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Folks this is the iron craft six-way Dozer blade 96 inches wide they're going To offer it in 72 84 or 96 you don't Have to get six-way you can get a Four-way if you want to get the sixth Way it's going to be electric over Hydraulic and how you operate the Additional two functions all right so a Four-way up down and then use your third Function to angle left and right the Sixth way requires another auxiliary That you plug into your 14 pin or if you Have a seven or an eight pin you can do That too and then you'll have the Tilt Function as well tilt it up and down Either way a skid steer quick attach is Required on your machine a reversible And replaceable ar-405 Cutting Edge on Here as well as adjustable and Replaceable skid Runners on either end Take a look at the iron craft lineup we Ship all their attachments Nationwide Check them out at [Music] Foreign

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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