A Unique Sawmill – EZ Boardwalk 40 #sawmill

First thing I noticed is these log stops Are different than anything I've seen Before just pivot it down so if you've Got a short log you just drop it down if You've got a tall one flip it up and Then just start the blade it's this Handle right here and you can see it Slides the motor that way to engage the Drive cells so We'll turn this up on its side have that Up flat against those so that's Perfectly 90. As I get ready to buy a sawmill I've Been traveling around and testing a lot Of different brands and doing Comparisons and there are a lot of Things to like about this easy Boardwalk 40 inch Mill Sometimes we emphasize that these are What you'd call like a rough cut Mill But this is uniform thickness all the Way down and so is the last piece that Was hardwood you could you could Mill Veneer on this Mill

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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