I heard about this mother she had two Young boys who were known for the Mischievous Behavior anytime trouble Came they were certain to be a part of It so she decided to take them one at a Time to her pastor the Pastor said to The first young boy son where is God the Boy sat there silently So the pastor asked again son where is God and still no reply the third time The pastor asked the young boy ran out The door bolted Hall and went to his Brother and said God is missing and they Think we did it You're welcome [Music] Today's video is brought to you by Ariat So thank you Ariat for sponsoring this Video my lovely took here or beanie Depending on where you are in the world And what you call it is from area I Absolutely love it I ordered these new Slippers And they're super cool they're from Ariat and I'm gonna wear them in here so I'm sweeping the floors today getting it All cleaned up and then I'm going to Wear my Ariat slippers inside they're Right comfortable and I absolutely love Them and they'll be great for in the Cabin here so they're pretty cool their Links will be listed below so check them Out there's men's and women's and Children then equestrian wear Workwear

And just like awesome clothing that we Love so thank you Ariat for sponsoring This video you know that little camper We bought when we first bought the land Here we used it as like our snack room Or our break room and somewhere for Sam To hang out kind of in the Colder Weather well there's been like all sorts Of random things in that camper one of The things here is um some like memory Foam here that was on the top box we Brought them and then we're gonna use Them in the bedrooms to sleep on because We plan on sleeping here probably this Week so I'm just sweeping up the floor Here in the bedrooms get them cleaned up And then I'm going to lay these out put Some blankets and pillows on them and Set it all up it's gonna be fun there Were so many cool things in that camper We got dishes out of there and lighters And just like a lot of random things That you wouldn't even think of it was Cool so I'm just going around and Feeling the crack here between the door Frame and the wall remember I was saying I might do spray foam well the gap's Actually big enough that I can put this Insulation the rock wall insulation so I've been kind of like putting it in all The cracks and I just have a little bit More To do on this side up higher I just Needed to get myself a stool but it's

Quite a decent sized Gap so the rock Wool works really good for it And then Jeremy's just cutting a couple Pieces of plywood to put right here so You see that we plywooded this part of The wall we're just gonna do this last Little strip to match it I think and Look for my safety glasses yeah no [Laughter] [Laughter] No Foreign [Music] [Music] Yeah so we're just using a bunch of the Scrap wood we have laying around to get It up off the floor Jeremy's going to Build a couple shelves right over there And then we're going to move that table That we've been sitting at often here We're just going to move it over into This area because that's the kitchen Area And we'll put stuff on the Shelf like Coffee and Whitener and some dishes that We have here So that's going to be super convenient And it's just going to get a bunch of Crap off the ground [Music] Keep them on So this is what I was going to cut in Half okay Here throw in the garbage you get it so

You're gonna end up cutting finger off Look at the freaking thing yeah I know Right [Music] That's pretty handy Where's these here You can put one here and here or here And here right yeah these two yeah [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] I would Is there anyone Smell good wood snipper I can smell it From here yeah it's strong yeah It really strong so I can smell it Oh it smells like Pine Is it level You're such a good builder for measuring Without leveling yeah High-end homes yeah I know right [Music] I'm gonna put screws on the list That's pretty good So this here is d d a i y kitchen Cabinets Kitchen countertop This is DIY kitchen countertops out of The box the stove came in yeah yeah the Wood stove yeah a lot of work to get all The nails out of that sucker That's why it's all painted like the Black it's from the stove and the spray

Painted it Staples It's still safe okay it's like a row got Jammed into the thing all right On this because we use it as planks Right Everything's getting used eventually yep Which is the nice finished end here Hey yeah I don't know always painted or Something I was just joking yeah Nice I like it Oh let's go [Music] Yeah it looks so good okay one more That's cool Is it really NBF without a temporary Shelf somewhere no it's really not now It feels right yeah Foreign Foreign [Music] Like a little kitty door yeah Very nice yeah it'd be easier to be able To drive all up for me okay a little More practical Than just standing here Ah there goes the door Baby [Music] [Music] [Music] All right Over here yeah it should be right by the Door

I think on the floor Right there they they're right there Oh should I pull it up a little here We go Just go up higher to the other block of The bottom yeah yeah they look kind of Click It'll catch you if you just push up from The bottom it'll just kind of catch it I don't know if that's straight That's not eight feet It's pretty close no it's not it is no Because the wall behind it's eight feet That's why we use the thing on it the Plywood that actually fit this would be Not gonna be seven Foreign [Music] Needs a half inch off it It's like A half inch I have eight feet And it was close It doesn't look it yeah it looks cool Yeah right in the drywall yeah like We'll put a knob on that door and yeah Does it feel like you're feeling real Yeah Foreign [Music] Okay [Music] So should I let this thing go now All right Yeah quite a few in it

[Music] Foreign [Music] Looks good Nice Locked yourself in there what Should charge it [Music] Let me in Nice yeah There's a trick let's go [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Here so so the base is down here Drains on But you see this here's where the valves Are going to be I said I just have this On there just to hide the hole because The bathroom actually works So This one's There's got to be like some framing Behind it and stuff just want to make

Sure like if something didn't look right Here And while something isn't right here so Here if you can see that behind me That's where the valves will be like Your hot and cold water valve or Whatever Expect But it's coming right here In this this here piece So I had the shower like beforehand so like All that would be set up right but Something went awry somewhere and it's It's off it's in here so it's like There'd be a valve here you know so that Obviously isn't any good so That's a no-go on the shower I guess Right at the moment And there's a actually like if I go out I'll show you a sec but like moving this Over there's actually a pipe right here So I'm not sure like if there's enough Room to move this over this way then I Have to patch that Or something possibly and I don't know Kind of annoying now but We'll figure it out but so we can't put This in now that was kind of what we Were getting at so That was the next step But it's kind of a mess up all right so This is behind it right So this is where it's at right here the

Lines or whatever But uh it has to be like this way weighs And well this pipe's here so either that Or you had a high valve maybe put it up A little higher but that's where we're At so as far as like Either that or a totally different Shower and That's just where it is and then you do Something different a different shower Or something I don't know but that was it's kind of We don't have a whole lot of room to Work with so it kind of has to be you Know lit probably limited on what we can Do unless we do a full custom shower you Know Anyways that's uh where we're at with This so we'll see we'll see what where We go with that Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Got quite a bit done Yeah I can't remember what all we did Put up the shelves yes put up some Drywall throw some drywall tidy up the Kitchen tie it up the kitchen figured Out the shower wouldn't work yeah and That's a lot of floors yeah so I'm going To clean this corner up it's like a chop Saw Corner yeah we'll get to that Still been using it a little warmer here

Stove works great In January now full winter yep nice and Warm and Snuggly in here toasty yeah get The Place to get you know TVs we watch a Hockey game fight Saturday night Saturday night entertainment Corners Best way to describe it yeah And Pretty cool so it feels a lot bigger and More open when you clean things up yeah Sure obviously certain things like you Said we can't move the chop saw is kind Of like there but I mean we're using it So in ladders but one day it'll all get Moved out when we're done yeah Yeah another piece of drywall to put up Somewhere we're just debating where we Put it right now a couple little pieces Here and there we probably got to chop It up for above the doors itself yeah so You know we'll figure it with that Shower whether we get to that next or Not I don't actually know because There's a couple things gonna be tweaked There so [Music] Um Taco deal with that and we'll go from There on that one so maybe maybe not We're kind of set up so we can spend our First night yeah right so that's that's I think that's right next that's next And then what are we gonna do go because

We're gonna do one room completely at a Time so we'll probably start with Sam's Room and do it ceiling to floor Completely done then get a permanent bed In there so right now we got the air Mattresses and that's totally good but Once all the walls ceiling floor is done We'll get a bed that's just there we Don't have to blow it up and it's just Uh yeah permanent structures get it set Up how it's going to be forever so That's really cool and then we'll move To our bedroom uh get it all done Probably the bathroom I would think After Because this is a pretty big area and so We'd want to be done like the walls It'll depend on that shower situation Right yeah so we'll kind of go from There we'll do the two bedrooms Completely top to bottom one at a time And then move out here yeah basically Yeah yeah so that should be one room at A time when I order it goes we'll see Yeah but it'll be a bedroom yeah refer It to start all right That's it we'll get working on that Figure out what we're gonna do in it got A bit of drywall yeah try to drywall the Walls Pine in the ceiling Something like that that's a nice look I Like that yeah it is a really nice look And keeps the cabin vibe in there we're Not gonna have drywall in here

This won't be drywall drywall in the Bedrooms and the best okay yep green Board in the bathroom yeah That's it all right we'll see you in the Next one yeah you'll see it when we get There yeah [Music] Foreign [Music]

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