A Thorn in My Side

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to see if we can Push over a tree and if we can't push it Over we'll try to dig it out and then Push it over and if that doesn't work We'll cut it down what I'm talking about I believe is right about here And it's still a good sized tree trunk But it's been completely burned and the Top's gone off of it And taking it down doesn't really serve A practical purpose but every morning I Walk out of my back door right there and Walk up to my shop and on that walk I see that burnt dead tree standing There it's driving me crazy so today We're gonna get rid of it This actually has a fair bit of rot on The outside like I said it's all been Burned They used to burn this whole property Off And What I don't know is how long this has Been dead And that's going to make the difference In how hard it is to get rid of It's pretty tall I mean There's still a lot of tree there be a Lot easier if this was on flat ground That was cleared around it but we'll Just clear it Foreign

Foreign So I honestly thought it was going to be Difficult to get that to push out I tried there was one like this on the Other part of the property and I tried Pushing it over with the tractor and it It wouldn't budge and I thought I bet This thing's rooted a lot harder than it Looks I mean that put that skid loader will Push a lot harder than a tractor and it Reaches up higher for more leverage but I didn't think it'd be that easy so I'm Thinking what else can I do there's Another one just right over here that's Burned like that And we'll go to that one next as I look At the way I want to manage this Property there's a lot of appeal to Burning it would clear all this Underbrush and get rid of it If you look right here that log has been Burned We got this standing dead tree over here That's burned This big one laying up here And what I'm saying is I think if I burn Off all this underbrush I'm going to Hurt these nice Oak trees that are still standing here And I'd rather not do that but it's just So hard to navigate up here This one I know will push over because It's only 10 foot tall and half the

Bottom is visibly rotted out I don't Even think I'll have to push it over I Can probably just pick it up and carry It off then right behind us there's Another big one so we'll just see how Much of this we can clean up at once Foreign Is much bigger it's not really burned But it's it's dead there's a little bit Of rot happening on the outside so let's Just see Foreign What I was hoping for is that these Trees even though They're dead enough that I can push them Over would still be solid enough at Least in places that I could get Firewood out of the trunk this one most Definitely is not So I pushed over so easy the whole Trunk is hollow so this one's going Straight on the burn pile probably At least one of those other two will get Tried for firewood so we'll see what we Get it's gonna be a little bit tricky Getting this out of here so I'm gonna go Put the grapple on the tractor see if we Can carry all of these logs out of here At once Foreign Foreign To summarize the goings on There used to was a tree here now there Ain't no more

So I appreciate you taking time to watch The video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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