Amazing Slabs on Portable Sawmill – Frontier OS35

We have a lot to learn about the Frontier OS35. We are cutting the biggest slabs we have ever worked with. @FrontierSawmills

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What a monster of a board in my mind I See something like this in like a 500 lb Kitchen Table hey welcome back to the channel we Got the Gizmo dog here Tanya's behind The camera and we are going to cut up Some uh logs on The Sawmill today Looking forward to doing that but first Off we got to burn some scrap and get Rid of some stuff so let's get to that So we got a pile of brush here and this Is our burn P here we're going to crank This dude up and then we're going to Throw the uh brush on top and try to get Rid of all this today it's great day to Do it rain yesterday so the ground is Wet and that makes it Safe one thing it's harder to drive this Thing with the Boot N Okay I got me a everything is really really Wet so I got me a little bit of fire Encourager and we'll just chunk this on These dry leaves and we should Do we should do Okay Burn that Too you can use diesel kerosene to do This just get a little K diesel or Kerosene hate doing it because Diesel's So expensive see how wet it Is but definitely never use

Gasoline I may not be able to get it Going cuz that is so Wet Probably could have put it in a better Place there's enough diesel on it's just That it's so wet That this is not any boards yeah but This Too Got it started Anyway it may burn the diesel out and Just die Out or the fire Encourager my little booty my foot's all Wet Now looks like it might catch you I it Might burn all the diesel off and it's Just so wet from the rain that it's not Going to Go maybe that little dry stuff we throw On help it Out yeah definitely want do wouldn't Want to do this on a dry time with the Beans right beside it burn a guys Bean Fill Down but everything's so wet even Throwing Fire enhancer on it it still Did not uh still ain't taking off really That Great plus that was green wood too So sitting there though but it would be Be rained on it made all W again yeah But still it ain't been there long wood Takes about a year to dry out

Good these things are Heavy I going to say this thing probably Weighs a Good 100 lb or so or Better do it together cuz I can't get it From here Pick up all Right so we'll go ahead and Take look like we can get two slabs out Of That all right let me back that away Then That is pretty pretty pretty pretty Pretty Pretty yeah having this big Sawmill is Going To totally open Up there's the pith right there we can Cut that out cut down the center and get Two big old Boards out of That I don't know how structural they'll be Good on that end that's good wood on That end there's a big knot right here On this one but this side's Good so we can come back And oh I guess that's Probably 2 by this is rotted out here so Probably get a good 2 by8 out of it Solid Oak and then over there is good Too I mean if it's just going to be a Table or something something like that That pith you could just fill that in

With that clear Coat let's get this dude cranked up F Three F four F five all right put a Little bit Of put a little choke on It Let it warm up about a quarter Choke so that is on E right There come down one More 84 on the Scale that'll leave us an 84 on the Bottom That may slide over a little bit because I don't have the back stops up and it'll Hang the other back socks But we'll See What a monster of a Board this is one we've already actually Seen But not not up close I don't Think it's funny the wind's always Blowing towards the Camera well generally you're always Where the camera's At all right so I'm going to pull the Track back up here and what we'll do is We'll Slide these off And um I'm going to cut these one at a Time that right there on this End that's every bit Of 24 in 25 in thick cut right here and It I mean I felt it but it wasn't hard

To push through it all I forgot to clean My tracks off so there's a little bit of Stuff on there but the the gas did Pretty good about getting it Off this these little yeah no that's Called me Mees Mees meary Rays or can't Say the word but anyway that's what that Is so what does it talk it's kind of Like the blood veins of the tree oh okay It's pretty looks like War's going Through yeah Mees I can't I I'll have to Call uh Nathan and get him to say that Word for Me But the the short version is it's kind Of like the blood veins of the tree and It has unique look all right let me get The tractor up here and see we can get This Off Mandro slide one of these over again This is the the hard SP yeah go ahead And slide yours First see if you can just get it to get On top of that board right there all Right hold It all right ready one two Three swe that one off before you put it On because it's going to cost A well we're going to I'm going to cut These up Into I'm going to make some of these a Um slabs like this away from me please This has got the uh this do the piss not

In this one that is absolutely you need Bring camera over to this One that is Gorgeous so this to make a really piece Pretty piece of furnace right here it's Not perfect but these little pieces like This and that little rot but that still Solid wood come in and put like a uh a Polyurethane in this to to strengthen That up and then come back and sand it All down and then uh you know put a a Clear coat over the whole thing after it Sanded up made into a piece of furniture I can just see this being in my mind I See something like this in a big kitchen Table like a 500lb kitchen table put two Of those boards together and make a Table to well that's what I'm going to Do I'm going to take the this soft wood This this is the uh sat wood out here on The end I'm going to come through right Now and cut this off and have it flat on This in and then I to come over here and Probably I'll probably come in about Right Here and cut that Rod off down that side And only leave the Good Wood and then we Can put two the pieces together we got To carry these and put them uh in the Basement with a dehumidifier and let Them dry for it'll take it'll take a Year for these to dry out unless we had A k come here G move go come Here M beautiful beautiful

Beautiful lot of rot down here on this End Though that's a monster slide to it Closer and then that actually works Right there All right let me get it up on top don't Don't do Nothing all Right okay same thing again sweep that Off Don't this side over Here that's just for uh I put the water To it but the color oh yeah it's Beautiful and it's darker and whatever You whenever we like put a stain on There or if we just put a clear coat It's going to pull that color out right There I'm going to see if I Can flip this Up I don't know I think I need to a you Going to tear it up the top it's okay But it have to be sanded Anyway all right So I got It I got it okay but I need to put Something under that Go see if you can find me a board over There flat board over to side and see if I Can come over here on this Side just set it flat in There That looks a lot more level and I can Take

This let be a sacrifice Board All Right it's not perfect but hopefully It'll be okay I don't want to get into That because it's so wide you pretty Much have To but uh some this almost needs to be Two People I guess I could probably figure it out But I'm going to try to save a little Bit more of this so I'm going to raise This up a little bit more don't want you Slide that up under There okay you're you're you got to come Back and look at it you're you're on the Wrong side you're on the wrong side you Can't see what you're doing there you Got to slide it up under that Feel pretty good all right here we Go I think that's going to give it a Little bit more Hyen we won't waste as much of that good Wood lot to learn on this big Sawmill lot to Learn Still a little rod on It I'm going to take about another half Inch Off I should have took an inch off but Trying to be Greedy still got a neat little board out

Of The yeah I tried to get a little greedy There and Trying to take a half inch off at a time Not to still a hint of Darkness there But I think that's going to just bring Character of the wood solid but I still Got two of these neat little boards I Don't know if they Bowl they may bowl Like Crazy I know it's not the right thing to Do to be in this But Just want I need to make one of those Disclaimers don't do this at home Children takes a professional idiot to Stand in front of the Board you mean do not try this at home Yeah don't try this at Home this thing could fall all over on Me and pinch me probably wouldn't hurt Me bad but it would still Hurt goes another frog Gizmo I'm not going to be greedy on this When I'm going To go ahead and take a pretty good slice Off so I'm not wasting all these Cuts we close I'm going to take a little Bit More Oh Man there's a little bit of spotting on This over Here yeah that's really rotten right

There need to come down at least Another It starts right here is where It's I me you wouldn't want a table any Longer than that anyway would You I have my tape measure with me what Kind of saw am I tap measures in the Truck well we're going to we put like Three or four of these together to make A big Table That's the pretty side right there Imagine about four of these setting side By side different different sizes a Little bit of punk right there but That's still solid but the table Probably going to be that long anyway so We would just cut off that have them About have them about four Deep and then uh glue them together Screw them together take two of the big Ones and make oh I just want saying you Just Take these boards and this could be a Center if you have two if you want it Live Edge you could just rip one of the That P in the middle right but uh I Would want I want a 4ot wide table well If you put this in the middle and then Two big the other piece on the outside You get the live edges on the outside But you get this solid straight lines in The middle I mean reality what about Okay let's talk about the uh the cabin

So we're going to have a Island right so The Island's going to have it's going to Be a little higher in the back cuz you Want a backsplash so when you're washing In the sink or whatever water don't come Over and then so it'll go like this and Go up the island does not have a wall Pie well I was thinking maybe we should And then it go like this right go up and Then over here on this side have the Breakfast why not just make it one level And have three pieces together and make It more well I don't I really don't want To put this as the top of the I want it Quartz for the top it's like like where You sit and Eat like have a little shelf what you Call it a floating floating shelf like a Floating bench or a floating shelf that We would eat on our little eating area All right so I've kind of been Overridden and that's not a bad thing Tanya has a good deals um we're going to Leave this in slab form and let them dry And see what they look like I know some Of the edges are really Punky and They're probably going to have to be cut Off but uh we're going to let them dry And then if we decide to keep one of Them as a Live Edge after the punkiness Has fell away uh we can go ahead and Split one of these down the center and Put this in the middle and it's going to Make a really nice uh table or something

Like that in the in the future but this Is going to have to dry for almost 6 Months at least in the basement before We could even potentially uh start Working with it reality is it probably Needs to sit in the basement for a year So we have the dehumidifier we don't Have a Kil yet love to have a Kil that That's maybe in the future but right now We're going to we're going to go ahead And just put these away listen Appreciate you watching our Channel God Bless have a great Day

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