So it may turn out to be the best 300 I Ever spent or maybe not but I've been Looking all over the place For somebody a Forester a logger of some Kind of come out to our property And maybe do a select cut inform me on What they would do ask the right Questions that kind of thing and I have Had a huge struggle trying to find Somebody who's well I mean let alone Recommended but even just find somebody Online that would answer a call or seem Like they're reputable I just can't find this information out There so Here we are turning to you folks out There to maybe shed some more light on The subject for me and for others that Are in the same boat now I'm in the West Michigan area so this is of course a bit Uh geographically irrelevant depending On where you're at and prices and Whoever might be able to do it is going To depend on that too but We had a Forester come out well let me Back up at the beginning of the story I Had Um I wanted some firewood out here we've Been cutting a lot of firewood but it Needs to season still and the fire we've Had here is is just kind of rotted and Not good so I wanted some seeds of Firewood so we could use the fireplaces And fire pit and so on and so forth I

Paid a bit extra This guy's firewood says he had his Seasoned indoors inside undercover for Two years it's all cherry really nice Stuff and 300 bucks delivered for a cord There were some others that were I feel like 200 to 250 even for other Seasoned firewood um I paid a bit of a Premium to go this guy now that's going To be a whole other video where Hometown Acres said that they can get more than That per cord in their area I think in Pennsylvania if I remember right but Um point being I just had a good feeling About these guys so anyway a really Professional came over filled up two Truck beds and and delivered it to me For 300 bucks We just got to talking you know and they Had had their land logged by this Forester by this logger and recommended Them they said they did a great job felt That they were really trustworthy honest Gave them a good price and so I Contacted them and they came out within A week or two and we started walking the Property and he started asking questions And Trying to get a feel for how much time I Wanted to invest In this process if I wanted to really Maximize the value out of it if I wanted To kind of just take it all if I wanted To you know do something every so often

You know every 10 years or so and Um he seemed like he knew what he was Doing now to me the part that's kind of Crazy about this business The logging business I guess that I Don't really understand I can't wrap my Head around it is the amount of time That this gentleman invested to put Together a quote he came out there the Day that he met us and I believe I'd go Look at my text messages but I'm pretty Sure if he came out four other days To walk the property identify the trees The logs that they would want to take Out and put together a quote and this Was all unpaid time and he didn't live Next door he lived I think about an hour Away To make a commute and do that on four Different occasions and so anyways after He did all that he gave His formal quote I guess is just on a Piece of paper Notebook paper Written with the quantity of trees and The type of tree no sizes on there and a Total lump sum value and now I can tell You that I believe what do you say Chris They take 24 inch minimum is that you Remember I'm saying that Was a good size tree like there was a Lot of them they pointed out they need More time basically you know so there's Going to be a minimum that's got to be

Worth their while to go through the Process of cutting it down and dragging It out and loading it up and Hauling it Away and I feel like it was 24 inches There might have been some variation There but substantially sized trees you Know they can't be all crooked and wonky And everything else you know all the Things that I I think at least on a high Level I understand what goes into a Quality piece of of lumber but I've Never had property logged I don't know anybody that really has uh Directly that I can go to and get a Recommendation so I have no idea if I'm Being taken or if this is a good deal or I just don't have any clue and so that's Where I need a bit of an education I Can't I just I don't know why why is it So hard to find this information online I can't I can't find it from other local Foresters around here I can't find it And good YouTube video references or Blogs or forums or anything else and I Know there's a lot of variables right You know your the area you're in the Types of trees the amateur trees all Sorts of stuff that goes into it the Market and everything else but I'm Really struggling with this and I don't I'm tempted to say yeah let's go ahead And do it get on the schedule and and Get it done because it's a nice chunk of Cash that I could use right part of me

Feels like I may regret it though too Right you know like as soon as I get it Done well then something's going to pop Out of the woodwork where You know there's some magical way I Could have got a lot more money out of This too and you know Chris and I had a Not very serious conversation about well What if we did all this ourselves right Cut them all down Got a mill dried them all that kind of Thing but the amount of time that that Would all take the investment that would All take the property is not near to me Either it's about 40 45 minutes away too So You know there's a lot of time invested There too when I can't be doing other Things and uh Me also not being a logger right it's Not going to be very smooth sailing for Me either so Um anyway what would you guys do what do You think about the number Do you have any other loggers that are In this area I can talk to Where do I go from here Chris says I Haven't actually given you the number so What the number is the total was 33 350. And so I said is that number negotiable I came in at 36 000. anyways the point Being we settled that 34 750 that's Where it's at right now and you have 229

Trees roughly half of them are Oaks 64 Red Oaks 50 black Oaks 34 soft maple Black cherry 29 18 poplars 15 hickories Only five black walnuts Eight White Oaks four hard Maples two Basswood so basically that comes out to 151 bucks a tree which I don't really Think that certain trees are worth more And other trees are worth less so I get That but that's just an average at least Some other way to view it besides a Total lump sum but um It just doesn't seem like a lot for a Tree you know and you know there's a lot Of other processes and time and Equipment and Labor and transportation that goes into It and profit and everything else so I Kind of get it from owning a business And going through manufacturing right a Different perspective Um but I still feel I don't know kind of That queasy feeling in my stomach if I Go to pull the trigger so fill me in What do I need to know send me some Links give me some other angles maybe Other questions to ask before I pull the Trigger again maybe this was the best 300 bucks ever spent on that court of Firewood or maybe it just turns into Nothing at this point I don't have anything invested into it Again for me thinking of this as a

Business Prospect for a Logging company I can't imagine investing that amount of Time With no guaranteed return I mean that's That's so much that's almost a week That's four days out of a week you know Worth of Labor just to do one quote and That 30 the 4750 is not all profit There's a lot of a lot of costs that's That's in there right maybe even if They're making 30 profit for all that time that's been Invested already and all that time that Will be invested that's crazy to me It's an interesting business we are Proud to be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at so for me though This is a fun thing to go through you

Know when you buy a property it's it's It's cool to think about that that asset That's there that's uh that's almost Heightening Plain Sight right and There's just money that's sitting there Growing you're not doing it I'm not Nurturing that property right now and And they did mention things like if I Want to clear out all the underbrush and You know trim out all the scrubby stuff And let the good the good trees really Grow up and Sprout but man all the vines And everything else that's in there I Mean the amount of Labor that I would Spend to do that if I lived there maybe Chipped away at it after work or on the Weekends sure but I'm nowhere near there And that's more time than I want to Invest so what do you think where should I go from here let me know in a comment Down below if you did enjoy today's Video we'd love to have you tag along Hit that subscribe button down below Completely free Now if you're in the market for a Tractor attachment that's what we sell Here that's the main point of this Channel so we'd love to help you out see What we have to offer at goodworks includes free shipping Rewards and financing too I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon

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