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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farm And I'm pretty excited today because I Think I'm going to show you an Affordable option for High-Speed Internet available in rural areas And I know for a lot of us like I live In a rural part of Kansas there is no High-speed internet option around here I've signed up for multiple providers And tested them and done everything I Could do to try to get high-speed Internet out here and we're currently Getting very poor results it takes me Eight hours to upload a video after I Downgrade the quality of the video So that I'm able to upload it at all it Still takes you know six eight ten hours To upload a video And that's a real hassle for me and I Know that whatever you've got going on You'd probably like to have high speed Internet too and in this case it looks Like it's going to save me some money Now all that is assuming that it Actually works So first thing I want to do is go in the House and show you the speed test on the Internet service we have right now And actually the very first thing I want To do is shout out Kelly's Country Life Andrew Kelly from the channel the Kelly's Country Life Is A friend of mine We've talked quite a bit and I was just scrolling through YouTube One

Day saw his video on starlink Alternatives and starlink's not even an Option here but I found Andrew's videos And he's using the exact service that I'm testing out today and he did like Four or five videos on it he went Through all the process to find out the Best providers and the best companies to Use And That's the same company I'm testing with Today now I've actually contacted them And said hey I'm going to buy your Service but I would like to show Multiple options from you guys because Their company has several different Options and they agreed to send me the Initial equipment that you need because You need a router And you don't have to have it but it Helps if you get an external antenna so They've sent me a couple routers and a Couple of external antennas that we're Going to be testing out so let's go in The house and we'll do speed test on my Existing internet that I pay about a Hundred dollars a month for and a speed Test on our cellular internet so outside I know I mentioned that this is like an Alternative To your traditional internet service Providers And it's an alternative to starlink but I don't think I really said what this is

What this is is cellular internet With a high-end cellular router this is A high quality router just like you know What you would buy for your regular Internet service but what you're running It on is Cellular service so it's a little bit it Seems on the surface Similar to buying a Like a cellular hot spot And just Putting out internet off of your Cellular device but it's really not Because those hot spots don't put out The type of broad range Wi-Fi that you Get on a good quality router And they don't receive that quality of Service And you really don't want to use your Cellular internet off your cellular plan With these I don't understand how it Works but the company I'm using which is Called netbuddy set you up with an Unlimited internet plan for between Fifty and eighty dollars a month Depending on which service provider you Use For unlimited internet I mean you can't Beat that anywhere And what really takes it to the next Level is having a high quality Antenna that you can put on your roof And then run down to this router So first things first though let's just

Establish what internet service am I Getting now all right so I'm opening up I'm pretty close to my router which is Just on the other side of this wall but I've got the window open right next to It so we should be getting good signal Out here I don't want to go in the house The grandkids are playing and I wouldn't Be able to record So we're connected to whisper we're Going to do three speed tests See what we get Because it can vary right even testing a Minute apart you can get different Results We are paying Once again I signed up for multiple Services I had multiple internet Services active at the same time and I Was comparing them And then I canceled both of those and Went to a third one that I have now and Then I contacted them and asked them is There any way I can get a better service I even offered to pay for a direct Business line to be run out here and They said I couldn't do that So We're getting 21 Download and three upload 21 lets me watch video Maybe I'm watching a football game in the House through a streaming service and

The kids are doing something we're both Buffering and frustrated with each other And that upload speed means That I have to upload lower quality Videos Because if I wanted to upload 4K it Would take me about three days to upload A 15 minute video I'm getting worse results on test number Two I'll let it finish here Test number two 17 upload And A little less than three uploads 17 Download a little less than three upload We'll do a third test Right there I got nine On the download and two on the upload I'm gonna almost disregard that one I Test this all the time lately and I Normally get between 15 and 20 download And about four maybe as much as five Upload I want to say about 18 and 4 is normal Now I'm going to connect my phone and This will be just like using a Wi-Fi Hotspot Okay so now we are on a T Wireless with This Speed test connecting We got 38 download and the upload is Completely unusable So you'd think well downloading at 38

That's not bad Let it finish here Download at 38 Upload at .32 Which means if I wanted to upload this YouTube video via my Hotspot it would Take me about two weeks But let's run that chest two more times To speed this video up I'll just Summarize after three tests Hotspot test number two 29 and 1.3 Yeah I've wanted to Do more live streams and 4K video and Things like that and I just can't Because our Internet's too slow So download speed matters to everyone Upload speed really matters to me And 32 and 0.7 Unusable So now we're going to Plug in this router so what we have is These four antennas receive signal And these four antennas Broadcast signal And you only need this you don't have to Have an external antenna but we're going To test the external antenna So to do that We unscrew these four antennas right Here then we in the place of those Antennas we attach these cables that are Hooked to

Our external antenna Okay So that I can test this before running The wires I've just brought the router Up here got the antenna mounted on this Old TV antenna Pole Faced in the general direction that Seemed to be the best let's see what we Get All right so for me personally this is Awesome This speed is still not much better than I was getting before but this is almost Triple and this one really matters to me So we're going to re-aim the antenna and See what we get Okay 15 and 11. I'm going to aim it that Way a little bit more towards Baxter So with the nature of an external Antenna like this I spent half an hour running a hundred Speed test because I would change the Angle of it five degrees And test it a couple more times and just Keep changing that angle until we got The best result that would repeat itself With a good result And these numbers may not seem Drastically different than the ones I Was showing in the house But if you really look at it we were Averaging between 15 and 20 megabytes Per second download speed and I'm Getting over twice that right now we

Were averaging three to five upload Speed and I'm getting close to three Times that so I would say I'm getting Twice as fast On my internet service and this is going To cost me 20 to 30 dollars less per Month than I previously had so Pretty good Improvement I will have a Follow-up video after I do a lot more Testing with this But for now I'm putting links in the Description to order the same products I'm using and there'll also be a Discount code so you guys can save a Little money 15 30 and 15. Okay so I think we've found the best Spot to aim this 30 and 15 is by far the best internet I've ever got since we've lived here It's gonna make it what I do a lot Easier And there's still some more options I Have there's another type of antenna That they're sending me to test I have a Second router we can try Verizon but It's getting dark and honestly to do This well with multiple antennas and Multiple routers and three different Service providers I'm gonna have to Spend an entire day just testing this so We'll end up with a follow-up video Where I see what works best for me I Experiment with different options and

Probably even Once I have the best option see how much It varies throughout the day is it Good in the mornings and terrible in the Evenings and just test it all out but Those are the numbers I was hoping to Get but I honestly think I'm gonna visit With uh Andrew Kelly from Kelly's Country Life and the people who make These products and see if we can do Better because Andrew's pulling even a Lot better numbers than this So I appreciate you taking time to watch The video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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