Adding GRUBTERRA to my chickens’ diet for extra nutrients

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead I have a new product here that I'm gonna try for the first time ever I've never tried it before I'm looking Forward to trying it's grugterra black Uh Soldier fly larvae and so what that I'm going to be feeding these to my Chickens uh they also say it's good for Reptiles and fish and everything else I'm I'm gonna take this down and try it In my trout pond as well and see if they Like it I'm primarily going to use it For my chickens but uh the reason I like This you know people are always looking For organic ways to feed their chickens And to make them healthier and so my Chickens are free-ranging there's only a Couple here right now the rest are way Down on the end of the pasture but uh uh I'm gonna try feeding these to my Chickens and see how they do and so a Lot of people might say uh fly larvae What you know it sounds gross but you Know the reason we free range our Chickens is we want them to have a Healthier and more natural diet so They're out there they're scratching They're getting minerals out of the dirt They're getting seeds they're getting Plant life they're getting forage They're getting insects and they're Eating insects you know so insects are a Very good and very important part of the Protein that they get so we have

Freeze-dried uh black soldier fly larvae So we're gonna go give it a try today And see if they like it so it'll be a Good healthy addition to their meals I I Believe I will continue to feed them a Lot regularly but I will probably add This to part of it one of their selling Points is Uh just so you know that they uh take a Lot of waste from uh cities and the Organic matter and that you could Compost but it is not they they grow the Larvae in there that reduces the amount Of waste in the municipal systems and it Grows A protein that is good for uh our Animals so I'm looking forward to giving This a try I have never opened a bag of This before but we're gonna do that Today and put it out and see if the Chickens like it as I'm uh opening this One of their selling points is it has More calcium than mealworms so this Being kind of a supplement to my regular Feed Give us a little more calcium hopefully Have some stronger egg seals not that I Have a problem with eggshells but this Will not hurt I just slip this bag open I don't want this to spill but I'm going To pull some out and bring them up close To the camera So we can see What it is they are so Fly larvae pretty good size the free dry

Freeze dried still have their protein in It I believe uh I don't I'm not a reptile Owner but they they say that if you want To feed them to reptiles or even if your Chickens they'd be more expensive then But you can buy them live and have them Ship them live they'll be in a cool State but they'll be alive and you can Keep them in your refrigerator or other Cool dark place and then grow them from There so I'm going to go ahead and put Some of these in with the chickens and The goats are wrestling behind me They're chasing the chickens away uh but Anyway I'm gonna go stick these in and See how the chickens respond to it it May take a while for them to realize uh You know this is cool this is we really Enjoy this and it becomes a treat I just threw a fistful of grubterra out There for the chickens right here on Those patio blocks See the chicks coming out to enjoy it Foreign Now let's see what the trout response is To the grubterra Thanks for joining me on the clinic Christmas trees are my business teaching Including Horticulture is my job and Outdoor projects are my passion hope to See you again soon be blessed everyone

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