Bad Dog Tools Long Term Review – Gimmick or Game Changer?

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to do a long-term Review on Bad Dog tools I was recently At a farm show bad dog tools was there Their salesman is amazing he gives a Demonstration of how these drill bits Right here And this cut off wheel are Miracles like The most amazing tools you've ever seen And his demonstration is really Impressive The first time I've seen that Demonstration five times now I go to a Lot of shows and the first time I saw it I was so impressed I bought one of Everything And that was almost two years ago in That time I've used these a lot I've had Some problems and there have been some Things that I was impressed with so I'm Going to give a long-term review now the First thing I want to do is show you the Demonstration so you know exactly what The company is claiming their products Do so I'm going to insert that right now It's maybe a minute and a half to two Minutes somewhere in that range of them Demonstrating their own products then I'll give you my experience Shanks of the are 51-40 armor Rather than high-speed steel so we give You a little bit more size force is what You're used to This drill bits here look enough like a

Masonry bit That I have to show right off the bat How much tougher than carbide they are If you're ever struggling trying to get Started into a piece of Steel and you Keep walking across the surface of the Steel if it happens with the bad dog Because the chips of these bits are Carboloid rather than common carbide Feel free to use the drill bit [Music] As a set for itself So if you break a stud out Or an extractor trying to get to the Stud turn back around and use the same Bit that you cut stainless with To cut masonry lifts Thank you You cut child with And if you damage one we replace it with Another one It's a good deal the cutoff wheel is a 46 grit diamond So whether you're cutting concrete with Rebar stucco with a laugh Whether you're cutting Shield Or a stone and if you've ever worked in In porcelain this might mean something Cheese 9000 RPM through full body porcelain Tile would melt the diamond off a good Fifty dollar tile saw Not only do you cut it all because the Diamond drops all the way down the face

You also grind it all So go ahead and cut And grind and if it stops we replace it Not only cut and grind but polish sand And sharpen With the Shane blade And here's the thing if you wear it out We replace it with another one okay so I Would say that is a well done product Demonstration And A lot of the things demonstrated are True and accurate but there are some Shortcomings and we've all seen these Types of demonstrations where A product is shown in kind of a limited Way with some soft product and it's only You know drilling a few holes and it's Not it's the best test you could give if You had the best product on the market That's the best demonstration you can do But it's also not really proof that it's Worth the high price because these are Not cheap tools So we're going to talk first about the Drill bits which I have a lower opinion Of the drill bits than the other product But we'll start with the drill bits this Is a titanium split point drill bit set Brand is Warrior I think I got these at Home Depot Could have been Harbor Freight I don't Know probably 40 I think these were Harbor Freight maybe 40 dollars

Something like that and this is the Drill bit set I got from Bad Dog tools And I think it was maybe 70 or 80 Dollars although these products are Cheaper at the shows If you happen to go To the shows that's the best place to Buy them But You'll notice my set has some sizes Missing and it's because I've used these A lot And I'll show you one close up If we can get the camera to focus on This So Here is the drill bit Let's see if it'll focus on that You have Is an insert On this is pretty similar this is Basically looks like a masonry bit And I would say if you use this as a Masonry bit which I have I've I've Drilled into concrete with these quite a Bit It's a really good masonry bit But it's not sold as a masonry bit it's Sold as a bit that can do everything Drilling into wood works good drilling Into concrete works good drilling into Steel I'm going to give it a thumbs down these Bits that seem like a masonry bit will Cut through Steel

I I've kind of I've drilled a lot of Different materials with them and they Will drill into anything but if you're Drilling One hole and you don't want to be Switching bits you've just got a few Things to do and it's some Thin metal It's pretty handy not to have to switch Bits but the idea that anytime you have A product that's being demonstrated as a Universal product like you can use this On anything it's going to be a jack of All trades and a master of none these Are almost a master of being a masonry Bit But they're not a master of drilling Metal And So this one right here The insert is broken It busted out Then there are Four of them that are missing And for the most part I disintegrated The inserts on them by drilling through Metal I was using cutting oil I was Trying to run it at a slower speed and I Disintegrated them now it was cool it Was very cool that I could use that as a Punch But You know you can have a punch and a Drill bit at a job but I was able to use These as a punch on angle iron and I was

Also able to Kind of steer my hole after it was Started a little bit by drilling at an Angle and then standing it up a little More than a standard drill bit so as far As the drill bits go I would say They definitely are useful it's a good Tool But It's not quite as perfect as the Demonstration he also mentions in the Demonstration that if this breaks or Wears out they will send you a Replacement and if you Google reviews on Bad Dog tools you'll see a lot of people Saying The product failed the drill bit broke The insert came out it wore out whatever The case is And You'll also see a lot of Responses from the company offering to Send replacement tools so it appears That they stand by their willingness to Replace the tool so what you're buying Is like people used to pay more for Craftsman because you could go to Sears And get a replacement It's like if I pay more for this Crescent wrench I've got one for the Rest of my life If I pay more for this ratchet set as Long as I don't lose the sockets In a socket set I've got it for the rest

Of my life I can go in and replace the Ratchet or whatever the case may be and So that's part of the bad dog tools Story Now With an individual tool That is expensive like this grinding Wheel is expensive This set I think was 70 or 80 dollars For like 10 or 12 bits and I just didn't Take the time to ask for Replacements I I probably should have But I haven't But it's nice to know that they will Replace these and on a with that Demonstration he gives yours how Strongly you stand behind your Commitment to replace the product is a Big deal and it appears they do that So I also bought This diamond sharpening wheel Now I was drilling holes With this into that angle iron And I was like man it's kind of quick Cutting I guess I'll go try out that Sharpening wheel And It's basically a diamond grinding wheel And I was gonna go try it out that's when I Took the drill bit and looked at the end And the entire insert had basically been Disintegrated

So there was no sharpening it so I Probably wouldn't buy this again fairly Expensive for the wheel So now let's talk about the product that I really did like and that is this Grinding wheel but first I want to give My thoughts on this wide variety of Grinding wheels I have here So I spent a long time working in Factories and I did machine repair and That involves some minor fabrication I Don't weld but we would We would do a lot of cutting and Grinding and Modifying machine parts to make them Work and We always had these cut off wheels like This Everyone's familiar with those And then We had this kind of a grinding wheel for Surface grinding And I don't think I'm ever buying these Again I've got a lot of them I've used Them a lot here in the shop And this is a very dangerous product First if you're cutting anything hard This wears out very quickly And you're stopping what you're doing to Change these wheels all the time and if You get a little bit of a flex in it or It's got a bad spot or any number of Things this can fly apart and shards of

It can come at your face or anything Else I've used these and used them and used Them and used them and I think I'm done Using them I don't think I'm going to Buy any more of those Because I think there's a better product Out there so that better product would Be this right here Say rigid metal cutting diamond blade so If I'm cutting metal I'm using this diamond cut off wheel Because this this is not going to fly Apart the wheel itself is not going to Fly apart And I've actually got one on here that I was Just using the other day and I think These cut off wheels With the diamond inserts on them might Be Somewhere between ten and forty dollars Depending on the brand and the quality You're buying they can be expensive but You can get them probably I think the Cheapest I saw the other day when I was There was a three pack for thirty Dollars So they can be had as cheap as ten Dollars And this is a great product so let's Look at the way this is made It's a metal wheel With diamond grit on the end

So this Will continue to cut it won't break down It won't fly apart it'll continue to cut Until you wear all the diamonds off of It And what you have here Is similar to that But it's got a bigger area and the Diamonds now I've used this a lot I've Used it on concrete I've used it on Metal The diamond goes almost all the way down The wheel so this is a cut off wheel but It can also be used as a surface grinder So what you're doing with this this Product right here is you're replacing This And you're replacing this And I've honestly decided These aren't my favorite product anymore Either I've been using flap disk Sanders A lot and for a lot of applications I Prefer this flap Disc Sander which is Completely worn down to nothing Over this for some of the same reasons I really thought that these flap discs Would wear out quickly but I get pretty Good life out of them And There's one that hasn't been used as Much so I really like the flap Disc Sander Enough that I don't think I'll probably Buy as many of these anymore

So I'm kind of doing away with the two Grinding wheels I've used the most And What this Bad dog grinding wheel does is it Replaces for me it replaces this product And this one And I think does a better job than either of Them So I highly recommend this I bought one Of them two years ago and I've probably Used it 30 times now some of those are Just small things I just wanted to clean Up the edge of something after it been Cut or whatever just a little touch up You know cutting off a shaft Cutting angle iron I did it a little bit Grinding concrete now those concrete Grinding wheels are more robust than This but I was just looking at those too Those can be like 80 bucks those aren't Cheap and they only do one thing So if I could only have one wheel for my Grinder this is the best product I've Found Now all that said this grinding wheel is Not cheap So to me it's personal preference would You rather have one wheel that can do Everything you want it to do like this One Or You can get this combination cheaper

But this is not going to last near as Long And this isn't as versatile So this is not a cheap grinding wheel Prices vary over time I think I only Paid a hundred dollars for this or less Maybe it was part of the package was why I got that deal but I thought I paid Like a hundred dollars for it and I feel Like I've gotten more than a hundred Dollars of value out of that cut off Wheel Because I'm tired of going through these Cut off wheels So I felt like it was pretty good value Today I went on Amazon and looked and This was a hundred and seventy dollars Prices vary over time But that's what I saw today so if you're Interested in one of these I'll put a link in the description I give this An A plus for quality of product kind of Like a B minus for price Now Same conversation we just had though If they will replace this There has to be a time on it right but I Thought they said lifetime replacement Like if you never have to buy another Wheel like this That's pretty tempting even at 180 so Anyway

I'm not trying to steer you to a product Or away from a product I'm just a guy Who Uses these a lot and is giving you my Thoughts so I hope you enjoyed the video I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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