Abundance Plus Discovering Home Series Announcement!

Get ready to dive into the world of home ownership with Abundance Plus’ exciting new series, Discovering Home! In this series, we’ll explore everything you need to know about finding, buying and maintaining your dream home. From insider tips to expert advice, you won’t want to miss a single post. Stay tuned for the first installment of the Discovering Home series, coming soon!

Are you looking for a platform that offers a wide array of homesteading shows, courses, and access to community support? Look no further than Abundance Plus! In this article, we will be discussing the Discovering Home series that is now available on Abundance Plus. This series offers a glimpse into the lives of homesteaders from diverse backgrounds, sharing their stories and experiences along the way.

Exploring Discovering Home Series:
The Discovering Home series is a part of Abundance Plus, which is a homesteading network similar to Netflix and Facebook. This series sheds light on the different aspects of homesteading that one may not be familiar with. Through this series, you can get access to unique content, exclusive courses, and a supportive community.

Episodes of Discovering Home on Abundance Plus:
In the episode, Josh and his family share their homesteading journey, including the joys and challenges they have faced along the way. They discuss the difficulties of finding a home within a supportive community and the lessons they have learned throughout their journey. If you are a homesteader or someone interested in learning more about the lifestyle, this series is a must-watch!

Abundance Plus Membership Perks:
With an Abundance Plus membership, you will get access to a learning library, texting with top homesteaders, and a community platform. In addition, members are eligible for discounts on selected retailers and can enjoy family-friendly shows. HomesteadingFM even offers a 10% discount code for monthly or yearly membership. You can access Abundance Plus for a free 7-day trial to experience firsthand all it has to offer.

Abundance Plus’ Discovering Home series is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in homesteading to learn more. The series offers unique insights and perspectives from homesteaders from diverse backgrounds. With an Abundance Plus membership, you have access to a learning library, exclusive courses, and support from a community of homesteaders. Start your journey in homesteading today with Abundance Plus.


  1. How can I watch the Discovering Home series on Abundance Plus?
    You can watch the Discovering Home series on Abundance Plus by becoming a member and accessing the shows in the platform’s library.

  2. What kinds of shows do Abundance Plus offer?
    Abundance Plus offers family-friendly shows related to homesteading and sustainable living.

  3. Is a membership required to access Abundance Plus’ content?
    Yes, a membership is needed to access Abundance Plus’ content, including the Discovering Home series, courses, and library.

  4. How often is new content added to Abundance Plus?
    New content is added to Abundance Plus regularly. Members can expect to see new shows, discounts from selected retailers, and courses added frequently.

  5. What are the benefits of being a member of Abundance Plus?
    As a member, you will have access to exclusive courses, a supportive community, a learning library, and discounts on selected retailers, as well as family-friendly shows.

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