Foreign Are you coming Foreign Takes a few times And I'll get there Probably not this time but it's coming Soon Wow this is a new record Oh boy it really wanted you there Foreign Oh My God Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors it is that time of year it's It's chilly the snow is coming down and While it's not sticking to the driveway Here just yet we got a real cold spell Coming and I'm sure in a few days They're calling for snow five days in a Row I think six if you include today and so We're gonna have snow on this driveway Soon we're standing on an asphalt Driveway here I've got a concrete Section as well I know a lot of you guys Are dealing with that or or something Decorative something that is not just You know gravel or crushed stone or dirt Right and you want to keep that Investment in Tip-Top shape for as long As you can so I thought it'd be a great Time to give away some of our Uhmw this excellent product here I'm Going to tell you more about it we're

Going to give you a bunch of tips today On how to protect your driveway and keep Traction too because those are two of The most frustrating things losing Traction when you're sitting there Spitting your wheels not moving that Snow where it needs to go and then come Springtime when everything melts off you See the damage you see the rust streaks You see all the stuff that just is going To add up to be more money to repair it So let's tell you how to avoid those Pitfalls and we're going to tell you how To enter that contest to win your own Uhmw a little bit later on all right so We have this stuff in a lot of different Shapes and sizes depending on what your Needs and application are but uhmw Uhmw stands for ultra high molecular Weight and then it's polyethylene all Right so it's a very hard plastic now This stuff is recycled a little bit Cheaper there's some like some higher Grades of this that you would use in Like uh and food production facilities But for plow and snow you don't need That so this saves you some money going With this hey you viewer pay attention Down below for five seconds The simple way to sum it up is that it Cuts like steel but protects like rubber Now I will say that you'll see this Advertised as being as hard as steel and I do think it's a very durable product

It's going to last a lot longer than Rubber wood but if you're using it on a Really abrasive surface you'll have some Guys that that want to replace an old Worn out steel edge with this and use it On like their gravel driveway I don't Think that's a good application for it Just gravel and rocks and stone are very Abrasive and very rough in texture and It's going to give an uneven wear Edge On this surface so I think stick with Steel there but for asphalt concrete Decorative Stone all that kind of stuff And absolutely A1 material it's it's Hard to beat you just can't beat it Because the rubber is not going to going To cut through that pack snow at all This stuff really will do a good job but It's going to do that job without Damaging it or leaving rust streaks like Steel wood and so you'll see we have a Few different varieties here and so we Even make it in a in a skid runner for HLA snow pushers so you can add those on Too a lot of different thicknesses this Thicker one that you see right here It's two inches thick we actually sell This for bucket edges so if you have a Pre-drilled bucket or if you want to Drill out your bucket you can Countersink your bolts right up through Here you know leave maybe three quarters Of an inch or a half inch of material And you still have an inch and a half of

Material to wear through awesome for That right there the big beefier stuff For bigger snow plows for the snow Pushers thinner stuff for your smaller Snow plows rear blades and even smaller Than this just two inches for snow Blowers too all right so this really is Tip number one is use the right material To protect your driveway it's going to Make a world of difference it is Expensive stuff I'm not going to deny That but it is cheap in comparison to Expensive driveway repairs and and one Final note on this too this is the Thinnest as far as three quarters of an Inch it's the thinnest that we sell You're going to see a lot of stuff out There on eBay some other websites too That will sell half inch maybe 3 8 of an Inch thick I wanted to go over the top And just go more robust and so this is Going to be thicker than most of the Other stuff you're going to see out There on the market and of course we Have the thicker stuff too all right now Of course if you maybe can't afford or It's just not in the budget right now a Piece of uhmw you don't want to do that If you want to try something different I Would suggest raising your plowing Edge Above the surface and I know that kind Of goes against the traditional grain of Thought of of scraping away all the snow But

Is the trade-off worth it right if you Have a real just tiny little skiff of Snow that you leave on there maybe a Half inch or an inch or less I guess Let's say you oftentimes that snow is Either going to melt away once we get a Sunny day or at least going to pack down To a real a real thin layer and then at That point you have something to to kind Of ride against and ride along and not Make contact with your driveway at all And so perhaps it could be a way to get By without investing in in something a Little bit more expensive like uhmw and Just see how that goes for you and kind Of going along with that same train of Thought you want to limit your down Pressure when you can so if you are just Kind of whether it's with uhmw or rubber Or steel I mean if you're just kind of Using your your loader or your Hydraulics to push that blade down into The driveway well I get the the want the desire to do that To kind of completely scrape Everything Clean but you know depending on the Condition of your driveway that's good Or bad if you're catching edges you know Cracks that maybe aren't filled uh this Year Maybe a transition between like the Public roadway and your driveway there's A lot of areas there where a blade can Catch and really cause damage quickly so

One way you can avoid limiting that down Pressure is to use float on your tractor And pretty much every modern day tractor Is going to have a float function which Is like a detent position it's going to Actually relieve the hydraulic pressure And just let the weight of the blade the Weight of The Pusher the way to the Loader just kind of Ride Along the Ground and as you're going along and it Works best in a straight line if you're Turning a lot pop it back out afloat and Kind of give yourself some some more Weight on the front tires but then put It back in when you're going in a Straight line it's going to follow the Contour of the ground just kind of Ride Along and those little undulations in There it's not going to want to dig into It or cause any unnecessary damage it's Going to be your friend then of course Go through the effort to mark your edges Now is the time to do it not when you Have the snow already on the ground but Mark the edges of your driveway the Transitions from one material to the Next where there could be a lip again Going down to those public roadways Oftentimes very awkward angles and Transitions there where it's easy to Cause damage and very frustrating I've Had a couple areas of my at my last House where there was just damaged Concrete right in that transition Edge

There and it just always frustrated me I Knew exactly how it happened I just Couldn't do anything about it well I Could have but I didn't folks I want to Take just a second to tell you about our Channel sponsor rim guard they are a Liquid ballast solution they line up With exactly what we do here on Good Works which is talking about tractors And tractor safety we see it as simple As this if you own a tractor you need Rim guard in fact some attractors Include rim guard as standard out of the Factory liquid ballast is simply weight All right and this weight hides inside Your tires it stays there all the time It's a safety concern because tractors Are almost always too light and too Tippy out of the factory the number one Attachment used by every tractor owner Is their front end loader so when you Pick up something heavy on the front end Your back end wants to pick up off the Ground rim guard liquid ballast helps Keep your back end planted to the ground But beyond safety is going to help Maintain traction because if those rear Tires those power driving tires are on The ground you have traction to go where You need to and you're going to operate More efficiently because if those rear Tires aren't on the ground you're not Going to pick up as much as you need to Or take it where you need to go rim

Guard is all natural that means it's Safe it is the heaviest per gallon All-natural product on the market it's Not going to freeze it's not going to Corrode and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide to find a Dealer visit to Make your tractors safer today all right Five tips to increase traction while You're plowing snow we tried Groove and Tires last year and I think that that Made a big difference I don't have any I Don't know quantitative evidence to say That it did but I can tell you this we Had R4 tires I've used those Historically to plow snow and they do a Terrible job for me and I some folks are Fine with it a lot of folks are not I've Been stuck just off the side of my Driveway I've struggled to get up my old Driveway before which is not a super Steep incline but it's an incline with Those ungrooved tires so we grooved our Four tires last year got a heat gun or Not a heat gun well you heat the gun up And it's got like a little steel blades That you put in there and kind of Channel along and it made a world of Difference I'm telling you so give that A shot if you're looking to keep your Tires a fairly low investment I think it Was under 100 bucks to get that gun and Get your tires done there a pretty cool Option to consider another one a pretty

Easy one that anybody can do is just to Lower the tire pressure all right if Your tires are rock hard bricks it's Going to be a little bit more Challenging to get traction so if you Can soften them up in a way by lowering That PSI getting more getting more Surface area making contact they're just Going to tend to grip a little bit Better and move a little bit better so Kind of walk that fine line play around With a little bit but it can make a World of difference for you now one that I haven't done but I know a lot of folks Do it with success is adding on rubber Tire chains and was it Versa Versa grip Terra grip yeah Terra grip that's what It is and uh I know that they're on Amazon I'm sure there's some other Places too they they sell out a lot I Think they're pretty popular but I think That means they do a pretty good job too So rubber tire chains completely Different than steel tire chains which You know if you're getting steel tire Chains or steel studs those could really Cause a lot of damage you know trying to Get grip on your driveway but these Rubber ones are going to do the same Thing while leaving it essentially Mark Free now similar to cars you can get Snow tires for your tractor too it can Be an expensive proposition to consider Because sometimes you need to change out

Not just your tire but your wheel along With it however if you're looking to get A tire upgrade anyways and you may Consider something like the the Goodyear R14 for the bigger tires the Carlisle Versaturf is going to be a great option For like the 1025rs the go to BX the Smaller tractors but both of these tires Share a similar technology and they're Going to be a hybrid combining the R1 AG Tire the R3 Turf and the R4 Industrial Tire kind of taking the best properties Of all those and merging them into one I've been running those on multiple Trackers of mine they've gotten really Popular in the last couple of years a Good option for you to consider and in Fact the Summit tx25 is running the Goodyear R14 tires as standard right out Of the factory and last but not least we Talk about Bell's way a lot on this Channel and a lot of that's focused on The safety aspect of it but this is Where the other aspect of the efficiency Comes into play because if you're Sitting there spinning wheels nothing's Happening that's not very efficient Right and so if you can add ballast Weight to the back side of your tractor Those rear tires are where you're really Getting all your power from so add your Power back there get it on the three Point get wheel weights get liquid Ballast with rim guard our Channel

Sponsor inside your tires but we focus On ballast because it's just such a a Positive for your tractor experience all Around so we have a lot of options for You go to our website and check that out And see what we have to offer and now It's time for that giveaway and if You've followed our channel before you Understand how this works it's very Simple all you got to do is be a Resident of the United States the lower 48 that's where we ship to and on top of That you just have to leave a comment Down below right in the comments section There feel free to enter feel free to Get your mom your dad your brother your Sister your son your daughter whoever it Is to leave a comment as well and They're entered also we're going to do Our giveaway at noon Eastern Time on What is it Monday November 21st 2022 so If you you watch this video after that Date I'm sorry you're out of luck but Subscribe And follow along for future videos and Future giveaways too so we're going to Be selecting three winners okay so your Choice whatever you need all right if You if you have an HLA snow plow or a Snow push I should say and you want to Get a set of uhw skid runners all yours If you want a piece of the big thick Heavy stuff For your snow plow all yours if you need

Something smaller for your rear blade Whatever it is if you need four foot Five foot six foot we ship up to I think It's 94 inches long we go any longer Than that we get into oversized charges And we just don't sell anything longer Than that so whatever you need we're Going to select three winners you win a A piece of uhmw whatever your length is Or a set of skid Runners if you need Them now important no okay so you're Gonna see text me on telegram or Something with telegram contact me there You were selected you're a lucky winner That is a scam all right you're I'm not Going to send anything to anybody I Don't reply to any of these comments These giveaways just I don't want to Mess anything up I'm not going to do the Drawing until Just after noon on Monday the 21st if You get something before then it's a Scam ignore it completely and report it To YouTube in fact I had so many of Those comments from telegram on the last Giveaway I thought about not doing one Anymore so again ignore anything from TextMe on telegram don't contact me I Don't know what telegram is but it'll be Like text me on telegram good works Tractors write in their username that's Not me that's fake that's a that's a lie That's a scam ignore it all right so one Last thing we're just about out of here

Today folks but these sections here are Kind of our our takeoff pieces all right So we get these strips right from the Factory and 10 foot long pieces and most Folks need a a five or a six foot or a Seven seven foot long piece and then We're one we wind up with a big old Stack of these shorter pieces that are Two three four foot long and so I'm Going to create a listing for these Scrap pieces these takeoff pieces at a Discounted price you're going to see Them on there and it may be like Buy two foot sections or say you need Say you need you need six foot of Material well we're gonna say and They're going to get at least two foot Sections so you say you need six foot of Material we're going to send you a bunch Of takeoffs to equal at least six foot Probably a little bit longer than six Foot basically you're gonna have an Option to pay the regular full price for Just a one section piece that's six foot Long for example or you can pay a Discounted rate and get multiple pieces To get you to that six foot Increment it's just up to you it's a way To have an option and perhaps you can Get into uhmw a little bit cheaper so Folks hope you enjoyed today's video We'd love to have you tag along hit that Subscribe button right down below we Sell all sorts of tractor attachments

And we ship them all over the country go To if you don't Have anything to buy but you want to Support the channel rock some swag buy Our merchandise we don't keep any Profits off of that we donate it all to Charity I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon Foreign

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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