Advance Dirt Work with Tractor! DIY Greenhouse Build

What is that black step in the wrong Welcome back if you’re new to this Channel this is Tony struct Adventure But maybe today it’s my adventure Because we are starting At the greenhouse But before we can start building we have To prep this area so we are planning on Flatten this ground a little bit but With some extra dirt we’re going to be Getting from another area and we’re Going to fill it up and build it up Let’s go at it What are you doing Because Tanya said we’re going to level This portion out actually we’re going to End up raising this and diverting uh Water from I don’t think we can make it run Backwards back to this ditch but any Water that comes to here needs to go That way so what we’re going to end up Doing is coming in and tilling a little Bit of this top probably just a few Inches and take out the Organics and Then we’re going to go to the other side Do the same thing and then we’re going To deep till over there there’s a little Mound a little Hill over there and we’re Going to create a drainage ditch from That side to this drainage ditch here in Front of us and we’re going to use all Of that dirt to build the side up for The greenhouse then once the greenhouse

Has started to build there will be Another like six to eight inches of Crushed rock on the inside of the Greenhouse to even keep it up higher Should never have any issues with water Whatsoever Foreign [Music] You guys on our journey we built this Bridge and we built it so that when the It’s in the winter this is really wet There’s a constant water flow that we Don’t have to Mush through the mud But just to be honest we’ve never driven This tractor across this bridge this is About 3 000 pounds of Tim T25 with a Loader and the tiller on here So I’m a little nervous so we’re gonna Do it and if it crushes you guys are Going to see it and be gentle I think it’s gonna be fine Well it looks like we built it pretty Good Today we’re going to be using the again The tym T25 with a 60 inch tiller uh and The loader to do most of this work it Should go pretty easy I think it’s gonna Be a good day it’s really really cool About 74 degrees so loving it Foreign Now we have this tealed up we probably Went down about three inches maybe two Inches down and we don’t have great Topsoil here but it’s all we got so

We’re going to scrape this off and put It in a pile down at the end and we’ll Use this topsoil somewhere else and get All the Organics out of it so let’s get To it [Music] We don’t want to take a big bite we just Want to scrape off the top [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay we have got Uh the blank canvas now so we’ve got all The Organics off of this and they’re Going to go over to the this other high Spot we’re going to take the Organics Off of it pile it off we’ll probably Just bring it all over here and put it In one big pile because Tanya wants to Build a big raised bed box right back Behind rack right back behind Hey listen I’m Southern what can I say Behind this tree we’re going to build a Raised bed anyway so we gotta we’re Going to take the Organics off of this We’re not going to waste any of the

Organics because we are we are topsoil Poor here so we’re going to make sure That we we reuse this [Music] [Music] And just like that we’ve probably Cleared the topsoil from this location And from the greenhouse location in Roughly an hour it so it wasn’t very Long we just hustled through it the Little T25 is just a little Workhorse Love it [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Today the T25 with a little tiller on The back and the bucket on the front we Moved a lot of dirt we’ve got all the Topsoil removed from this location where We’re going to put the greenhouse and You can see here this is the backfield That we brought in today tomorrow we’re Bringing out the big guns and we’re Getting to really get we’re going to get Serious with it [Music] Link we do buddy What are you doing [Music] So as you can see behind this this is Where we’re building the greenhouse pad That’s going to be on the other side of The little drainage area and then over

Here is going to be a future project and So we’re going to level this out and Basically what we’re going to do is this Kind of goes downhill and we’re going to Kind of just cut into the ground and Make this level and have like a little Uh drop off right on this side over here In addition to that we’re going to make A Right at this drop off we’re going to Have a a ditch running through this way That ties into the ditch back here and That will keep any water that’s coming From this way from going out into this This future project So we use a little small tractor and the Tiller but we’ve not had rain gosh Probably for we’ve had a very dry summer So the ground is still very very dry and This is a clay a high clay content and The tiller is literally bouncing off of The clay like a basketball so we’re Breaking out the big guns today we’re Going to use the t474 with a backhoe and The bucket on the big tractor so if You’re not familiar with the t474 it’s a 48 horsepower tractor The way it’s set out right now is Probably uh 7 000 pounds with a loader Loaded tires and tobacco on it so I Think we got the digging power to get This done but we got to do maintenance First So we got this battery powered grease

Gun from Harbor Freight it’s a Hercules Brand and it has been I fought it for so Long and now I can’t imagine not having One Just clean off the grease fittings Plug it in It’s just that easy We want it to be higher up there And drain drain down this way Almost a foot and nine inches higher at The location right here this is two this Is basically two foot higher right here Than we are at the end of the drainage Ditch What’s windy out here today yes it is so Right here we are two foot higher than The where we’re going to turn into the Ditch I think I may have messed up Nothing that can’t be fixed but I think We need to go there and then turn down Lower because we’re going to need this Whole area to drop down Uh another this whole area needs to drop Down about two foot okay Okay Um well Not two foot but let’s just say we’re Gonna drop down we’re gonna cut one foot Off here for this whole building area Right okay so come down one more foot All all the high spot here [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] So we’ll call this the rough draft of The greenhouse pad we call this done and We’ll come back and do some final grade Work right before we start putting the Greenhouse down so the next time you see Us working on this it will be the start Of our Greenhouse build listen I Appreciate you watching our Channel God Bless have a great day You again I have to Have together [Music] Again

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