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Why did the picture go to jail Because he was framed You're welcome Okay we'll just show the piece of Plastic yeah so we can throw that Drywall on here Probably a little huh after I used part Of it Going there and then the next part there You have it in place Yeah I think can somehow reach there Dude Just so it doesn't kick out of the lane All right but you put the wall on there Though yeah Oh I should throw it off we'll have to Go you don't have to Vapor Barrier Though no the ceiling yeah here you do Oh yeah great well we can throw this one On and then I yeah definitely as long as That goes fine up here so I can get to The next one right Bob like you almost have to have the Ceiling done first Yeah you're thinking maybe it would be Annoying or like in a way but Just do some things out of order a Little bit just because we kind of want Things ready you know to use So that's why we're doing the bathroom That's just kind of how we why we do Things that look different too well we Really should throw a squirt there yeah Yeah that should hold it please get us

In here Yeah so the reason he's doing all this Right now is because we bought some Green board which is mold resistant good For the bathrooms and we need to put it On the wall behind me As well as the one here behind the Toilet The reason we need to put those boards Up is because the wood stove's been Installed in a couple days and as soon As the wood stove is installed we can Put the shower together and the shower Has to be glued to the green board so The green board has to be on the wall Before we can put the shower up so we're Trying to like clean up some stuff in Here which is you know the shower over There in a big box just taking up space In the room and we want to be able to Utilize things as well as soon as the Wood stove is hooked up so in order to Put the green board up though we have to Get the insulation or the vapor barrier And stuff done on the exterior wall Because when we put the green board on This wall it'll be jammed right into the Corner and we wouldn't be able to fit The vapor barrier in behind it so it's Kind of like uh we just wanted to do one Thing but you got to do a whole bunch of Things to be able to do that one thing Absolutely just tackle it yeah that's What I figured later

Anyway so now that that part's Done We'll be able to put up that green board And be ready for once the wood stove is Installed to put the shower together Let me use it uh Saturday do you I don't know Go measure that's right It's off way too much off I need another One that's just a Corner Something to fastened to Five minutes later I get another board Just plugged in right now yes it is I Plugged it in Well this is all balled up on this fast Yeah oh yeah We're putting those over there That way Foreign Oh yeah just there a little corner I see I see Hey where's the guy We didn't do a line oh slowly just like Say that somehow goes into a water line Therapy Foreign Nails a lot Oh yeah you're welcome oh these are Still okay today yeah Off Like that that looks real nice I don't know if he can eat so far No there's no way I'm going to try to recent cut it since

We've got that tea oh yeah I'm not gonna Fold it this way Drag line I'll try to stay on it yeah It's pretty much right there Foreign I went through in their own pouch to Begin with a bunch of other stuff ready Yeah I remember that Foreign Foreign Foreign I Guess it would be nice if you couldn't Interrupt It's a day like this Oh To me Beside me Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign We just got caught up thinking about That shower yeah having it ready And we kind of skipped a step for Thought it would be just as easy but it Isn't it yeah And now the wood so it's actually Postponed an extra like 10 days so oh Yeah so we're you can't do it anyway no Yeah you can still concealer than that Yeah now you're just going to take this Yeah

Blades getting a little bit though Okay baby So you guys don't run the tape out there Right here yep Foreign Oh yeah I could see that yeah Maybe we made that harder than it had to Be yeah very good we didn't really think About it we should have definitely done This whole ceiling first we knew we had To it's that we just switched and tried To have the shower already yeah that's Always Oh yeah we just gotta do that whatevs It's done now I'll say I would say what Else babe Yeah it doesn't matter it's all good we Get acoustic sealed out of there so and Then we just taped it what we got So uh this wall throws an insulation in That and the header and you know some Other stuff But this is not too bad for now I'm getting hungry I'm starving it took A little longer I'm gonna stop we got That ready though this is on yeah Been made a just the longer they need to Be You just get this little rig here From Top test It's a combustible gas leak detector And we were coming over here to just Turn on the oven in the camper And what we actually already smell

Propane so I figured this a perfect time to test This little thing out how's it come all It has is Two batteries Two batteries that just go in here Right here I just turned it on now I'm Unscrewing it two little AAA batteries Going there I'm gonna give you the super simple Approach to it because that's kind of Approach we like And you just hold it turn it on it'll Load up get ready you can test like the Sensitivity level on it and stuff too With this But basically all you do is you turn the Thing on And then you hold it in where you want To check to see if there's gas leak or Whatever We had the propane stove before and we Used to use a lot of times like spraying The It's right in the propane lines of soapy Water to see it bubble up Having something like this on us at the Same time To check you'll see in a second Would help too So I saw doing it now Okay see that So you can right there right at the Start oh that's nice see that

So that'll beep like that when the gas Is there so that was a pretty obvious One Uh right there and we can see See so it's beeping because There's Pro propane leaking out of this So obviously you got to sort that out I'm not doing that today because we were Actually just going to run over and cook On this thing because we forgot our Little camp stove today that we usually Cook on so anyways Got to get that sorted out but if you Want to know that like the specs and Everything I'll put links down below So you can check it out you can get Discount on it and all that it's funny Because I was going to show you this Thing because I thought it was really Cool and we'll be putting our propane Stove in soon and all that but then we Turn this on and I actually had a Propane leak right so I was gonna like Show you and talk about it but we Actually had a propane leak so it was Like perfect timing it's kind of funny How it worked out so If you want to get one of these there's Links below discount code stuff like That from Top test also all the other Information all the specifics and all That uh down there too we also we're Gonna give a few of these away so Comment down below

We'll pick a few and uh Randomly like we always do and if you Sent out anybody with Propane or natural gas or anything that You could use something like this Comment below You'll get one Probably before Christmas I would Imagine right so anyways check that out Thanks to top test for sponsoring the Video And it was a real life situation Literally just right now so it's kind of Cool and it's going to come in handy Because we're going to be putting a gas Range in the cabin and stuff too and We're gonna have hot water on demand So checking out those lines anytime at Our last place this thing would have Been crazy to have we used the soap and Water it felt like Quite often once we had a problem with One and we kept having that problem any Anyways I'm gonna just uh close this up call it Good for today but look I can throw it In there now So we know that it's like I don't smell It either but you can basically tell It's it's shut it's not going to leak Anymore in there so Yeah cool and he's turned off Put it away call it good for now Fix that in another day

One more thing I forgot I was going to Show you An easy way just test this thing out Is just to hold that over See if you got a gas warnings just like That Cool eh that's a cool thing I wish you Had that four years ago to be honest eh So Yeah look There see It's definitely going to come in handy Oh good the propane lines are running Again yeah we got a propane light uh hot Water and demand that's propane and then The rain so it'll be cool being able to Check when you're running lines make Sure you're not gas leak so yeah it's a Little handy thing it's like a pen Got like that little thing on it anyways Cool like I said comment below to get in On Get a chance to get one and They're a cool little rig from Top test Cool unit Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign There's a Little bit down in here I guess Bathroom's almost complete Almost feels like it Like maybe like you need insulated yeah

Like for us to use oh yeah yeah yeah Yeah kind of it's private pretty except One wall ET It feels like we did a lot it's almost Like usable yeah yeah that's kind of the Main thing yeah so this is ready to put The shower in mm-hmm This year But we were just throwing the insulation On that we ran out of acoustic seal so We got to get like we got to go around The window gonna put foam in all the Windows got to do all the batteries and All that but just in particular just for In here We need acoustic seal around the window Spray foam that window and all the Others and then the corner there we Go succeed all that and we don't have Any so and then acoustic see all the top Uh yeah so anyways there's some places Where you need to do the seal yeah so we Just literally ran out of it so we're Done Yeah it's cool though it's ready for the Shower what we were doing is really Getting this ready to throw that shower In and now the stove is supposed to be Going in tomorrow we're gonna wait an Extra 10 days or so a day over a week More eight more days okay to get that in So it's ready anyways so I guess we'll Just basically pick up some more of that

Acoustic seal yeah can keep insulating Yeah yeah pretty much it I think so yeah So we jumped to get the bathroom ready To that point and We basically have another week anyway Now so yeah oh well that's fine yeah Yeah there's lots to do it's fun it's Coming together which is nice yeah I Like it yeah we're almost done to have This functionals yeah yeah so that's Cool it's fun doing inside projects it's Like different yeah it's totally Different feel yeah it feels like you're Really like getting done Yeah it's cool like just having these Few sheets of uh green board up yeah and Feeling like a little bit of division With the walls yeah it feels like Something yeah it's one of those things That just feels like more Okay for sure Anyway it's getting late it's getting Cold and we have no more supplies We have insulation and paper Yeah well Yeah we have no more uh acoustic seal I Mean we're just we're done yeah so I Guess we'll see you Next one all right see you in the next One yeah comment below if you want one Of those uh propane tanks right hook a Few people out with them yeah pretty Cool yeah top Test Pro it's not just Propane it's a gas detector Combustible gas detector and if I held

It at your butt by top test it probably Would beep I don't know if they would be overly Happy with that type of promotion really But it's a cool little unit uh check it Out yeah yeah thanks bro Bye see ya

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