Adding High Bay Lights to My Workshop

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Listening to other people talk and Talking to the lighting specialist from This company I thought I might have too Much light here not at all I love a Really bright workspace and this is Perfect I'm really glad that I got this Many lights instead of settling for Something less hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms and today we're going to Install some new LED High Bay lights Here in my workshop when we bought this Property this was a simple pole barn With a dirt Floor it had lights and a couple plugins But that was about it so as soon as we Bought it I put in the concrete floor I Put in a central heat and air unit I ran Plugins throughout the building I put in An air compressor and ran Airlines Around the building and I insulated the Entire thing including a drop ceiling so That we didn't have to heat and cool so Much area so now it's almost the perfect Workspace there's really two Improvements that still need to happen Off the top of my head one is there's Way too much clutter in here I've spent All week cleaning and organizing this Shop so that it's a better workspace the Second upgrade that I feel like I really Need is better lighting so the first Thing I want to show you is that light And this light that I use for every Project I do out here wherever I'm

Working in the shop I cart those two DeWalt cordless lights around so that I Can see my project and that I can film It and have enough light for the camera One nice thing they did when they built This is create four circuits for the Lighting in here and each circuit has Its own breaker in the breaker box so This first switch is just the one light Above the door then we have three rows Of these 4ot fluorescent Lights The fact it's already wired that way is Going to make this upgrade really easy And convenient to do now you might be Thinking there's already plenty of light In here and it's not terrible just for Walking around but when you're really Working on something it can be hard to See especially if you're in one of the Corners and the thing about these Fluorescent lights is they very quickly Lose their brightness according to Google gole a standard 4T two-bulb Fluorescent light has 3,000 lumens of Total output lumens is basically just Total amount of light so that's Equivalent to about three regular Household light bulbs the problem is Within just a year or two they lose About 50% of their brightness but let's Say they have 3,000 lumens of light and We have 15 of them that's 45,000 lumens In this building these high Bay lights

Are 21,000 lumens each so two of the High B lights put out the amount of Light of all 15 of these so these lights I'm using are made by demolir and they Were provided to me to review for this Video I've got very similar lights Already up in the K Quanza Hut and as Soon as I put them out there I said man I need some of those for my Shop so as I said a in go each of these Lights puts out 21,000 Lumens if you contact demolay about some Lights they will do a lighting analysis For you and they're going to ask for the Dimensions of your building and the type Of work you do in it and from that they Will recommend how many lights you need When I said that my building was 30X 50 With 12T ceilings they said I needed six Lights they said what do you do in there I told them I do welding Woodworking maintenance on equipment and They said yeah six lights should do it I Said I also film out there all the time They said if you're filming maybe you Should get eight lights so I have eight Lights so if you're not familiar with These I'll get it up here close where You can see each of those little yellow Spots is its own LED light so it's like Having 150 of the flash lights on your Phone in one light these have a housing That's meant to dissipate Heat and then They're threaded On The Backs side you

Can thread a hook into them which is What I'm going to do because it's what's Provided you could also use all thread Whatever is convenient for you but it it Does have a nice threaded insert on the Back these are corded but my lights that Are already up there are hardwired so we Will be cutting these cords and hard Wirring one thing I'll say from my Personal experience using these lights In the Quan Hut is don't look directly At them they will literally it's like Looking at the sun that's how bright They Are as far as attaching the lights I Mentioned earlier they've got the hook Installed in the back of them I'm using A simple eyebolt going to pre-drill a Hole screw this In and just hang the light like That it's also got a screw right here That you run down and it almost Reaches the other side of the Hook so that keeps it from coming out One Down and now one going Up I was thinking there might not be a good Way to show how bright these lights are Because the camera is automatically Adjust to the amount of light to a Certain Extent but I only have one L light Behind me over here and regular

Fluoresence over here so it should be Pretty even to compare how bright it is Here to here and that's with only one Light little Darker and a whole lot brighter one down Seven to go so on the first one I stood On a ladder while I stripped these wires Doesn't really make any sense so I Opened all of them screwed the top into All of the lights went ahead and cut the The cord to length and prepped my three Wires so I'm doing less work and Spending less time on the ladder it Would be really repetitive to show you All eight lights being installed I try Not to be repetitive even though I'm a Little bit rambly but I'm trying to Catch a before and after to tell the Difference see if you can notice the Difference this is one side of the Garage got three of the new lights in we Turn around this way And I think it's more of a Yellow more of a white by the way if you Want the same lights that I used check The description of this video and the Pinn comment I'll put a link to these Exact lights all right well that is a Huge upgrade only took a couple hours Nice little project for the day I'm Really glad to get this done this is Something I've been wanting to do for a Long time so I appreciate you taking Time to watch the video I'll put links

On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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