Folks how we doing I am excited today I Actually get to play around with the Tractor haven't done that in a while we Had a big load of number two Luke that joke's for you that's a middle School joke right there so that's funny But this is number two that's that's the Stone that got dropped off 10 yards of It about 340 bucks plus uh well they did Three loads for 200 bucks uh they Dropped some other Stone off so another 70 bucks so 400-ish dollars for this Load of 10 yards right here that you see I'm gonna use this stuff in a couple Different areas I had no idea where to Drop it so we put it in the most Inconvenient spot we could find that way I have to use it or have to move it I Suppose but uh we're gonna try to build Like a I don't even know what you call It you guys can tell me and it's this Could be just totally futile but I'm Gonna go with the path of least Resistance first and try to that that Creek we have up there that's been a Problem for us Super Mucky but it is a hard sand bottom Right in the middle of the creek but Basically just build those Banks down There so we're not getting caught in the Muck in the mud and just kind of give That something solid for the tractors And the other equipment to go across and Even if we want to go across on foot

It's that way we don't have to make a Huge mess so maybe this totally Backfires but we're going to try that First and then I've got another area Where we got the skid steer stuck I need To build a little bit of an area only Like 10 foot wide to get over to the Other high ground and the four wheeler Went across just fine Um This could steering out so much just Sunk right down in there and made a big Mess so gonna use some of that over There too at another time that's gonna Be a bit bigger project I wanna actually There's High Ground that connects all The way around the far side of our Property I want to kind of make a Walking path that kind of connects back Over to the the southwest corner this is Kind of the north northwest corner over Here so anyway a lot of stuff coming up I'm ready to get to work Foreign I think we didn't put more in there Yeah a few more of those from here Folks I want to thank you for watching Make sure you head on over to our Website we sell And ship tractor attachments all over The country and most of you folks that Are watching our videos are not Subscribed so hit that subscribe button Right now it is completely free and

Don't forget about our merchandise if You enjoy tractor stuff you don't have Anything to buy if you want to buy a Sweatshirt or a hat or a coffee mug Something like that you can go to the Link on our website or right down below The description order what you want They'll ship it right to you and we Don't make any money on that we donate All the proceeds to charity so it's Going to a good cause Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Folks so this is eight bucket scoops of Of stone that we have out here so we did Four trailer loads and so that trailer The ultra Tech trailer is awesome and It's got a hydraulic piston assist and Then it's got a handle a pull out handle So you can give it a little a little Jump start you know to get it going and Once it's up off the ground or off off The base I guess you know it kind of Does its own thing so it doesn't take a Lot of effort but I do think a third Scoop in there would have really been Pushing the limits and after that whole Ordeal this summer with the big dump Trailer and having to You know empty that out kind of manually Instead of just dumping it I I really Wanted to avoid that lesson learned I'm

Never going to get rid of all this muck There's a pile of muck over here that we Dug out before and it just it's just It's it's a Mucky area you know so Basically I just want to make it more Easily traversable if we want to walk Across derive something across whatever Else so I'm going to kind of spread this Stuff out down and through here And um I don't know see how it goes I Mean it's there's leaves and whatever Else here anyway but there's all sorts Of organic matter so This is kind of the hillbilly way to do It okay well uh we tried this experiment And I don't think it's going to be the Right solution so you can see right down Here this was This was Stone Same here and it just pushed it right Down right down into that muck that muck It's it's squeaking up through through All this stuff you can see in a few Other areas too it's just it's like a Like quicksand of some kind almost it's Crazy so there it is hard sand down the Bottom of the creek bed though I mean You can put your foot down in there and Get across just fine but I think what We're going to do is get a culvert uh Get a culvert put it through here and Then just bring a bunch more Stone just To kind of build up a ramp going here And then right over the other side so

Maybe three times the amount that we had Here would get the job done so yeah I Was hopeful that it would be that easy Um Yeah it's just not going to be but That's it's still not hard right I just Got to go get Culvert bring more Material spread it out summit tractor Worked great for it easy to spread with The loader I really like this this Stone Too uh number two Stone That we got I like the coloration of it It'll be nice when it's done but we're Not there yet so if you guys have Another idea and some of you throughout Ideas last time around with Culvert and Maybe putting Timbers down in the bottom Of the creek Um putting Stone like this across the Creek and just kind of making it like a I don't know what you call like an Underwater Bridge sort of thing where You can still Traverse it but anyways This is what we're working with so open To your suggestions leave a comment down Below and of course if you want Something cool like that over Tech Trailer or another attachment for your Tractor we'd love to help you out head On over to we sell And ship tractor attachments all over The country and if you haven't Subscribed yet what are you waiting for Hit that subscribe button down below

It's completely free I want to thank you For taking time out of your day to stop By and until next time stay safe we'll See you soon Foreign

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