and Just drop this through right right here The problem is the top of this ball I Cuz I almost did that before but the top Of this ball would be at like 19 to 20 In and that's too tall for my log Splitter it's too tall for The Sawmill and you never know when you Might have a short trailer so that's a Good option but that's why I'm not doing It that way now what I do think would be A better option would be a Horizontal rece Right Here but I don't have one and the ones That I've used before have four bolts I'd only be able to get two bolts in it So I'd be welding it and it would still Be too high and I would have to go get a Drop hitch so I would have to buy the Top plate and I would have to buy the Drop hitch so that's why I'm not putting It up There okay so the challenge here is just To get those four bolt holes drilled And Straight all right here's another one a Gosh I suck it's putting off too much Paint it's Running oh you guys can tell a better

Way to do this probably a fine tip Marker actually the best answer is to Have an actual punch that is the same Size is this hole so it centers it that Way but the set of punches I have aren't Like That [Music] Something else I want to say I'll climb Up on my soap box for a minute for that Percentage of people who are complaining About the tool reviews and the vivor Stuff I do it because I want to get Projects done and work done around here And if you're saying why does he keep Taking these tool tools from vivor well I want to do stuff like put a pitch onto My box blade and I can't do it if I Don't have the tools and the equipment And I've got a thousand projects that I'd like to get done and the more stuff I have the easier it is to get that done So let's get that mag drill from Yesterday's video put up here and see How well it does boring these holes Out we'll see if it's better at boring Holes than I am at boring videos you Know you think someone who made like Howto videos and working videos would Know how to do a thing or two but I Don't know how to do much of anything The right way let's see if I can get This Sucker right

There and turn it on so this has a Center punch in the middle of the boring Bit so I know that I'm perfectly lined Up with the Mark I just Made and If you're curious about this unit and You didn't watch my video yesterday or You're watching this video in the future I'll put a link at the end of this video To the video about the mag drill now Yesterday I was using WD40 on this and I Talked about how stupid that was I Should be using an actual cutting oil That's made to be a cutting oil well I Haven't been to the store I don't own a Bottle of cutting oil so I could go and Just get that right now but instead I'm Going to see if this rust Patrol does a Better better job as a cutting oil than The WD40 [Applause] [Music] Did [Applause] [Applause] I think that rain's picking up a little Bit all right I guess to get it down Here close again that really helped on Alignment And Having that actual center punch divot And then dropping that Center Point Which is Center Point springloaded Dropping that Center Point right down

Inside that that Mark is making this Easier and I think the rust Patrol works Better than the WD40 [Music] Yeah I know I should be wearing safety Glasses I'll go get Some now what am I using as a judgment To say this works better I mean I don't Know less smoke though it's definitely Smoking Less okay For Those faithful people who've stuck Around this Far I'm pretty pumped right Now because I've been teasing this for a While but by the end of the year there's Going to be major changes to the type of Equipment I'm using on this Channel and it'll take about four videos For you to tell that whole story of the Changes I'm making but the first piece Of new equipment is supposed to be here Tomorrow Which by the time you're watching this I'll already have it Probably and I'm pretty Pumped um but that's enough about that Uh but that that video will be out Within a day or [Music] Two [Music]

Oh Now these holes are only half in Diameter so I actually could have Drilled those with a regular drill but There's a quite a difference here I need A debing tool I don't know I've got one I I don't know where if I'd find it but Uh these holes are perfectly Clean and exactly the right size and Still using the same first bit so and That tool can drill up to an inch and a Half diameter hole I didn't realize how Thick the steel on the back of this box Blade was that's pretty pretty thick Stuff I'm also not sure if my bolts are Long enough but I've got this plate and The box blade and then These Bars here That I used with this receiver in the Past that are going to kind of help it Maintain the strength I Guess hopefully my holes are lined up It's All not to get too picky about it but You know what would have been a good Idea would have been to uh bring the Nuts out here with me You know maybe even a wrench I don't Want to get too carried Away these plates will put enough Tension on the bolts to at least keep it From falling down got it think these are Galvanized bolts I don't remember they Might just be common Bolts and I've happened to have a lot of

These Nylock nuts that are the right Size [Applause] [Music] All right so now we're set up and I've Got several different options of what I Can put on here here I've got Different drop hitches I've got this one That has three balls I have the hook I've got a recovery tool so I can put Whatever I want and the winch that is Receiver mount on here and I think it'll Be plenty strong for what I do like I Said earlier if I had a big trailer that Had a lot of weight on it I've got Another option I can put up closer to The Tractor but this is good to just Have on there so that I can move my Equipment around without switching Attachments and I think it worked out Pretty well I appreciate you taking time To watch this video I'll put links on The screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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