A Simple Tool that Every Equipment Operator Needs

I tell you what I love this skid loader But I don't love taking care of the Tracks but this is a very expensive Piece of equipment and if you allow mud To cake up in the tracks like I have Today and don't get it cleaned out You're wearing out your components and Stressing the drive system unnecessarily So I need to do a better job of taking Care of that so the build up you see Here is the last job I did I spent 12 Hours on two days trying to clear out This like 150 foot long eight foot tall Sawdust pile And I was in the mud for the whole 12 Hours dealing with that And then yesterday I came down here and Ran the power rake on some muddy ground And I didn't clean the tracks in between So I have a major mess Now what I'm doing today besides Cleaning it out like normal is Demonstrating this tool right here that I got from one-eyed customs YouTube Channel I was there to visit Adam from Hometown acres and take a look At some of his equipment and while I was There his neighbor came over next door Neighbor named Doug makes these right Here His channel is called one-eyed customs And Doug's a conscientious guy he's uh Creative and he's a fabricator and he

Would never let his tracks look like That every time he finishes something he Just cleans him with this tool real Quick And so he would never let it get like This and if Doug watches this he's Probably gonna be losing his mind Looking at my tracks Now this says right on it not a pry tool But I think I'm gonna have to use it Like a pry tool to clean this out that's Because he made it really lightweight so That you could just clip it to the side Or use magnets to hold it it's Hollow It's light it's handy but mine are Already like that so let's see how well This works at cleaning them up All right man this is a mess I watched Adam on Hometown Acres use This and this to end right here he just Raked all the loose stuff off here and If you do that every day be really easy Then on the nose of the his mini Excavator the nose gear on the tracks is Really narrow and he could just run this Scraping tool through there I think the biggest problem that I'm Causing by running it with the tracks Dirty like this You can see all this shiny metal Where it's pressed up against this mud And that grit that's in the mud And running it like that wears down the The sprocket

So I've done this before with a little Short shovel have like a narrow Trenching shovel that I've been using For this This definitely gets up in there better The shape of it really works well and It's the fact it's so lightweight makes It easy to store on the equipment and Have it with you Now I've got a lot of this out but I Still have a bunch behind here let me See if I can access that So this is a spot I've already been Working on halfway done with it and I've Had trouble cleaning out here before but The shape of this tool lets me come down And then rotate it And get in between here If you're thinking why not just use a Power washer I do sometimes And that works but it's a lot Messier Than you might think if you've never Done it before makes a bigger mess using A power washer than you might think and You got mud spraying back in your face I would much rather Pick all this out first Then move the machine and power wash it With all this mud out of the way For the percentage of people that think I'm trying to sell a product I'm not at All I don't even think Doug wants to Sell these but if you're interested in The measurements or the design or how he

Built this Uh contact one-eyed Customs go to his YouTube channel leave a comment tell him You saw this video here and you want to Know how to make a a hook like he's got All right I'm going to do the other side Exactly like I did this side then back Up a little bit and hit it with the Power washer this Champion power washer Has been setting here For a year in the same spot it's Currently March so it sat right here all Through the winter which is the worst Thing you can do For anything with an engine on it but Especially Well this has This runs water through it this should Have been taken into the garage So if it just fires right up after Sitting out all winter I'll be shocked But Champion has always done that for me In the past So choke Gas on I would expect at least to have to Change out the gas You can say whatever you want about any Brand But Champion Power Equipment and my Personal experience no matter how much I Ignore it or leave it setting or don't Take care of it starts up Within two pulls every time

Good Ness Foreign There's nothing miraculous about this Tool and I'm not trying to sell it but It does take a job that's a pain to do And makes it a little bit easier so I feel like it helped me out I appreciate you taking time to watch The video check out Doug from one eyed Customs I'll put links on the screen to More of our videos and I'll see you next Time