Be patient to plant your garden. Warm weather is needed.

My wife and I were joking this morning About when we first moved up here and I We were on spring break and we get some Sunny weather in April and we tried to Plant a garden and invariably it it Failed or it didn't Thrive at least and So here we are in mid-april again and This isn't necessarily snow country but The last several years we've been Getting snows in April so we have Learned be patient wait till the soil Temperatures are up and the date uh the Daytime temperatures are going to be High enough that your plants will Thrive They may germinate but they're not going To thrive until it's warm enough so Figure out find a experienced Gardener In your area of the country and figure Out when that is and wait be patient Gardening is awesome but wait until it's Time everything's dry enough and warm Enough thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead

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