ARTIC BLAST Hits The OFF GRID Cabin | Mountain Home Build in the CANADIAN WILDERNESS

A man took his new Mercedes-Benz out on The interstate for a nice evening Drive The top was down the breeze was blowing Through what was left of his hair and he Was just enjoying his evening so he Decided to open her up as the needle Jumped to 80 miles per hour he saw a Flashing red and blue lights coming up Behind him there's no way they can catch A Mercedes he thought to himself so he Opened her up even more the needle hit 90 then a hundred then reality set in What am I doing he thought and he pulled Over the cop came up to him took his License and without a word examined the Car it's been a long hard day it's Friday it's almost the end of my shift And I really don't feel like doing any More paperwork so if you can give me a Really good reason one that I haven't Heard before for why you're speeding I'll let you go the man thought about it For a second and said last week my Nagging wife ran off with a car up and I Thought you were bringing her back have A nice weekend the officer said You're welcome [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

Thank you It's not windy with a gust of wind gums Oh don't fall I might have another box in the house to Bring up Or Should I get that close to it I'm good okay that's good Cool What's in that the blocks of like random Stuff just styrofoam All right careful should I throw this on It sure It sounds like metal in there dude I Don't think so we have this metal I should be roasting a marshmallow Just dead That's cool Yeah don't breathe in whatever's burning Now Smoky That gets rid of a bunch of stuff fast Yeah You just put a hole in the ozone layer Yeah yeah possibly Foreign It's literally an ice cube I gotta peel the ice off to open it Oh yeah It's all that freezing rain yeah Here Foreign I don't know almost seems like it Foreign

Foreign Area is snowed over yeah They're frozen Let's check them out yep [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] We brought that camo chair in that chair We bought like nine years ago at Cabela's we absolutely love that chair But we also wanted to have a couch or Futon here so that's what we were Building earlier today as we were Building a futon we're sleeping here now And we're here all the time so it's just A lot more convenient to have a couch to Lay on as well since there is three of Us so it's a nice place to relax in the Evenings before we hit the sack so That's what we were doing there and now We're gonna head back into Sam's bedroom To finish the ceiling or to start on it Really [Music]

Fit under that crayon yeah I don't know What it looks like yet not here though [Music] This feels nbfy right yeah doing these You see what we got going on here we got One by eight they're called burn barn Wood Pine boards These are good fire shaders yeah they Still have good they're so strong I know It smells like a hamster cage it feels So good I don't think it sounds like that Hit this man This here is like legendary yeah for us Yeah this is like our one Ryobi tool Yeah [Music] Everything's DeWalt except for that and It's put up a lot of these shoebox okay Yeah you can't do what you're doing stop It stop it let go of it peck of it let Go of the freaking thing Let go of it all the way What do they say just let's just go over Basic vocabulary Okay what do you think let go with me I thought it would drop but what do you Think that would mean to let go okay [Music] How's that it'll be all right are you Good yeah [Music] Has been using oh it's flashing the Battery

You're good Yep It's been forever I should have tested it yeah Ready Yeah [Music] Oh yeah God [Music] Yeah it wasn't something We're good That didn't sound good [Music] Just feels like this yeah now that we're Used to the other one Foreign 's wondering why we put the walls on First the main thing you mentioned it Another video was so we had the Insulation covered the rock salt that's The sound stuff in between the walls so That when we slept here it wasn't just Exposed so that's why we do it that way No real reason other than that and then We just did the rest because it already Started so we just put the WD-40 to that Rig in there and it seems to be working Again Everything will be staying with WD-40 Is that It's a bow in the middle yeah oh my land Oh yeah before you're shooting it oh wow Good thing we plan to paint

Thank you Man I just feels so familiar You should have glass it's not bad yeah I know You define mine Go Cutler looks cool take it on the Measurement yeah just make sure To measure down Like we'll measure each side here yeah Don't measure each side too to make sure That we're not like yeah I think it was Some random angle at the end here [Music] Are you good yeah Yeah they're still Something very much [Music] You're the exact same okay [Music] [Music] I can smell it Strong can you smell it Smell it Warriors [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Pieces we're going to use now because It's pretty Sun picking trying to find These eight foot boards So we got three sixes to complete it so We just cutting them to the length to Scatter it

That's why it's like Smooth the whole Way till here In hindsight maybe it would have been Better to Start here and end up with a couple of Cut pieces there so it's not in the Doorway but it's it's I don't think it's Gonna it's a kid's bedroom it's it's Rustic yeah [Music] All right last piece Nice big knot there okay yeah I guess Maybe you could come out and tell me if That's gap covered uh yeah that's Perfect yeah [Music] Cool it looks pretty good I like it yeah And this here you see these like we got A little bit pets probably only a half Inch from here but then the ship lot too But we're gonna have wide trim if you Missed the last video it's gonna be wide Trim like here Like and then down on the seams like Kind of a border somebody mentioned About uh like chair kick or whatever It's actually too high to be that it's Not actually that yeah it's just a trim We're using the a chair thing is usually Like 36 inches or something it's lower Than that and then Assuming they give you beating chairs Off a lot I know she did wainscoting or something

The whole thing then he could caught That but those would just be one piece To hide the scenes then we'll just putty These just these yeah and then paint That but as far as these are just trim Here and then anywhere you see a seam We're just gonna trim it Yep yeah Look cool I like it [Music] A couple people have asked where we got Our Kettle from so we got this Kettle at Bass Pro and we absolutely love it so I'm gonna now that we're done that Ceiling I'm gonna enjoy a nice cup of Hot chocolate [Music] Laughs [Music]

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