I like mountains but volcanoes are Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign We definitely need a broom to clean up The floor They're all right but what I was Thinking is I mean I have a shop I already have a shop on okay but It'd be nice to have one that you could Use after yeah What do you What do you look how low it is you're Gonna put your back in I think that's just to kind of like Extend no I don't think so I'll be okay And there's one right here Oh yeah that's good If he's never actually done that before This is a Canadian sweet DeVore Playing hockey good we'll get that one Yeah you need a dust paint maybe we Could use this for a dustpan is that a Dust man no I don't think so It's gigantic Maybe There he's gonna go he's got a job to do Now so we'll get this one so we have a

Desk fan yeah and then that's your Brew My Brew I thought that was your hockey stick Yeah all right I'm also buying the last Night of mine the last four of these They're actually a dollar off now If these freaking night they're like a Secret nobody knows about in here Luckily for us they marked them down Because nobody knows and we're buying Loss for yeah these guys we deboned our Deer with us So now we probably have 10 of them They're so cheap so we just keep buying Them so over the years we'll just have a Pile of them they work so good they are For like the bright man and it's like Four dollars Yeah they're getting them So this is a big day yes It's the last day for the mustache yes It's a really big day for me yeah now We're going into decembered oh nice so We'll do a fresh shave we'll go beard For December yeah and then comes January Oh goodness we just everything goes to Me But really that's actually true most of Those things but we have our stove That's nice it's uh really makes it warm In here and a nice heat yeah we just Have to get the last portion of the Ceiling on which is like basically this Whole main area yeah and that's what

We're gonna do when we're done talking To you and then that'll really help just Keep the heat in here so that's awesome Yeah it's important insulation keep the Heating yes keep it warm because right Now it's like warm but it just threw the Roof it leaves yeah because it raises Right up through here but it is all Right because there's quite a bit but Yeah it'll make totally change it yeah So this here is like we had before on Our last cabin that stove loved it so Much got the exact same one this is the Pacific Energy super 27 so 1890 20 21 and now this year so about 18 19 20. 18 19 20 21 And now this year so this will be our Fifth winner with The stove I don't know fourth winner we Didn't have it last year are you not Hearing what you said we just had the Exact same so yeah yeah we did we just Had this exact same silver last game Yeah we did that's what I'm trying to Say so yeah we had it we've been using a Super 27 for a few winners now for at Least 35 years yeah probably not even Been around that long yeah we know you Have been on you personally anyway so It's a great stove we've talked about it In the past now we have it in here we'll Let you know how it doesn't here it's Rated for like a couple thousand square Feet so like a branch will keep the

Swarm let's go this is super efficient Stove deadly stove love it yeah my arm Like feels like it's on fire it actually Is like super hot sitting here shouldn't Be sitting there yeah but I know like Once you stand up it's not gonna be as Hot yeah anyway yeah anyways uh we're Gonna we get her going pretty good right Now because half the ceiling's gone so Yeah but yeah so we're excited uh this Thing only has to be like 4 or four Inches from the wall is it four or five Yeah yeah rated for the like so It's a good quality stove it can be like Really close uh and still be fully safe So It's it's cool anyways uh we like it We're really happy yeah you pay you pay For it but you definitely pay for what You get but yeah that's it like he said Even just saving like being able to be Five inches from the wallet because this Is a really tiny cabin so it's a big Deal to get a stove that you can have to Be like 18 inches and that's too far in Such a small space like yeah for the few Extra bucks you want to pay it and yeah And then like it's super efficient so Yeah that's this is basically how we go With this one super efficient you Probably save like I don't know how many You know like we we only burned a few Quart of wood you just burn less wood Yes we have other stove too at our other

Place I mean it's a way bigger place but Anyways we've had other stoves are not As good yeah specific energy is the best One the way to go and we are not this Isn't like an endorsement they didn't Pay for this stuff We just actually like the stove so we'll Stop talking about it because yeah then They're gonna owe us money yeah So really anyways just want to show it To you we're going to Insight the rest Of this place so I'm actually getting Itchy hot I I had fun because we got to Rip apart the pallets and stuff I'd Always like uh burning the extra shrubs Of stuff so rip that apart and cut them Up and and I love the bricks down here I Think that's a really nice touch Remember we picked them up and we put Them on here I love the look of it me Too yeah metal underneath it yeah it's Nice so anyway so we're just gonna do That roof today so I was at the hospital This morning I had to have a medical Procedure so they gave me anesthesia so If I look like uh like I'm a bit out of It I am so anyway we're just gonna work On that you have some new there yes if I Seem like I'm half asleep or like in Another world it's because I'm just kind Of still again nothing I'm coming out of It so yeah we'll just do that ceiling And I'm probably rambling I need to get off the camera yeah your

Coat's melting yeah Come on I'm almost here yeah Are you two they're in there Yeah all right Yep That hurt I guess I should find a two by Four there's one here I'll get a two by Four out to do that with Let's do this for the bathroom door yeah I just drape it there yeah and then go Over by the by the shower like so you're Not right in front of me Yeah are you sitting right beside it Just okay you can see it's like Blurry Yeah yeah Door That's like something put up if you're Gonna like get rid of a body with a Chainsaw or something Cut camera yeah I don't feel safe turn off the camera We got our board Foreign Yep No you're good I need that one there okay I'll take that gun okay It can't go too far Foreign Hot Foreign Take my coat off Ripping

The mask is always yeah I don't know how people wear it to like His floors All day I took my mask off and then touched it With my glove like the inside to move it I'm like free Good luck More yeah huh Down the floor by your foot you bend my Foot break down on the floor there a box You see it okay that's where I last had It Oh they're over there For the window you must have picked them Up that made me feel insane You want two Let's see Dayton You get these in here Oh my Jesus is calling calling my Children come home a lot lately I hear Daisy Daisy you're humming Daisy I am crazy That's all you hear Open the pod bay door yes I'm sorry Dave I'm afraid I can't do that afraid I Can't do that Yeah okay yeah It's conversation This conversation can serve no purpose Anymore Bye Gotta figure out how to reach in there

Okay going in Here you go Great but Oh gee That's convenient oh you feel a cold air Up here yeah It's doing its job then yeah you might As well use them all up and bent the Crap out of it yep definitely won't hurt No probably unnecessary but you got him But it won't hurt Come on no not too bad I feel it getting Warm though so different when it's Insulated today yeah actually holds the Heat down to the point okay yeah Foreign How is it there Lots well you might just Use the whole thing look you're at the End of the Roll Oh yeah whatever The basis then this is heavy duty yeah I Know that was used as a baseball bat I Know Remember that yeah That hurt they would that's what I was Trying to spit out yeah Whenever you think it's just going to be A quick little job there's always like a Million other things to do that you Don't think about a whole lot of this Like this here thing We've done it before I like when we're Doing the trusses yeah and then we just Put the truss to it when we did the

Garage that's how we did it But it was a lot of snow yeah we were Just banging them off yeah all right oh We're so fast you have insulation now I Guess I think that's what's going down You might need a little piece here yeah Looks like it yeah I'll take a gap I'll Take a piece I can shove it there do you Want a whole half or do you want me to Cut it you cut that in half yeah if you Set a board on it Probably a lot easier to cut looks good Ah How is that yeah that's good these one Should be good yeah that one was just Weird for some reason I think it's because I We shoved it under those other pieces And oh yeah Get another one yeah Another hole is plastic to grab too here What there's not a whole lot of plastic To hold this up no you could always Dangle it couldn't ya Just like start stapling in one corner But I don't know as long as it holds up For yeah 10 minutes or something yeah Um now I use this I'll just throw the Standing straight ready to use it on the Other side and there's a knife at your Head Oh yeah Just stab yourself with it Yeah that's good sir cuts a lot

All right grab your hand yes I do where Are you Thank you I'm gonna go so I'm just stapling to This So if you have extra whatevs okay good No Let me make sure I have enough yeah I Will yeah I'll have enough I'm good The heck was this on looks like it's Nailing blood What what that's weird Did you cut yourself I don't think so Okay so I just get down I guess so I get over yeah you come up oh I'm stuck Kick your eight in the nuts I guess you Could pull it tighter now probably won't Too I'll make sure this corner is gonna Be good okay So I don't need to hold this or I do no You're good Just wanted to make sure that was going To end up yeah Square yeah quick 10 Minute job Yeah I know right because I think it's Too big And that's why I didn't want to get Water just have to install it yeah a Little of an endless job I should go do Something different oh we spiced up a Little No thanks Hello Foreign

Cool We'll just tape it it goes succeed I'll Leave that loose for now yeah because It'd be easier to squirt though It took long than I expected are you Just gonna need one or more I think There's one I'm gonna hold my ladder Not really get sketchy with it again oh My goodness gracious yeah I made it to Get up here It's probably decent got enough then oh Let's hold it again well I'm coming yeah You're going to want to stick around You're on the edge of it so yeah Now you're on the other Edge There you go Better Safer there Now it's all doubled up yeah You can always put A styrofoam on that if we notice Later today yeah cool I just realized I Left the phone let's use it as a Flashlight That that's the cell phone so it's just Up there it's a nice attic light yeah As soon as I could turn that off it's Not behind you yeah There cool now we're good I Nice cool all right so we got all the Insulation done that's awesome that's a Huge deal and we got the stove and even Bigger deal huh yeah too damned combined

Is a big deal eh yes yes now we'll have Warrant that'll actually stay in here Yeah so we have to finish building the Headers out uh no that one's done this One here that's the main one looking at The driveway one you can see behind me And finish the bedroom once yes and then Plastic walls And uh acoustic seal and then That'll be it for the for that yeah Another big job I'm sure but it'll all Be done real soon yeah it's cool so That's cool yeah we're seeing them Coming in hi okay go ahead and close the Door good morning and say goodbye say hi Goodbye yeah come here There you can see ya turn around We're just wrapping it up so yeah thanks For watching this is really coming Together this is a huge step it's going To be super cool it is so it's gonna be Super warm yes it will uh we'll have our First night sleeping here now that we Can yeah Yeah we got lots of stuff to do yeah so That's it for now want to say anything Tell them about your channel Sam has her Own channel it's called life with Sam We'll link it below check it out it's Just Sam living life having fun doing Stuff All right we're out see ya later

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