This one Sunday morning a lady went into Her son's room and told him it's time to Get up and get ready for church the son Said Mom I'm not going to church today And I'll give you two good reasons why First I don't like the people and second They don't like me Then the mom replied well I'll give you Two good reasons that you need to go to Church first you're 49 years old second You're the pastor You're welcome All right so today what I'm going to do Is cover These screw holes in Sam's room on the Sheetrock so basically we got the Ceiling done all the sheet rocking's Done so we've got a trim and floor so What I want to do is fill all these Holes before we trim that way I can Paint the walls because if I paint after We trim well then I'm just gonna have to Tape the trim and it's just kind of Pointless if I can paint right now so That's my plan for today so over at The Farmhouse I have been redoing it when we Bought The Farmhouse it needed a lot of Updating so I've been practicing a Little bit at covering holes and then Painting I'm really not that great but I'm gonna give it a go it'll look better Than if I painted over the screws so at Least that's that so I'm going to get at That today there is a ton of little

Holes so I got that and I got some white Primer so I'll do a coat of primer and Everything and then I'll pick out some Paint probably just go with white for Now once we get our stuff in here if she Wants like one wall pink or whatever we Can We can do that then we'll see All right let's get at it so I'm not Gonna bother S right along the crack because the trim Is going to Clearly no point in covering those waste Of my time as well as the corners as you Can see behind me I'm not going to do Any of the screws right along the Corners because that's all going to be Covered with trim as well so just Working on anything that's gonna Actually be visible after we do the Trimming It's hard Like I said not gonna be perfect but be Better than if I didn't do it So right there behind me there's a crack Because the drywall being eight feet in This wall is a little just a little bit More than eight feet we have a bit of a Space and I was gonna try and fill it if It doesn't look good then we'll put some Sort of trim or something around it Right there but I'm just trying to fill That crack because it's so close to the Corner I think it would look better

Trimmed than with just another board I Mean I think it would look better filled Than with like a board for a trim so I'm Giving it a go it's definitely not easy That Gap that's for sure the little Screw holes I mean I'm doing a decent Job I like to think at least on them but That crack that's definitely not an easy One so I'll keep puckering away at it But hopefully hopefully I can get it This stuff feels so cold on my finger Foreign And then scrape it I have no idea so I Could be doing it completely wrong But as long as it works I really don't Care Seems like quite a talent And patience you need patience because It's so it's like a slow job Uh We can see I just wiped in like every direction Until it works Hot Oh Foreign 's not terrible but I guess I'll find Out how good or bad it actually is when When I paint Yeah so that's the worst when it just Rips right back off so frustrating I think that's up Son of a gun Whatever how old are you all right so I

Filled all the holes and I've let it sit So it's all completely dry I have my gloves on because I'm gonna Start sanding And I hate the feel of sandpaper I also Hate the sound of it so I'm really Dreading this job but anyway I gotta do It so yeah this is it these are all my Holes here I think Like when I tried to crack fill the Actual crap over here see right here so This piece where like I said we had to The drywall sheets are only eight feet So we had to add an extra little piece There and I think that it could use a Little more crack fill so what I think I'm gonna do is just re-crack fill that Spot and then let it dry before I paint Right there anyway specifically so I'll Probably do that right now and then I'll Do the sanding and then I'm gonna start Painting just primer prying the walls And the door and then paint will be next Obviously but I think most of my holes Look really good if I notice well I'm Sanding that some need a little bit of Extra then I'll obviously just add it And avoid painting that spot until maybe Later today or tomorrow or something I Guess I better fix that crack my other Crack doesn't look bad because it's like Really tiny the crack above the door It's like that big like it's not big at All this is a really long strip all

Right back got it I'm trying to use just this now because My finger was getting so cold earlier When I was using my finger If I can anyway I don't know maybe I Won't be able to it's kind of actually Annoying Yeah that didn't last long So much easier to get it where you want It using your finger it's really not That bad all this crack like Shouldn't eat too too much Some of these spots don't even look like They need anything but I don't know I do have an electric sander but I'm I'm scared that it might sand it too Much That was way easier than the first time Probably because there's already like a Base To go by now Don't judge me I'm new to this I feel like people who crack feel like Big gaps like this usually tape it but I Don't have the tape stuff whatever it is They use So that ain't happening [Music] [Music] Can't wait till it's done and I paint And then I can see how good or bad of a Job I did Like it looks pretty decent But I don't know

What it'll actually look like when I uh Paint over it Foreign But It makes a lot of sense that I would Considering like What you see all around the sides Oh some of these holes don't look very Good And then I'm up here It doesn't even make sense to me how It's Possible to fill the hole and then There's still like a bit of a hole I'm Like I put the goop in it I don't get it I guess I'm literally gonna have to Check all my holes I'm getting this Stuff all over me I know my pants aren't too flattering But I'm painting So Painting and whatever else this is This does seem like it'll be better Though Probably a good idea So since I had to refill I had to crack Fill a bunch more spots and I'm gonna Have to fix a couple of these while I Let it dry what I'm going to do is I'm Going to start priming the door That's basically the only thing that Doesn't have spots of wet crack fill on It so I'll just touch up a couple of These it's a tiny tiniest bit I'll touch Them up let them dry and

Paint that door It almost seems like it might be worth Letting it dry like it is and then just Sanding it after like I wonder I don't Know if that would avoid the tiny little Indents or not Got a lot to learn Glad there's a bunch I don't have to fix What we're putting trim over [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Ty primed I've went around and sanded All the places where I crack felt so Still not 100 sure what's gonna turn out But I think pretty decent like when I Felt over top of the crack though it Feels pretty smooth my only concern is Those large long cracks with the two Pieces of drywall came together which I Already stated but if it looks brutal Again we can put some sort of trim over It hopefully it looks okay though Because that would be a lot better than Adding trim I mean it's going to look Better than a giant crack in the wall That's for sure so they can't look that Terrible can it so now I'm on to pinky Walls that's pretty exciting because as Soon as that's done we can do trim and I Just can't wait to like see it come

Together I'm excited I love painting so I have my beautiful paint sweater on and My uh lovely pants that I've been Wearing not very complimentary but you Know they're for painting so that's all Good all right let's get at her So what I've got here is a paint and Primer in one for the walls Painting can be so messy I'm so glad That I'm doing it before we do the Floors that's for sure Foreign I'm not doing because I don't want to Waste my time or my pain So far looks pretty good I'm impressed With myself I've never crack filled screw holes I've Only cracked filled like Little tiny nail holes like when I'm Pulling like if I'm gonna pull pictures Off the wall and repaint the whole wall [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] But it's way up there at least so I Don't know See what Jeremy said [Music] Foreign [Music] This wall Oh crap I just went over one over there and it

Looks like totally unsanded that would Be why [Music] [Music] A lot of my holes look really good so With that crack up there that I said Didn't really turn out that great it Doesn't matter because Jeremy just told Me that we're actually going to be Putting a trim over it just because it Is a seam especially the one right Behind me that I'm going to do next it's A long seam and uh if you don't put a Trim board over it it might just end up Cracking anyway so it was fun to try and See how it turned out it wasn't really Great how it turned out anyway but I Mean with practice I'll get better and As far as painting some people might be Super annoyed that I'm like up and down And sideways and painting all around but Honestly it's primer I mean it's like It's not primer I guess it's a primer Paint and it's the first coat so by the Time it's actually done it'll all look Good don't worry don't stress about it But I know some people could be like Super weird about that and it has to be Like going up and down all the way in Like One Direction but that's just not How it works though and it always turns Out good so there's no complaining [Music] Foreign

[Music] Looks so much better than the one up There but the thing with the one up There is like it wasn't level either Whereas the two sheets of drywall were Pretty level here Looks way better though [Music] Foreign [Music] So I just finished my second coat of Paint So hopefully that's it and uh we can Start doing the trim I'm just gonna wait Till it dries and decide if it needs one More or not so again this is a paint and Primer in one it's looking pretty good But I'm just gonna have to yeah make Sure for sure that it doesn't need Another coat but if this is the last Coat then like I said we'll start Putting that trim on and we're gonna Make it look so much more complete I'm Pretty excited with how it's turning out That's for sure [Music] Um Foreign [Music] [Music] Oh it locks Oh cool Oh that's warm yeah It'd be good for hunting if it wasn't

For this good for the winter though but At least it's orange yeah I like it yeah It looks nice We got some serious cold weather coming And I don't have any insulated gloves We got a couple pairs These are good They're like insulated mechanism I got a couple pairs well underneath so I'm gonna get to these oh it's two pairs Yeah we can both have one and they're Water resistant Oh nice sweet yeah it's literally going Down to minus 30 this weekend yeah so Yeah my answer is pretty cold yeah one Last thing before we get out of here I Needed a mat for the front door at the Cabin because we're kicking a lot of Snow in the front door when we go in so We'll put this there it's nice and thin So the door should open and then it's Rubber on the back so the water Shouldn't go through I throw Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] So a bit of a change of plans I kept Saying as soon as I was done the Painting and everything we would trim But I wasn't really thinking that you Can't trim the floor if you don't have a Floor so we got the flooring so that's

Actually the next step and this is like A nice Gray Barn boardy look I really Like it we used it at our last house That we built and we loved it so it's a Little different color but yeah it's a Little lighter I think it's a little Lighter yeah so we got you can see There's quite a few boxes here we did Get enough to do the two bedrooms out Here we might use a similar color but Maybe a little thicker I don't know We'll see what they have so we just Thought we'd get enough for the two Bedrooms only right now that was Waterproof this is waterproof scratch Resistant all that stuff this stuff Holds up pretty good nowadays yeah it Does yeah anyway that'll be exciting so We'll get our floor done her trim done And throw a curtain up put a bed in There and her room will be completely Finished that's super cool all right so We'll get at that tomorrow all right We'll see you in the next one later [Music]

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